Is That Not Strange?
Is That Not Strange?
Summary: Mistress Morla Fielding has a request of Lord Bernard Banefort.
Date: 05 June 2012
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June 5, 289

Lord Bernard Banefort:

I am aware that Ser Sterling Sharpe has already sent along updates on the safe return of Lady Saffron to Lord and Lady Banefort. It is my honored duty to personally inform you your daughter is safe and recovering in Stonebridge, and I foresee little to no permanent damage done from her time spent with the Riverland criminals. I do not find it necessary to have her returned to the Banefort, as the circumstances of her kidnapping are not likely to repeat. I have instructed Master Punbah and Timmen to travel with her at all times should she venture beyond any city limits. I understand that Master Timmen is still often utilized by Ser Sterling Sharpe on behalf of your goodsister. While I have objected to this time and time again, I have put my trust in Terrick and Mallister guards and knights alike to supplement Master Timmen when he is away.

That done, I express my sincerest regrets that the betrothal to Lord Walden Frey is likely not to be secured. I understand that Lady Saffron was prompt in sending you a raven, declaring her contempt for Lord Walden and his own contempt for her. As the alchemists would say, we are dealing with two elements that shall never mix. You have always trusted my opinion, and while I know the marriage between Magnola and her Lannister husband did not go as we had hoped, I cannot fathom that Lady Saffron and Lord Walden could see past their differences and allow a positive alliance to be made. I however am writing to suggest another possible match that would not only provide your daughter with a far better partnership, but also a far better match for the Banefort House: Ser Kamron Mallister.

Ser Kamron has proven to be an honorable man, and I have witnessed him look after your daughter with care and courtesy. His father holds Talon Point, and he is a household knight for Lord Patrek Mallister. He fought hard to seek and rescue your daughter, and that alone should be rewarded. Already has Lord Patrek made an alliance with the Redwynes, expanding his naval alliances into the Reach. Should another alliance be made between Seagard and the Banefort, the west coast of Westeros could be easily secured and guarded. As Lady Saffron has already begun to make personal alliances here in the Riverlands, she could be tasked to create a foundation for this alliance. Not only do I have faith in her success, but I also believe it will give her the needed anchor for her spirit and provide her with purpose.

Long we have been trying to find your daughter a good, strong, formidable match, for she herself is a good, strong, formidable force. I believe we can at long last secure such a match.

Always dutiful,

Mistress Morla Fielding