Page 513: Is That a Dagger I See Before Me
Is That a Dagger I See Before Me
Summary: In the small space of the Roost's armoury, Faline makes a potentially inappropriate request of Mortimer. Then makes it an order.
Date: 18/Dec/2012
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Faline Mortimer 
Armoury, Terrick's Roost
Behind a bolted door lies the Tower's Armory. Stacks of armor line the walls, each placed carefully upon shelves with their helmets. Spears, pikes, axes, and bows line one wall while on the other and also kept on racks in the center are dozens and dozens of swords of all kinds. These are all mostly identical with few variations among them except for design and size as the armory is simply a repository for defense arms. At the front near the door the Guards have their own personal storage space for their more customized gear.
Tue Dec 18, 289

The house retrainer assigned to keep tabs of armory's inventory and maintain the weaponry was occupied elsewhere, paying no mind to the visiting Terrick female handling one of the swords. Suriyah, her handmaiden, was quietly standing in a corner, smiling occasionally while witnessing the proper female attempt to wield a sword. "It does not seem so heavy." Faline commented, both soft hands wrapped around the leather handle as she held the blade upright.

It seems, that despite returning the sword he'd borrowed for the final few days of the search, Mortimer had managed to accidentally cling on to the helmet. It had been on his head for so long he'd simply forgotten it was there in his tiredness. Still, it's only the work of a few moments to stop by the armoury and return it. With the item in question held in his good hand he uses his shoulder to push the door open before stepping inside. The armourer is given a brief nod in greeting as he enters, lifting the helmet as he does so to explain his presence, but then he catches sight of Faline. He's surprised, certainly, although he's professional enough not to make it obvious. Instead, he simply offers the lady a short, stiff bow, "m'Lady," and her handmaiden a brief nod.

Suriyah stiffened once alerted of the presence of another, fearing it was someone else. Faline spun around, knucking the body of her held blade and swiping at a row of stacked helmets and causing them to domino and clatter towards the ground. Instantly she dropped the sword, hands covering her mouth to conceal the loud gasp beneath. It was all loud, too loud. Had she a better idea of her surroundings her turn about might have been less messy.

Greetings done, Mortimer was just starting towards the appropriate stack to return the helmet to when Faline startles. With a live blade in the mix his first instinct is to make it safe and so he rushes forwards in an attempt to control it before it does any damage. He's not quick enough it seems, although as it clatters to the ground he can't see any immediate signs of blood so there's probably no harm done. Leaving it where it is for now he glances quickly to the two women, asking quickly, "are you alright m'Lady? Mistress?"

Faline hopped away a few steps out of the collective tumble of recently polished helms, undoing the work of the servant assigned to these quarters. "Drat!" She flinched, nearly stomping out her anger with a single slippered foot. No skill to be found here from the lady when handling a blade, she narrowed her gaze to Mortimer before sighing heavily. "I am fine Deputy." Faline then pressed a hand to her forehead. "You simply startled me, that's all." Suriyah nods, showing that she is also alright then kneels towards the fallen helms to deliver them one at a time for repolishing.

"My apologies m'Lady," Mortimer offers, relieved at least that there is no harm done to either. Reaching down for the sword he takes the grip in his left hand and moves it to one of the nearby benches. He'll find the scabbard in a moment but the first priority was to get it out of the way. Then he kneels next to the maid, keeping his injured hand close to him he starts gathering helms with the other. "Let me do that Mistress," are his words, but his expression adds 'you might need to see to your Lady'.

Faline watches as the sword is sheathed then following the Deputy's efforts to aid her handmaiden. "She is fine." The Terrick woman asserts. "Suriyah is more than capable of relocating a few helms." That and he was injured. The handmaiden nods, standing upright and delivering a few more pieces of armory to the keeper. Faline steps out of the way, kindly enough, "Do you think it is odd if my sister and I are given lessons in handling a dagger Deputy?"

Mortimer might not be able to pick up the helmets with both hands, but he can use his right arm to hold a couple against his torso as he stands once more. Back on his feet he passes them off to be stacked again, then adds the one he's returning as well. "A dagger m'Lady?" he replies, although it's not really an actual question. "I know Lady Anais is skilled with a bow," he offers as he thinks, not that the extra time does him much good as for now all he can manage is "I'm afraid I don't know m'Lady."

Eyes follow the movement of the pair in the small space provided as the armory. "It is a simple question Deputy." Faline states, lowering both hands now as she was no longer toying around with the sword. "I would like to learn how to wield one." She states a bit more firmly, "And I desire you to show me properly."

Mortimer spots the danger coming, but there's little he can do to avoid it. Whatever his own feelings on the matter, agreeing to do such would cause trouble with others, and disagreeing would cause the same with Faline. A nice little catch 22 it seems. Fortunately, just this once, he has an out, or a temporary one at least. "I'm sorry m'Lady," he starts, keeping his tone neutral and he lift up his splinted hand, "I'll not be doing any blade work for a few weeks at least. You might wish to speak to the Master at Arms though, he should be able to show you, or find someone else who can."

Faline took one look at his splintered hand then returned her gaze to the deputy. "But your mouth works just fine, does it not?" She asks, setting another corner of her trap.

Mortimer isn't sure for a moment if that's a subtle attempt to tell him to shut up or not, deciding in the end that it probably wasn't. Taking it instead at face value he nods slowly, "Aye m'Lady, it does." Admission over he raises his hand again though, "but some things can't be taught without demonstration."

The girl perks up then, smile wide and a queer light in her eyes. "I'm fully aware that at some measure in time I would need a figure to practice on but until you are capable of displaying the proper way I will take lessons from your tongue." She looks to Suriyah, "Finished? Mother needs to see me." The handmaiden was indeed completed with restacking all the helms onto a nearby bench for a second round of polishing. "Take great care in your healing Deputy. You're a vital part of this great keep." Ready to depart both she and the handmaiden open the door to step into the hall.