Page 157: It's A Harp-Off
It's A Harp-Off
Summary: Ladies Tiaryn and Lucienne meet. They discover something in common.
Date: 20/Dec/288
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Tiaryn Lucienne 
Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost could be considered well-kept by the standards of the surrounding area. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise upstart between them. There are several homes and nicer shops located here which incline their business or residents towards those not of the peasantry. The Sept of the town can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
20 December 288

The sun climbs higher in the sky as the morning wears on, bathing the streets below in her light and summer's heat. Their horses hitched to a post nearby, a small party are making way for the sept; a lady, her maid, two guards. The women seem to be sharing some private conversation on their walk, leaning in to murmur remarks on their surroundings as they traverse the stone streets.

And down the road, another lady, her maid and a guard, though this one has only one guard, it seems. The maid looks quite put out, but the lady doesn't seem to notice, not watching her at all, but rather enjoying herself as she looks to the shops, checking what might be on offer today. Seems she is heading towards the marketplace rather than the Sept, though as she comes closer to the other party, she slows, her steps coming to a halt as her guard and maid advancing to catch up with her. Her head tilts slightly, and she watches for a moment.

Lucienne and Celine are not unaware of this other party, sharing some small comment before the cue comes for them to pause on their path. "Good day, my lady," greets Lucienne, Tiaryn's face unfamiliar enough that she can't put a name to it. Nevertheless, she dips a polite, shallow curtsy, and offers a mild smile.

Tia smiles at the other lady, as she too tries to place a name to the face. "Good day to you as well, my lady," she replies. "I don't believe we have met, have we? I am Tiaryn Flint." Which will place her to those who study lineages as Sarojyn Camden's younger sister. "I'm here with my brothers, since we brought Liliana back from Tall Oaks."

"Ah," says Lucienne as she rises. "Welcome to Terrick's Roost then, my lady. I'm the Lady Lucienne, and what a pleasure to meet you." She doesn't name her house, assuming herself recogniseable enough by her first name. "I trust you find yourself comfortable, here?"

Indeed. Tia has heard Lucienne's name. She inclines her head again, politely. "Thank you very much. And a pleasure to make your acquaintance as well. I had the opportunity to meet Ser Jerod the other day and he had asked me if I had met you. I was somewhat chagrined at the time to say no, but am happy to correct that error today. Terrick's Roost is quite comfortable, thank you. Your family's hospitality is unsurpassed." She pauses a moment and then adds, "I believe it was my harp playing that led to the mention of your name."

"I am most pleased to hear it so," assures Lucienne, her smile warming. "We pride ourselves on our hospitality, after all. Do you play the harp, my lady? Such a lovely, gentle instrument. I'm quite fond of it, myself, and take occasion to practice as often as I'm able." She stands quite still, a contrast to the bustle of the street about them, her expression kept pleasant for the Lady Tiaryn.

Tia's smile is bright and her blue eyes gleam with a gentle amusement. "I do indeed play the harp. It is my favourite instrument as well." A pause, as it seems the two do have something in common. "I also play as often as I can, and was taking advantage of your entrance hall to find a quiet spot to sit and play when the Knights followed the music to find me." And of course her maid, but that particular worthy is currently in disgrace, at least with Tia. "Thus, I have begun meeting or perhaps in some cases re-meeting the good folk around and about." Perhaps as a child Tia had been here, given it's not really that far from Tall Oaks to the Roost.

Lucienne's smile lights her eyes for a moment, and she inches a step forward. "Oh, my lady, but I'm disappointed to have missed your performance. If it please you, I'd dearly love to hear you play sometime? It's not often I've the occasion to meet another harpist in our halls."

That brings a soft chuckle to Tia, and a modest half shrug with a little duck of her head. "Perhaps we might be able to play together?" she suggests. "I think that would be quite a lovely occasion, and something that would perhaps allow us both enjoyment?" She does pause, and then says, "Failing that, I'm quite certain that I will be playing again, and you are most welcome to join me at any such time, whether to play or just listen is of course your decision to make."

"Of course, my lady," allows Lucienne, dipping her chin to nod in a fluid, graceful movement. "I would be honoured to play alongside you. I'm sure I could learn much." Behind her, Celine shifts a little, and tilts a look up toward the sun. "I shall find you about our halls at your convenience, Lady Tiaryn?"

That gets a nod from Tiaryn and a slight step to the side, clearing the path for the other Lady. "Indeed, and at your own, Lady Lucienne. It has been a pleasure to meet you." She spares a brief glance for her own maid, but Marie is simply standing and waiting, perhaps properly. Tia smiles again and offers a polite curtsey. "Good day to you, Lady Lucienne."

"And you, my lady. I do so look forward to playing with you," Lucienne says amiably, echoing the older lady's curtsy. "Good day to you also - may it prove an enjoyable one, Lady Tiaryn." And on that note, her little party starts back off on their journey toward the sept. Prayer-time!