Page 367: Invited Guests
Invited Guests
Summary: Jocelyn shows Lord Harold and Lady Serica Charlton some Tordane Tower hospitality. Jarod lurks briefly.
Date: 23/07/289
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Stone Walk — Tordane Tower
Set at a slight incline, the stone pathway leads up a slight rise northeast out of the town square towards the single tower of House Tordane. Grass grows thick and plush along the side though it is well maintained. Private shops and stables are located up closer to the manor with the family's private stables attached directly to the exterior wall of the small castle.
Mon Jul 23, 289

"It would be terribly nice to have a meal served out of an inn, for once," Seri pinned softly with an almost playfully imploring look given in Jocey's direction, wistful too, about the edges. "Though there's something to be said for the knowledge that just any old thing can't come slipping in at any moment with bawdy tales and lewd language either," her nose curled at the thought, before she let the talking pass beyond her, set instead to merely listening. As for Harold? Well, she ignored him. Completely.

Jocelyn remains silent for a short time, glancing around her at their surroundings, nodding very slowly as she answers his question. "I do." a small smile forms on her lips with ease. "I feel comfortable here. Though, I've always set in my mind not to feel settled anywhere. You never know when you'll be expected to be somewhere else."

Jocelyn, Serica and Harold are walking toward the gardens. Jocelyn's arm is linked through Serica's and the the entire group seem to be moving at the same pace. A tour is going on.

Laughing softly at Serica's words, Jocelyn squeezes her friends arm and lays her head on the girls shoulder just briefly. "What do you wish to have, Seri? I shall speak to the cook place a order for your first meal at the Tower." She pauses and teasingly adds, "Though, I make no promises that there will be no lewd language at some point in the evening."

Jarod comes striding up the Stone Walk, on the way back tower-wards from town. He slows when he spots Jocelyn. And stops entirely when he notes the Charlton sigil on at least one of those she's speaking to. He heads in that direction, offering a quick bow. It's aimed mostly at the Nayland lady, but it seems an encompassing gesture. "My Lady Jocelyn. My lady and lordship. A good day upon you." Polite, though his manner is also a touch curious. And perhaps even a little wary.

Yes. It's true. Seri does not dress in Charlton colors, even married to home. There's no little sweet embrodiery of their emblem to adorn her gowns anywhere either. Such small rebellions are women granted. Though her head tipts to the side when Jocelyn's touches against her shoulder, so that for a moment they rest together instead of apart as she laughs, giving her friend a soft squeeze, "Anything. Anything at all so long as it's not cold slices of ham and mouldy cheese," she pouts on a tease, "That they were charging a small fortune for too," another little wrinkle of her nose, though she straightens at the sight of another; offering courtsey in return with his greeting, "My…Lord," she ventures a greeting, her eyes like her smile, kind before she looks to Jocey to introduce them.

"I don't much mind a decent taproom," Ser Harold said in response to Serica, though added to that a: "But the company is not always the best, I'll admit to it, and a delicate lady should never have to endure lewd tales." And when his wife mentioned the mouldy cheese, he gave a bit of a rough chuckle paired with a grimace. "Hah. Aye. Bloody hard enough I feared I'd crack a tooth on the stuff, and that they'd confused the cheese with the damn rocks they've got so much of in the Roost." His strides came to a halt when he became aware of the Nayland marked man approaching, returning after a moment the gesture of greeting with a polite enough little nod in lieu of introduction, while looking the man over with calm appraisal.

"I'll make sure its something hot and very meaty, then." Informing Serica of the decision for a meal. Smiling happily with the two with her, Jocelyn pulls slowly to a stop when Jarod comes around to meet them. "Good day, Ser Jarod." She glances towards her guests when Jarod looks in their direction. "Have you been introduced?" she asks with her eyebrows raising upwards. Taking a step to the side to be in the middle of Jarod and the other two, she gestures to Harold, "Ser Harold, May I introduce my Cousin? Ser Jarod Rivers. Ser Jarod, this is Ser Harold Charlton." She then glances at Jarod, watching him briefly before she looks back to Serica, "And Lady Serica Charleton? Lady Charlton was with me when I was with the Frey's. She is Ser Waylands sister and my dearest friend." With the best of polite introductions she can do, she glances now between the others to see their reaction to it all.

