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Born twenty-two years ago, and having just past his twenty-second name day, Ser Jaremy Terrick is one of the region's most eligible sons. The firstborn son to the lord of Terrick's Roost, he stands in line to inherit all of House Terrick and Four Eagles Tower upon the passing of his father. As rumors have it, the reason why he's spent so long unwed varies from region to region. The Naylands are convinced that Jaremy won't bear an heir to Terrick's Roost unless Lord Terrick finds someone to do it for him, and that he hasn't been wed just yet because he's too busy wishing Jarod Rivers, Lord Terrick's bastard son, weren't half his brother.

The truth, however, is that after the war against King Aerys Targaryen (Aerys II), Lord Terrick was in no hurry to reinsert his family into the Game of Thrones, having already lost too many bannermen and knights to Lord Tully's rallying cry to support the House Stark and House Baratheon's campaign against the mad king. Nature abhors a vacuum, and after the war, loyalties and holdings shifted rather quickly. Walder Frey began to seed the Frey fields with young wives, many of which Walder Frey took for himself. A few of those said wives were prospects that Lord and Lady Terrick had for their scion. So, they decided to let time figure itself out, hoping for a possible rise in station, or that their son would find happiness in a girl. The years passed, and Jaremy Terrick was squire to Ser Revyn Terrick, earned his knighthood, and has taken quite the interest in combat on horseback. Those "in the know" in the house, also know that through the passing of coin, they Nayland myths that Jaremy "rides side-saddle" became only myth as of his sixteenth name day.

However, the time in which Jaremy Terrick can remain "choosy" is coming to an end, and before long the future of House Terrick will need to be secured. His parents have begun taking interest in arranging a marriage for him, namely to Lady Isolde Tordane, the daughter of deceased Lord Geoffrey Tordane, closest ally and brother-in-warfare to Lord Ser Jerold Terrick. In truth, the two were promised to each other at a very young age, but the war against Aerys II, Jaremy's squiring, and the passing of Lord Tordane himself have caused a great silence in the issue…which appears to have been resulted in Lady Volda Tordane feeling slighted.

Rumors have it that Ser Jaremy Terrick is becoming quite the accomplished swordsman, as well as quite powerful in the saddle, and is taking interest in one day testing his skills in tourney. Whether or not his family will allow him to, prior to an heir being conceived, is another question. The time has run out for Jaremy, and his ties to his station are starting to coil. Where once was self-exploration and open decision has now become an era of responsibility, and there's no telling how it will affect him.


Jerold_icon.jpg Lord Ser Jerold Terrick : Jaremy's Father, Lord of the house that Jaremy is set to inherit.
character-icons Lady Evangeline Middleton : Mother
Revyn_icon.jpg Ser Revyn Terrick : Uncle that Jaremy squired under. Mentor and in some was closer to Jaremy than his own father.
Jacsen_icon.jpg Lord Jacsen Terrick : Jaremy's younger brother.
Lucienne_icon.jpg Lady Lucienne Terrick : Jaremy's sister.
Jarod_icon.jpg Ser Jarod Rivers : Half-Brother, a bastard born to Lord Jerold that Jaremy sees more as a brother and less a bastard.

Physical Features

Ser Jaremy Terrick stands at nearly six feet tall. His build is muscled through years of rigorous training in swordplay and warfare, kept in shape through constant practice and careful portions at mealtime. His most distinguished features are his mane of dark, brown hair that contrasts the light brown of his eyes. He tends to wear his hair long, with a growth of facial hair that has a tendency to switch between clean shaven and the specked formation of a beard.

He tends to dress in cool, summer silks and riding leathers, favoring the yellow and violet of House Terrick over light and dark browns to match his features. Quite proud of his status as a knight, he regularly wears spurs and carries his sword on his hip, ready to defend the realm as per his oath to Terrick's Roost.


As a child, Ser Jaremy Terrick hoped to one day grow to slay dragons, just like the coalition army of Westeros that dethroned Aerys II. Of course, as a young child, he envisioned actual dragons and white-walkers, stabbing at them in the field with a wooden sword. From a young age, he always wanted to be a knight, living with honor and vow like his childhood heroes: Lord Ser Jerold Terrick, Ser Revyn Terrick, and Barristan Selmy (also known as Barristan the Bold, head of the Kingsguard). He even one day hoped to become a member of the Kingsguard, and because of this, he spent much of his years as a squire focusing on his ability as a knight rather than entertaining marriage and maintaining the family line of succession. Because of this, he is woefully "behind the game", so to speak.

Now, as an adult, he's starting to feel the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He loves the people of Terrick's Roost, and he loves the Riverlands. He would see nothing less than for his entire lifetime to come and go with bountiful harvests and a region filled with safe, protected commonfolk that honor his duty to them.

Sadly, that sort of attitude is romantic, indeed. It's the ones that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty that prosper, and if he aims to protect the interests of his people…he'll have to wonder if he's willing to do the same.

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  • "On the chance that you may ride faster than ravens fly, Ser, you may wish to inform Lady Tordane that her lords will be calling on her for audience."

Allies and Foes

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"Fail to honor people,they fail to honor you; but of a good leader, who talks little, when his work is done, his aims fulfilled, they will all say, 'We did this ourselves."

Lao Tzu


In the stables

Orvus.jpg Orvus, Jaremy's DestrierKellin.jpg Kellin, Jaremy's Charger


  • As a child, wanted to be just like Ser Barristan "The Bold" Selmy
  • Was the "muddy, frog collecting" child.
  • Loves to eat pheasant, hare, fish, and boar. Isn't a large fan of aurochs unless it's in large strips of steak. He also isn't a very large fan of lizard-lion and other stranger cuts, like frog and pigeon. He considers eating pigeon like eating rat.
  • Wears his spurs often, mostly because they signify him as a knight, making him more approachable by his station. However, it also makes it easy for him to mount a horse at a moment's notice.
  • Favors the colors purple, gold, yellow, black, gray, and rich greens.
  • Though his uncle, Revyn, explained it well to him, he has awkward feelings on the rebellion. His house committed, which would have been an honor, but to strike against the king is also treasonous.