Jael Castel
Jael Castel
Megan Ewing
Megan Ewing as Jael Castel
name: Jael Castel
father: Philippe Reed
mother: Moira Castel
spouse: Haha. Ha.
issue: See above
gender: Female
age: 18
height: 5'0"
weight: 120lb
eyes: Hazel
hair: Black
honorific: Unlikely
house: None
position: To be determined

Physical Features

A shock of black hair crowns her head, the haphazard cut lending volume to the already-thick mane. The strands show no effort at proper taming, with locks ranging from chin-length to shoulderblades, and the longest portion woven into a thick braid that brushes mid-thigh. Brushed flat, the effect might actually be flattering… but bound as is it in an assortment of small braids, loose strands, and the longer tail, the impression is more off-putting. Foreign. Silver piercings lace the left ear, with a thin chain strung from the tip to weave into a small hoop at the lobe. A single hoop adorns the right lobe, mundane in comparison.

Tanned features betray a fondness for the sun, with the smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheekbones furthering the impression. Her features are fine enough, with high cheek bones, full lips, and a straight nose with a single silver hoop in the left nostril. Large eyes glint bright hazel — startling against the darkness of her hair — and arching 'brows are black above.

She's short. Sporting the small frame frame inherent of the Crannogmen, stout without being bulky, there is nonetheless a hint of strength in her movement. Only a few inches over five feet tall, only the tell-tale signs of a figure dispel thoughts of adolescence; the curve of her hip, and the mostly-concealed swell of her chest. Her attire trends toward leather, with fitted breeches and laced vests accented by the occasional bit of fur. Light leather boots finish the arrangement, with a hooded cloak donned outdoors.


There's not much known about Jael's background, other than the fact that she's one of those quaint Crannogmen. It's anyone's guess why she's left the swamps, and at least to date, she's kept the answers to herself.


See above.

Allies and Foes

To be determined.

Recent Activity