Page 336: Jousting Not So Easy
Jousting Not So Easy
Summary: Kell meeting Jocelyn and they speak about the Tourneys
Date: 21 Jun 2012
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Tourney Grounds — Seagard
The fields outside the city of Seagard have been prepared for a tourney, and a grand tourney at that. The lists and its stands along with are somewhat apart from the sea of pavilions that make up the encampments of those various noble houses in attendance. All around, purple banners flap in the sea breeze - purple and silver for House Mallister, purple and blue for House Redwyne, paired together everywhere one looks. This space between the various competition areas, the pavilions, and the roads, is perhaps the most highly-traveled part of the grounds, one which no attendee can avoid traveling several times per day.
Thurs Jun 21, 289

It was growing towards evening and the sun had just started its decende to set. The sky was turning from its blue to an orangy color. Even though there were no events to take place today, there were still men out practicing for the events that were still to come.
Jocelyn had taken to wandering again. Her Lady's maid and guard not far from her as she leaned against the fence line to watch the the practice sessions. A small smile was playing on her lips, lifting a hand she points toward one. "Look over there Iiulia." she says to her maid, "He's thrusting to yard. He's getting tired out before he even strkes."

Kell isn't one of those that are practicing on the grounds as he has decided today to be a rest day, following the lengthy swordplay he had against the Groves Knight. But being a rest day doesn't mean he will lay around in his tent all day so he is out and about, walking, speaking with some of the men that he knows or recognizes, or with those that are incline to speak with him.
Disengaging from a conversation with a Mallister soldier, Kell makes his way down the railing as his eyes looks over the men before finding Lady Jocelyn observing. His eyes also moves to her maid, Iulia, recognizing the young woman as well.

"He'll lose very quickly if he does not learn. I hope he has someone to advise him." Jocelyn continues, lowering her pointing finger. She's not yet noticed the approach of man and so her attention stays focused on the ground for now. "Perhaps he is one of the squires that will be particpating. That would make sense."
But then there is a touch to Jocelyns arm from Iulia, distracting her away from the others. "Hm?" She says and then follows the Maids eyes towards Kell as he approach. "Oh." Smoothing a hand over her dress from having been leaning against a railing, turning slightly she lowers herself into a small curtsy, "Good Evening."

Since it is his day off today, Kell is currently out of armor as he has no plans to participate in anything but relaxation. Not wanting to interrupt Lady Jocelyn's observations of swordplay going on, the Terrick Sworn waits for her to notice and when she does, his slow pace comes to a stop by the Lady and her Maid. "Good Evening, M'Lady." Bowing his head to Jocelyn first and then to Iulia, "And to you, Mistress Dewhurst." Kell then turns his gaze back to Jocelyn, "So you are interested in watching the melee?"

Turning her head to look at Iulia, noting that the man seems to know her maid by name, Jocelyn lifts her eyebrows smiling, before turning her attention back to the man. "Indeed." Comes her reply. "I've enjoyed all the events, however, I think that Melee and Archery seem to be my favorite to watch. I believe it gives evidence of more reliance on ones own strength and abilities than perhaps a horses."

"Understandable, though I wouldn't sell jousting short, M'Lady." Kell says with a grin as his eyes looks over to the men who are going through the motions again as their blunted blades clash once more. "Jousting actually looks harder and is more complicated than it seems. Not just men in armor, sitting on horses, hoping to slam into each other with long sticks." For now he leaves it at that, in case Jocelyn isn't interested in a longer conversation on jousting.

Tilting her head to the side, Jocelyn urges, "Enlighten me?" she too glances towards the swords that clink together when crashing in practice. But the look in that direction is only brief as they turn back to regard the man before her. "Perhaps I've just not been educated enough on the sport." she confesses. "For that is exactly what it looks like, Men in large armor, dressing up to parade on a horse and trying to whack one another with a stick."

Kell opens his mouth to start but pauses and closes it, as he tries to figure out how to explain it better so it doesn't sound exactly like what Jocelyn assumes. "Well, firstly, M'Lady, we don't… parade on a horse in a joust. We have to put full trust in our steeds because a win or a loss can easily be determnined by your horse. Plus, we have to transition smoothly from a slow trot to a full gallop in a very short distance, while maintain fluid balance in heavy armor." He holds there for now, to see if the Lady has questions.