Adding in briefly to Jarod, "I've just invited them to stay with us. Though Ser Harold will have to return to his duties in a short time. I could not have them staying at a Inn. They are in need of comfort."

Jarod appraises Harold in kind, though he offers the man a short nod that keeps the look on the respectful side. "No lord, my lady. Ser Jarod the Half-Eagle is how I'm called. One of the sworn swords to Tordane Tower." He grins slight at Jocelyn. "And those things as well, aye. Have you?" He doesn't bother to hide his surprise at Jocelyn that the Charltons have been invited to stay. Though he tries to cover it somewhat. "Umm…that's quite generous, my lady. Considering all that's gone on between the Naylands on Chartlons of late. Does…umm…has Lord Riordan been informed we'll have these guests? Or Lord Rutger?"

"Ser Jarod," Harold said, a cordinal dip of his head in response to the name offered. From there on he seemed content to remain silent while the two Naylands spoke, offering no explanation of his own to the oddity of an invitation to the Tower. Though his gaze slide away for a moment, offering the illusion of privacy for politeness' sake, there wasn't much doubt that he was listening attentively. He had that air about of of a man who really didn't let a whole lot slip him by.

Blushing slightly at Jarods word and look, though Jocelyn didnt seem to like it very much. Her smile deminishes slightly and her hands come together in front of her. Nodding once, "I am aware of the going ons, yes. Lady Serica stayed with us just a week or two ago and the Lord Regent had been informed and happy to accept her as a dear friend of mine." She glances at the others, as much as she was greatful for the looking away of Harold, she had observed the man enough to know he was paying paticular attention. "Ser Harold had met and convered with Ser Riordan at the Roost when we were just there." Thats all she offers though.

Serica laughs softly, offering Ser Jarod a smile that's meant to help allay some of his concerns. She's a bit blunt, this one too, "I realize that the Charlton's as a lot haven't got good sense, though I offer some…leeway for my husband. But I promise, I'm harmless. And frankly, feel more at home here, among friends," she offers Jocelyn's arm a gentle squeeze, "Than I have any at all, among those law would say are family." Okay, so she's a bit cheeky, too.

"Huh." Jarod is openly puzzled, and not particularly allayed, though he doesn't argue with Jocelyn. "All right." He offers the assembled another bow. "Enjoy the gardens. They're quite lovely. If you'll pardon me, I should make sure Lord Rutger and Lord Riordan are prepared to see to your comforts." To whom he will probably express more puzzlement.

Serica earned a stern frown from Ser Harold when she dared put the blame on the recent troubles on his House. His mouth thinned into a strict line, and his eyes were once again cold and hard when he viewed his freshly gotten Frey wife. It didn't prevent him from offering a polite nod in Ser Jarod's direction, though as soon as the man was on his way, the greying Charlton leaned in to press a few quiet choice words into his wife's ear.

"I can see to that, Ser Jarod." Jocelyn says, "If you wish." There is a bit of concern in he festures when Jarod says he'll inform the other cousins. Slowly but surely her smile is fading and her lips are forming a line. Knowing full well she wont get to her other Cousins before Jarod does, she accepts it. Clearing her throat instead of sighing. She glances at Serica and then to Harold, "I suppose it is off to the Gardens with us." she says, glancing toward Jarod she curtsey "I hope we'll see you at meal time." she offers in farwell.

"I do wish, thank you, my lady," Jarod says with another bow to Jocelyn. And then he's off, to prepare guard-like things in the tower.

There was a quiet but rather heated discussion going on between Serica and Harold, all held with voices just below the audiable. It couldn't hide their bodylanguage, though; not of Harold's increasing ire or Serica's cool disdain. In the end it ended with a sharp bark of: "As you wish," from Ser Harold. To which Serica semed to deflate and sigh a little, but kept her mouth shut. It did very little to satisfiy him, but at least he finally drew himself away from their bickering to give Lady Jocelyn an apologetic bow. "Of course. Yes, thank you. To the gardens." Serica from that moment on was, well, silent, and this time the ice wall wasn't just coming from the Frey, but from Harold as well. Though he remained politely attentive to Jocelyn.