Ser Jac Caddock
Jac Caddock
Karl Urban
Karl Urban as Ser Jac Caddock
name: Ser Jac Caddock
father: Ser Henric Caddock (d)
mother: Charlott Caddock
spouse: Emelia Caddock (d)
issue: Melyss (d) & Carys (d)
gender: Male
age: 35
height: 6'0"
weight: 195 pounds
eyes: Brown
hair: Dark Brown
honorific: Ser
house: Ashwood
position: Common Knight


Ser Jac Caddock comes from a long line of common knights — men born and bred for honor and service. They have served House Bracken for generations, and he was meant to follow in the foot steps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather. He was raised amongst the Brackens of Stone Hedge, a page to his grandfather and a squire to his father. He earned his knighthood at age twenty-one — later than most noble knights, but expected of the common folk.

He served the Stone Hedge for nearly eight years before the banners were raised against the Mad King. By then, he had been married and fathered two children — a daughter and a son. His wife, a Saltpans woman named Emelia, encouraged her husband to join up with the rest of the Bracken men and fight alongside what was then Lord Robert Baratheon. He agreed, but only after his wife promised to return to her family house at Saltpans with their children.

He became a proud and solid soldier for the rebel cause, and was complimented as being a great help for the morale of the younger knights and soldiers. He became known as the Songbird of Stone Hedge due to his gift of song and lyrics. Just before the Battle of the Trident, he received word from Saltpans that Riverland royalists had gathered up suspected rebel supporters, including his wife and children. All were executed as a warning to rebel soldiers. Delivered with the notification of their deaths was the ring he had given his wife at their wedding as a promise of his vows.

Hardened by grief, he carried forth through the rebellion to its end. House Bracken, in response to the knight's grief, released him of his vow to their house. He wandered several years, becoming a drunkard hedge knight. It wasn't until a friend from the rebellion, Ser Ewyn Stone, pulled him up out of the gutter and cleaned him up. He was brought to House Charlton, supposedly with a note of good favor from House Bracken. Family reputation held strong, and he was sworn to the Hollyholt.


  • Henric Caddock: Father. Squired his son to knighthood and was present when he was sworn to House Bracken. Jac suspects that his father is responsible for arranging for him to be sworn to House Charlton after his lost years. Recently, Ser Henric passed away in his sleep, sending his young squire to finish his training under Jac's tutelage.
  • Charlott Caddock: Mother. Jac's birth resulted in her sterility, though she remained ever faithful to husband and home, and is always a proud mother.
  • Emelia Caddock: Wife. Daughter to a Saltpans fisherman, she was murdered by Riverland royalists during Robert's Rebellion. Her marriage ring was delivered to Jac just before the Battle of the Trident.
  • Melyss Caddock: Daughter. Oldest child, she was also murdered alongside her mother. She was almost thirteen.
  • Carys Caddock: Son. He was also murdered alongside his mother and sister. He had just celebrated his tenth nameday.


  • The Songbird of Stone Hedge: During Robert's Rebellion, Ser Jac earned a reputation as having quite a musical talent with song and lyrics. It resulted in him being called the Songbird of Stone Hedge — both in appreciation and jest as Jac looks nothing as delicate as a songbird. He often sang over the dead, entertained knights and soldiers alike with witty verses, and was credited for 'To Be a King' in honor of King Robert — though he will always say that the song most soldiers and knights recite has been altered quite a bit from its original incarnation.

Physical Features

Here he stands, tall and rugged with a darkness in both presence and features. He is easily six feet in height, and his poise is so precise one might confuse him for nobility. Perhaps that is why a constant swathe of dirt colors both his skin and attire, to remind all of his common blood. His complexion is tanned by the shine of the sun, save for his scars which are white twists and turns across his chest and limbs. His face is saved from this marring, and is instead defined by the sharp line of his jaw and point of his chin. His nose is straight and pointed, and his mouth is almost boyish in quality. A heavy, dark stubbling is constant, blending with the short-kept raven-wood hair atop his head. Set beneath straight, somber brows is a pair of solid brown eyes that, if what the Septons say about them being mirrors into a soul is true, reflect world-weariness competing with optimism.


  • Natural Mentor: There must be something in Jac's presence that makes everyone believe he is a mentor for all things. Maybe its his years, combined with something confident in his presence, but he is constantly approached by strangers and non-strangers alike for advice and opinions.
  • Pigpen: This should not be confused with odor. Jac instead seems to attract dirt and grime causing him to be in a constant state of uncleanliness. He wears it well, making it part of his character, though he has been threatened to be followed around with a soapy bucket if he cannot find a way to stay clean.

Musical Inspiration

  • My Lover's Gone, Dido: For his wife and children.
  • The Calling, Aeone: For his home and family.
  • Wayward Son, Kansas: From his father ("filk" lyrics available)
  • River Driver, Great Big Sea: "filk" lyrics available
  • Chemical Worker, Great Big Sea: "filk" lyrics available

Jac's Favorite Songs

Ninety-Nine Problems

Allies and Foes

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