"If I am to understand you correctly, sir, that would mean that the man in question would have to have the skill and hand for a horse?" Comes Jocelyns first question of the evening. "Although, I can understand that it may not be very easy to balance with all that armor on and be on a moving animal at the same time."

Nodding at Jocelyn's words, Kell leans against the fence while he looks out at the two closest participants for a moment as the older squire scores a nice blow against a younger squire, right in the ribs. "Indeed, M'Lady. That is why a seasoned jouster will only ride one that he is use to. The better rider you are, the less likely you are to fall off when you get hit. And those who joust always get hit against someone else with some skill, no matter how good they are." There is a pause before Kell continues on with the latter part of what Jocelyn says, "It also requires good balance to accurately aim the lance, you won't hit anything if you're busy being bounced around in the saddle." He says with a grin, recalling the images of those knights who were not very good at handling their horse or those who are drunk.

Jocelyn laughs softly at the image that Kell portrays for her. "The man perhaps would not hit anything, however, he would be a sight to see for entertainment." Her eyes crinkle at the corners when she smiles. "Were you one of them that was in the event the other day?" she asks him. "With all the armor, I sometimes to not recongnize the riders from the stands." She turns her head to her Maid once more and then back, "Iulia seems to know who you are, but I do not. Perhaps she has better eyes for the grounds than I."

"Florian, eh? The Fool Knight?" Kell says with a chuckle himself as it would certainly would be quite entertaining. As for her question, "Guilty. I didn't arrive here in time for the first day of jousting but I was able to attend the champion's joust." Kell says with a nod of his head as he answers her, "I decided to challenge the Hammer. Ser Tyrell. Found out why he received that name."
When the subject moves to Jocelyn's Handmaiden, Kell looks over to the young woman for a moment before turning back to the Lady, "We have met in the past, when I first journeyed here to the Riverlands. Stonebridge was the first town I stopped at, Lady Isolde was kind enough to invite me to dinner."

"A champion, then?" Jocelyn asks, "No wonder you have taken the time to instruct me on the details of the Joust." Wincing, she makes a face that appears to have imaged tha pain that came from the Hammer. "Ahhh, no." she laughs softly. "I've hoped you've recovered. From what I saw, a few found out that same thing. He does appear to be on a run of luck."
At the mention of Stonebridge she says, "My home currently." she glances back at Iulia and then back to Kell, "Though, I've not been there long at all. I hope you found time there pleasant? Did you by chance meet my brother while you were there? Ser Rygar?"

Iulia maintains her dutiful quiet as the shadow and companion of lady Jocelyn. As a small fraction of her history she shared with Kell had been revealed the handmaiden nods, agreeing with very little else to contribute.

Shaking his head, Kell clarifies, "Champion's joust, there were five champions selected, I challenged one." And certainly paid for it too with the two brutal hits he took from the Hammer. As for recovering, the Terrick Sworn nods his head, "Luckily we use Tourney Lances, pack a punch but usually nothing permanent." Though it could've meant a broken rib or two, or four. As for Stonebridge, Kell only nods since he had pieced together who Jocelyn was when seeing Iulia as her handmaiden. "Stonebridge is a nice town, good people." Though the center of constant controversy due to it's importance of location. On the subject of Rygar though, Kell shakes his head, "Not personally, M'Lady, only on the field of battle when we had to defeat the Ironborn. He is a skilled knight, that I know. And forgive me, I did not introduce myself. I am Ser Kell Drakmoor, sworn to House Terrick."

Jocelyn simply "Oh"'s when she is corrected about the champion jouse and laughing a little at her error. "I did say the Joust was not my favorite event. It shows how much I really know about it at all. I do however know that it looks painful. I'm glad to hear that you've no lasting harm done to your person."
The mention of Stonebridge being a nice town, seems to make Jocelyn that much happier. "I'm pleased to hear you say so." Probably because no one else seems to say that about Stonebridge. The introduction causes her to offer another small curtsy, "A pleasure to have met you, Ser Drakmoor. I still am learning my way around who knows my family and who does not." she confesses, "I've just returned to them from House Frey. I'm Lady Jocelyn Nayland. Unknown sister of Ser Rygar Nayland." the last part is said jokingly. "Your words are kind in regards to my Brother, I thank you for that."

