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Isolde, now a young woman of nearing on one and twenty years was born in the heat of summer to Geoffrey and Valda Tordane in the year of 267. The second child, her elder brother Geonis was the heir apparent to the household and the holdings of Stonebridge that are key to the commerce of the Riverlands.

Her mother was from the noble house Frey, the youngest of three daughters. Isolde's father in his own right held on to the small noble name that was his own. He had a younger sister Arianna. The House of Tordane had a long standing allegiance to House Terrick and in her father's time, they became bannersworn to the Lord of Four Eagles Tower. To help solidify this close relationship, Arianna married Lord Terrick's younger brother, Revyn; bringing the houses closer together. Lord Terrick had an heir, Jaremy and when Isolde was born several years later, it was whispered of a possible arrangement for the two. It would not be till they were six and seven that the father's promised the two young noble children to each other.

Despite all these promises made by father's, Isolde grew up in the company of both the heir of Terrick and the bastard son Jarod. She was fond of both. The fact her adored aunt Arianna lived at Four Eagles Tower only made the place and lands something special to her. Much of her childhood was spent with the brothers and getting into trouble in the greens of Terrick's Roost along the coastline.

Darkness often finds it's way into happiness, but this was much later and when she was sixteen; the rebellion began. House Terrick joined the rebels and because of a bannersworn oath, Geoffrey and his young son of twenty years, Geonis, road into battle beneath Tordane colors. They would die under those same colors to leave a widow, mother, daughter and sister to fend for that very name.

The two men were remembered and honored at Four Eagles Tower on Terrick lands. But from that day, words meant nothing and promises of fathers would go unnoted. Valda had other designs for her daughter and the fate of Stonebridge was wound about the only Tordane heir left.

Gedeon, her half-brother returned, claiming Stonebridge as his own. This led to a great many conflicts and ended with the houses being summoned to Lord Hoster Tully's home at Riverrun to discuss the legitmacy of Gedeon's claim and Isolde's noble standing. Gedeon's claim was supported and Isolde was not stripped of her title. This tore the Terricks and Naylands asunder further.

The Ironborn invaded, striking deep against the land and wounding the Houses, specifically the Terricks. In early spring, not long after the invasion was turned away, Ryker fell ill and died. This was a telling blow to Isolde and left her mournful. Her dearest friend and confidante stolen from her. She is searching for his killer, she knows it was not natural for such a hale and hardy man to fall so easily.

Recently the Lady of Stonebridge has fallen ill during childbirth. Her newborn son did not last long and she has remained in her bed the days after the loss, recovering and mourning yet another life taken from her.

Gedeon gone as well, Isolde stands once again as sole heir to Stonebridge save for the tiny infant son that is Gedeon's and Danae's. The future is an uncertain one.

RP Hooks

  • Isolde is now the Lady of Stonebridge. The lands have switched hands from Terrick to Nayland.
  • Close to house Terrick, Isolde knows much of what goes on.
  • A great horse rider, Isolde will often be found racing others.
  • Skilled in medicine and midwifery, she helps even the commonfolk with problems when she can.
  • Isolde is concerned for her 'people'.


Ryker_icon.jpg Lord Ryker Nayland : The heir to Nayland and her late husband.
Valda_icon.jpg Lady Valda Tordane : Isolde's mother and only immediate family member still alive. Valda has designs for her daughter.
Revyn_icon.jpg Lord Ser Revyn Terrick : Family only by marriage. Revyn Terrick married Arianna Tordane, her father's younger sister.
Igara_icon.jpg Lady Igara Frey : My Aunt when it comes to it, yet we call each other cousin. She is my Lady in Waiting.
Wayland_icon.jpg Lord Ser Wayland Frey : Distantly related cousins in that Frey way. Wayland has been the Lady's personal sworn and companion since her birth.
Gedeon_icon.jpg Ser Gedeon Rivers : Late brother.

Physical Features

Tall and slender the Lady Isolde of Tordane is. Nearing the height of most men, the lady born to a lesser house is a rare beauty amongst the country lords of the Riverlands. Chocolate brown hair falls down the sides of her face, playfully brushing over her eyes and cheekbones as the strands come to a stop far past her shoulders. Her face is pleasant, complete with soft, mauve lips and a pair of haunting green eyes that rest behind a field of thick, dark eyelashes. The essential maiden in appearance, her slender body lacks noticeable imperfections, a testament to being kept safely away from the rocky, muddy world outside of her window.

Allies and Foes

In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher.

Dalai Lama


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