Page 152: Introductions and Denials
Introductions and Denials
Summary: Kell meeting Kathryna for the first time.
Date: December 14, 2011
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Kell Kathryna 
Rockcliff Inn — Terrick's Roost
The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.
December 14, 288

Right now, Kell is leaning against the bar enjoying a nice cup of ale, in fact the one in his hand is more or less empty and as he brings it up to his lips to drain the few remaining drops, he motions to the barkeep for refills. Having not been at the Roost for too long, the Hedge Knight appears to be feeling the place out. While he waits for his refill, he leans against the counter and takes a look around the Inn again, as if trying to judge just what kind of place this establishment is.

Though having recieved a rather apologetic letter inviting her back to the Roost, it seems the Ironborn's pride hasn't quite healed yet, so shje's still staying in the inn. Her expression isn't in the best of moods, but then she is born of the Iron Isles and perhaps she's just always got a bit of storm over her head and ice in her eyes. The dark leather clad woman, in pants as usual, stalks in through the door and across the floor towards her usual table in the far corner. It puts her right past Kell, and calls almost directly over his shoulder to the keep. "Ale. Lots of it. A whole damned urn again, if you will!"

Before the cup of ale is filled, Kell's attention moves to the new arrival as she is the unique snowflake that is in this tavern right now, the others are your typical merchants, maybe a couple of soldiers, mostly baseborn that fit into the background. The Hedge Knight can tell that Kathryna is a woman, pretty by some standards but also different, very different. The barkeep had to tab Kell on the arm to get his attention, letting him know that his ale has been refilled before returning to his other business. With a nod of thanks to the bartender, the knight turns to pick up his ale and takes a long drink though his attention returns to the Ironborn who has chosen to sit in the corner, intrigued as he forgets himself by watching her, something he usually doesn't do, beinga proper knight and all.

Kate's become accustomed to stares, though they've mostly slackened with her having been in town several weeks now. And especially so that she's stayed in the Inn for the last few days. But, Kell is a new face to her, and vice versa, so it seems she will be stared at once more. The Ironborn is ever paranoid, the feel of eyes on her for more than a few seconds quickly draws her arctic gaze. She stares back at Kell, lips in a cool line, her lower lip split as if from a brawl or some such. Finally, she calls in his direction. "You might wish to take back thine eyeballs lest I be accused of raiding your mind and stealing them from you."

Kell finally realizes he is staring when Kate turns his icy gaze back upon him and her words causes him to look sheepish at having forgotten himself, however her words does bring out a brief chuckle of amusement, one that isn't stifled in time. This is certainly new for Kell, as women usually don't address him in that manner, direct. Instead of turning way in disgust, the Hedge Knight does dip his head in a respectful manner, "I beg your pardon, M'Lady, I did not mean to stare like that. If you would kindly forgive my lax in manners and spare my mind, I would be in your debt." For some reason, he feels more at ease and relaxed than having to watch his manners around this noblewoman.

A small grunt of a raspy laugh echoes from Kate's lips and she nods towards the bar keep. "You can pay off your debt by bringing more ale over here. On your tab. Now. The faster the better." And with that, Kate flashes him a smile and a brief, teasing wink. She then stretches back out in her seat, tipping the chair back with her weight so the very back of it is hitting the wall and she's just precariously balancing as she kicks her feet up on the opposite edge of the table.

Kell is silent for a second as he blinks at the Ironborn woman, not expecting her to call his bluff as no other woman had, nobleborn or not. With a sigh, the Hedge Knight turns to the barkeep and nods at the man, "Yeah, the ale is on me tonight." He did say that he would be in her debt, despite saying it in jest, but he is a man of his word so when the bartender finishes pouring another cup of ale, Kell takes it and brings it over to the table. Putting the second cup in front of Kate, the knight takes a seat before smirking, shaking his head, "Lady Harlaw, I presume?" It seems like this Hedge Knight, despite having arrived at the Roost not over a day ago, has already heard of this particular Ironborn woman.

Victory. A good battle earlier and now free ale? This is turning out to be an excellent evening. Kate keeps her legs kicked up, feet crossed at the ankles, all of her a line line of muscle. As women go, she really has no curves to speak of, but her whole body has been trained down to being as sleek and practiced a weapon as the sword at her side. She grunts a nod of approval as the ale is set down at her side. "Good man. I see my reputation preceeds me… I'd hope that was a good thing, but in this place I -doubt- it is… and to whom do I have the pleasure of letting him buy my drink tonight?"