"I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Lady Jocelyn." Kell says with a smile accompanied with a bow of his head as well. Despite their respective houses having been at odds and probably still am, the Terrick Sworn doesn't seem to be affected by the prejudices that others may have. As for her being Rygar's sister, he really wants to say that he never would've guessed due to appearances but smartly keeps that comment in check. Instead, what he speaks on Rygar is, "He is a knight who sticks with his principles and that the type of knight that deserves respect, not just because of his martial prowess." As for the town of Stonebridge itself, Kell can only nod his had towards Iulia, "I am sure Mistress Dewhurst can tell you a lot more about Stonebridge, she knows the town much better than I do."

Perhaps playing ignorant to the fact that show knows anything about Terricks and Naylands, Jocelyn goes along with saying nothing about it. Her pleasant smile remains on her lips instead. "From what I understand, your words are true and I must thank you again." she says, "You are the first to say such things to me, its warming to hear them about ones own Brother. Usually the reaction I get is disbelief that Rygar as a sister like myself. They say I smile too much to his sister." shaking her head she laughs. "Be that as it may, I always confirm he is in fact my blood." Looking toward Iulia again, her hand links around her companions arm and nods in agreement. "Iulia has been must help to me since my arrival. I owe her a great deal her for kindness and patience with me."

Amusement curls in the corner of Iulia's mouth while linking arms with Jocelyn. "Not that much, surely m'lady. You're not a helpless gossling." She prods a little before a sideglance is given to Kell.

"Well… I do not know Ser Rygar well enough to make some comparisons, M'lady." Kell says as he tries to keep a straight face about it, despite from what he has seen and heard, it is very true. Very true. "But I am sure the others meant well, in their comments. Usually a sister's smile is much prettier than her brother's." Unless you are the Lannister twins. Kell does glance to Iulia again with a smile, "Mistress Dewhurst is very good at what she does and very kind, indeed. You couldn't have recieved a better handmaiden."

Jocelyn can tell that he's withholding and only finds is charming and kind. Saying nothing about it she turns her face toward her companion. "Ah, I may not be. But I would not have been able to get through some things if it were not for you." and she glances at Kell again when he makes his comment. Raises her eyebrows and then turns to looks at Iulia again, tilting her head. "I think that perhaps we picked one another." squeezing her arm in fondness. But then a voice catches her attention and she glances over in that direction. "Oh! There is my cousin Lady Rowenna. I meant to ask her about something from the Tea Party." she looks between the two "If you'll excuse me. Perhaps I will see you at the Melee event, Ser Kell." she then glances at Iulia and untangles her arm from her. "I'll be right there." she points. "You may stay here and talk with your friend here. I'll take the guard with me." and with that she offers one final curtsy to Kell and starts to retreat, saying "Come along, Hismit." she calls to the guard and off she goes.

Iulia shys under the compliments, "Thank you Ser." And ever more so from Jocelyn who she eyes fondly. When it comes time for the two to unlink their arms, the handmaiden nods, easily returning both hands at her sides as she is left to entertain the former hedge knight. She waits until the Nayland noble departs before speaking, "You need not stay Ser Drakmoor."

A bow is given to Lady Jocelyn from Kell as she departs to meet up with her Lady Cousin before he turns his attention to the remaining handmaiden, "Perhaps I should go get some more rest, still sore from the joust and the melee." He doesn't just leave immediately though, "Have you been enjoying the events here at Seagard? And your Lady, she seems like a nice noblewoman." Despite being a Nayland and Rygar's sister.

She lets her eyes focus elsewhere, feigning an interest in the movement between campsites and the various knights and colorful nobility. "As much as I may, I mean. M'lady has a strong interest in them." Iulia shrugs a touch, "She is nice. I wish nothing but the best for her."

"That she does, most ladies do it seems." Kell says as he also look out to the practice field for a moment, knowing that these events are for entertainment while the real thing is more nightmarish. "I should take my leave now, Iulia. I am glad to see that you are well, and to finally meet your Lady Jocelyn."

Iulia draws her eyes to Kell and lifts her chin. "Of course, be well Ser Drakmoor." Tempering more than a handful of truths she desired to toss inbetween them, the handmaiden thinks better of it as her small frame bobs a curtsey for departure.