Issues Of The Cape
Issues of the Cape
Summary: A Couriered letter from The Roost to Seagard.
Date: 25/May/2012
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Kamron Patrek 
From the Roost
25, May 289

My Lord Patrek Mallister,

Congratulations upon your betrothal. It is a most advantageous match, and I wish you happiness in it.

In my travels between The Roost, Stonebridge, and the Twins, I’ve come upon several items which I believe warrant your consideration.

First, the Naylands are attempting to buy a large portion of the Groves harvest, and are willing to pay more in coin than the Terricks or the Mallisters can. I cannot fault the Groves for wanting to make the most of their largesse. Ser Kittridge Groves has made it known to those at The Roost that House Groves will sell their supplies for the return of some or much of the land given to the Terricks after Robert’s ascension. Lord Terrick is loathe to part with land, but I wonder if he might be willing to part with some of the former Groves lands given to his house, as well as some taken by House Mallister, in exchange for a portion of the Groves harvest for as long as House Groves holds those lands?

Second, I have spoken to Lady Danae Tordane, widow of Ser Gedeon Tordane. She has stated her intention to stake a claim on Stonebridge in his name, so long as she has a child – of either gender. She was evasive when I asked her if she meant to fulfill her late husband’s promise to re-swear House Tordane to House Terrick. I fear that Stonebridge is lost to us no matter whether she or the Naylands succeed in holding it.

Finally, the Freys seem to be attempting to balance the influence earned with Lady Anais Banefort’s marriage to Lord Jacsen Terrick. They are exploring a courtship between one of the Frey lordlings and Lady Saffron Banefort. It seems to me that anything we can do to slow or stop this would be beneficial, but I will await your command before taking any action.

I hope to speak with Lord Terrick about these three issues as soon as possible. If I’ve heard anything from you, I’ll pass that along to Lord Terrick as well.

In your service,

Ser Kamron Mallister.

Ser Kamron,

I have received your letter and I thank you for the news you share as well as your warm wishes on my betrothal to the Lady Syrah Redwyne. It is a fine match and should do much to see Seagard through these strained times, and, I hope, will continue to strengthen her beyond them.

I knew House Groves was fortunate in that much of their lands were untouched by the Ironmen and that this, in turn, provided them with a surplus of food and seed which they intended to make available for sale. I am distressed, though not greatly surprised, to learn that it is to the Naylands they intend to sell. I cannot imagine this weakest of Frey vassals has any true need of what might otherwise sustain Terrick's Roost, but one must only read the words on their arms to know they will snatch at any opportunity with a harpy's claws.

I do not relish the thought of offering land in exchange for harvest, nor of House Groves regaining what was taken from them for their refusal to heed the call and command of their liege, but I would rather have this done than see essential goods poured into Frey pockets. If the return of meager portions of land will allow Terrick's Roost to recover, then so be it. However, this is between Lord Terrick and Lord Groves, and I will not dictate what Lord Ser Jerold is to do with the lands he governs. But be aware, and let it be known if needed, that I should not be dismayed to hear such an agreement was reached, should there be no other means to keep the surplus away from the Naylands.

As to your second point, Ser Gedeon was slain in a judicial duel, and the wrenched timing of it does not alter its outcome. We have enough matters to which we must give our attention and resources at present, and without additional word from the king or the Lord Paramount, I would prefer we not muddy our hands further with the mess of this matter. If Lord Terrick sees reason to consider Lady Danae's claim, or should you learn of anything you think ought urge our involvement, I would of course hear of it. For now, while you are free to engender positive relations as you see fit, I would not urge you to reach out to Lady Danae in any //official capacity.//

For the last, Houses will wed and unions will be made. I do not see what can be done to keep a Frey from marrying a Banefort. Certainly, the number of Walder's sons outstrips even the number of Lord Banefort's daughters and nieces. If you think there might be an alternative match available that Lord Banefort would find acceptable and would deny the Freys the match, I would consent to hearing it, but I sanction no action that should reflect upon our house dishonorably.

Be well, cousin.

Patrek Mallister, Lord of Seagard