Jarod Rivers
Jarod Rivers
Scott Porter
Scott Porter as Ser Jarod Rivers
name: Ser Jarod Rivers
father: Lord Jerold Terrick
mother: Landra Bevins (d)
spouse: Rowenna Rose Nayland
issue: None (?)
gender: Male
age: 22
height: 6'0"
weight: Well-built, athletic
eyes: Green
hair: Brown
honorific: Ser
house: Terrick
position: Hedge Knight


Ser Jarod Rivers - sometimes called the Half-Eagle - is a fellow with a colorful reputation. He's the bastard spawn of Lord Jerold Terrick, the otherwise upright and pious highlord of Terrick’s Roost. He made a decent account of himself in both Robert Rebellion - where he was knighted for his service as a squire in the Mallister ranks - and the campaign against the Ironborn - during which he led his lord father's armies on the Iron Islands. And then he pissed his comfortable position in Lord Jerold's house away by knighting a woman, and marrying in secret Rowenna Nayland - the same woman he knighted and the daughter of his lord father's long-time enemy, Lord Rickart Nayland.

He was stripped of his armor, horse and spurs by his father - every knightly honor but his sword and his 'Ser' - and cast out of Four Eagles Tower's service, though he landed on his feet. Seven knows how. He entered service as a sworn knight for the Naylands themselves, and fought with them to hold Stonebridge from the Charltons. It’s here where his story in this corner of the Riverlands ends. While aiding in a border patrol of the Mire lands he was thrown from his horse and broke his leg.

He was taken to the Mire to have his injury tended and, while not crippling, it was deemed that it would take some time to mend. As the weeks passed and he regained his strength, and the situation in Stonebridge stabilized some, he went to Lord Rickart Nayland and asked that he be released from his oath. Why, precisely, isn't known save between the two men. Though changes were coming to the land, and perhaps he simply wanted no part of them.

He made his goodbyes and journeyed by cart to Fairmarket in the company of his unladylike wife, Rowenna Rose. For the moment he resides there to heal completely in the company of his mother's father, a merchant by the name of Master Bevins. But he shows no wish to linger there. His letters to family and friends back home speak of perhaps journeying to King’s Landing, or spending a year in tournament country in the Reach when he can ride again. Or perhaps in the cold North, or on the island of Tarth, where his lady might find better ability to make her way with a blade.

Wherever he ends up, his time in the Riverlands was at least an interesting one, and he hopes to find even wilder stories and better luck beyond it.


  • Lord Jerold Terrick — Father. Lord of Terrick's Roost.
  • Landra Bevins (d - 267) — Mother. Daughter of a steward in the Terricks' service. Died in childbirth.
  • Rowenna Rose Nayland — Former squire. Wife. Partner in disgraceful scandals of all sorts.
  • House Nayland — Kin to his unladylike lady. A frightening number of Mire-dwellers who may or may not want to have him killed.

Physical Features


Jarod Rivers is a young man, likely not more than a year or two past his twentieth nameday. He's built tall, broad-shouldered and well-muscled, with the easy strength and confidence in how he carries himself that speaks of daily athletic and martial training. His fair skin is tanned from time in the sun, his dark hair cut short, and he has a clean-shaven, square-chinned face with merry green eyes and a nose that looks as if it's been broken a time or two.

He favors tunics in shades of green, with dark brown breeches and sturdy leather boots. It's generally of good make, albeit some of it showing wear and dirt of infrequent laundering and leaner living. He carries a longsword at his waist, a big weapon best wielded with two hands, or at least a hand-and-half.

Scars, Battle and Otherwise

  • His nose has been broken more than once, most notably when he was 14 by Ser Vernon Mullard, the knight he squired for during his time in Seagard.
  • He took an arrow deep in the back of his right shoulder during the Battle of the Trident, and still carries the scar from it.
  • For those who might've had opportunity to see it, there's a strange scar on his backside shaped eerily like the letter 'P.' The only explanation for its origin he provides it, "Bad ride up the cape."


JarodShield.png As a bastard son, Jarod cannot wear the Terrick purple-and-gold four eagles upon his shield. The crest he's devised in place of it is a golden eagle's wing on a field painted plain black. "Half-Eagle" is the obvious joke, and a knightly nick-name that's become more and more associated with him over the last years. And one he like as thought of when styling it.

Allies and Foes

Disclaimer: This may get a little irreverent. OOCly, of course, I love you all.

"If I should fall from Warrior's grace, where no septon can relieve me

If I'm buried 'neath a stone, but the Seven won't receive me

Let me go, boys! Let me go, boys!

Let me go down in the mud, where the rivers all run dry"

Riverlands traditional bastardized by way of The Pogues

The Pogues
"If I Should Fall From Grace With God"

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All else being equal, ESFJs enjoy being in charge. They see problems clearly and delegate easily, work hard and play with zest. ESFJs, as do most SJs, bear strong allegiance to rights of seniority. They willingly provide service (which embodies life's meaning) and expect the same from others. … They by nature "wear their hearts on their sleeves," often exuding warmth and bonhomie, but not infrequently boiling over with the vexation of their souls.

Jarod has been classified as an ESFJ according to the Keirsey Typology personality test. Full description in the following link. It's pretty spot-on.

A version of the test you can take "in character" (or out) can be found here.

Jarod's Memoirs, Writing Efforts and Other Miscellany

Flowers and Family — 278 — A younger Lady of the Roost takes the boy Jarod Rivers to task.
The Rivers Boys — 280 — In the present day, Jarod and Gedeon have their differences, but they were not always at odds with each other…
Substitute Teaching — 281 — Hardwicke gives a young Jarod a lesson in swordplay.
Off to Glory and Songs — 282 — A lifetime ago for Jacsen Terrick and Jarod Rivers in Seagard, another war begins when they are still very much boys. For this one, they're more eager to go.
Where the Rivers All Run Dry — 283 — On the eve of what would become known as the Battle of the Trident, the Rivers boys share a drink and song. And say good-bye, though they don't know it.
At War's End — 283 — A freshly knighted and hungover Ser Jarod Rivers pays a visit to his wounded and diminished brother Jacsen at what would be the end to their participation in Robert's Rebellion.
The Price of Honor — 283 — Lord Geoffrey and Lord Geonis Tordane's bodies are brought back after the rebellion. Lady Isolde, only of age sixteen makes her way in before the gathering to have time with her father and brother. Ser Jarod Rivers joins her and gives her comfort in spite of the price of honor.
Adventures with Boys and Girls — 284 — Jarod Rivers and Isolde Tordane are both too old for kid's games, but they get up to a few of their own making anyhow.
Horses, Rivers and Snows — 284 — In which Mistress Oliva Snow introduces Ser Jarod to the right horse for him.

Recent Logs



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