Lady Jocelyn Nayland


Jocelyn, the youngest child and daughter of Ser Stevron Nayland and Lady Janyce Erenford. From the House of Nayland, she was born later in comparison to her two brothers, Rygar and Roland. Being so young, meant that she was mostly kept to her studies while others were already finished and leading their lives. Spending most of her time with nurses and tutors, learning to become a Lady. Aside from the usual Lady tutoring, Jocelyn was also provided with sword lessons. In her fathers mind, it was best for one to know how to at lease defend ones self. She never really was excelled, but she knew which end of the sword to hold and which to stick an enemy with. The pointy side.
Jocelyn learned to be quiet and to know her place. The skill only developed and soon she learned to be so quiet that some often forgot she was in the room. It had its advantages. Especially when she began to learn things that went on in the House. She quickly became acquainted with who their enemy's were and who where their allies, and what their family position was and why. With having little place at a young age to feel helpful, she'd decided the best was to just listen and learn.
Jocelyn's Grandmother had arranged for her to have Herbal lessons. What was originally thought to be a normal tutoring lesson, turned into being Jocelyn's passion. The idea came to mind that this Herbalism would be the key to how she could feel and become of use to her family. If she could learn them well enough, she'd not only be able to protect them from harm, but help them succeed in conquering their enemies. Doing what she did best, Jocelyn stayed silent, listened, and learned to all that she was told. Learning how much to add of a certain herb for medicinal purposes and how much to add to cause harm. With much practice she could now create potions and poisons alike.
Though the thought of being married and having a household of her own was on her mind, as it was her Mother and Fathers, Jocelyn could not help but focus on being an asset to the family in her newly attained skill. To earn the respect from her Father and her Brothers, that they may deem her as loyal to the House of Nayland as they too are.


Jocelyn Nayland is the daughter, and youngest child of Ser Stevron Nayland, and Lady Janyce Erenford. Her brothers are Ser Rygar Nayland, and Roland Nayland.

Physical Features

A pretty young woman just passed her teen years and approaching womanhood. Creamy skin overs her body, light hues of pink tint her cheeks. Grayish blue eyes pierce those that look into them, though soft and gentle. Dark hair, cascades down to the length of the lower back when left down. The tips curl up and round to ringlets naturally. Her frame is average for a young woman. Stance only reaching five feet and five inches. Her body as well developed and taken to the womanly way. Curves blessed upon her in the right places, with no curve being too large or too small.
Wearing a long dark blue dress that falls to the floor and covers her feet. The bodice is tight and snug, the dress only gaining more fabric as it reaches her hips. At the hips the dress widens with more material and flows elegantly. The neckline is squared with etchings of silvery thread sewn in intricately with swirls and if one is looking closely enough, the symbol of her house. Long tight sleeve stretch over her arms, widening at her wrists in large bells of fabric. Though hidden by the layers of fabric in her skirts, shoes are of the same color and silver thread as her dress.

The World of Steel and Stone

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