Another amused chuckle follows her words as Kell shakes his head, perhaps in disbelief, at how different Kate is compared to the others. Especially Elinor who he had the duty of escorting from Stonebridge, complete opposites if he would be the one to judge. "I have heard some rumors of what has been happening here. I am Kell Drakmoor, baseborn Hedge Knight." Kell introduces himself, inclining his head respectfully towards Kate as he speaks. "If I am not stepping beyond my bounds, may I ask, what brings you so far from the Iron Islands?"

The Ironborn even goes so far as to offer her hand in his direction, sitting forward a bit more, still somehow managing to balance on the back two legs of the chair. Perhaps it's a training game to her. No wonder she's all muscle! Her hand is calloused like any knight's, from sword and bow alike. "Ser Drakmoor, then? A pleasure." She flashes him a white toothed smile. Any man bringing her ale is a pleasure. "And I am here as a…. Diplomat. And to demand recompense for a man of ours killed several months back." She looks less than thrilled about her mission.

Now Kell is at odds with himself, typically he would mime a kiss to the back of the hand since Kate is a lady, but she isn't your usual lady, she's a lady with shark teeth and who knows how she would react. So the Hedge Knight is in an impasse, his mind trying to work quickly, which side of the coin his decision would fall on. So in the end, the coin lands on its edge as Kell reaches out and shakes her hand gently, but turned so that the back of hand faces upwards and he inclines his head once more, rather awkward from a third person point of view. Kell knows it too as he winces before saying, "Pleased to make your acquaintance, M'Lady." As for why she is here, the knight does arch a brow, "A diplomat… really…" As for the recompense, Kell can only look skeptical because in his mind, he assumes that the man was probably here raiding.

Kate just smiles smoothly, waiting for him to decide what he wants to do with her hand. Oh yes, it is awkward, especially because she presses his palm and forces a good, business like shake on him before letting go. She is certainly no lady to be kissed. If it wasn't for her face, voic, her stature, she would probably just as well BE a man. She takes her hand back, though, and scoops up her ale smoothly, gulping back two long pulls of the stuff and licking her lips before she gazes back to him, "Aye, a diplomat. I suppose we've learned that raiding is not the way to get everything you want."

"I bid you wellcome to civilization then." Kell says after the unexpected firm handshake, another point of surprise and amusement, he just needs to make sure that Elinor doesn't catch him in here or she would disapprove greatly. "But that would be the sensible choice, trade usually works better than raiding. Just like in some cases, honey works better than the stick." Kell does bring his own cup of ale to his lips, choosing to drain it at a little slower pace, perhaps choosing to cut back on the drinking tonight since it looks like his 'debt' may be costly.

The comment about civilization draws her eyes around the room, a good smirk dancing across her full mouth. "You call -this- civilization? People here are as wild as anywhere else, they just like to try and hide it under a veneer of propriety so they can turn their noses up at each other. I, for one, would much rather be honest to those I hate and take what I need, damn you if you're not strong enough to keep it, but…" Kate sighs, draining a bit more of her ale but she isn't gulping it any longer, nor has she demanded another mug of the stuff. "That is not my choice right now. So… here we are. Making nice."

"Now that is certainly a unique perspective…" Kell says as he listens to the Ironborn's words, not offended, more curious than anything else. "Perhaps in the circle of nobles, that happens. Among the common born people, it isn't /that/ bad, disagreements are displayed more often than not but we don't always go around clubbing each other to see who's right. Well… not always." There is a pause before the Hedge Knight continues, "So are you here creating diplomatic relations for just your House?" He would have expected a retinue or something of Ironborn nobles so it must be a house to house deal.

"No, no… speaking for House Greyjoy. Being that they sent me alone, it either means that they think I'm going to fail and I'm completely expendable… Or they think I'm entirely good enough to succeed without issue. I'll have you take your choice about that." But the bitterness in her smile probably gives a better hint as to what she thinks. Kate is nothing if not realistic. She takes another gulp of her ale then, finishing off the mug and nodding for another. "And you. What brings you to this town, Ser Drakmoor?"

Kell remains silent, choosing not to answer since perhaps there is no right answer, even though the latter would be the right one but it will be easily detected that it is a lie and worse, could be patronizing. As for her question, the knight was about to answer right away before recalling the relationship between the Baneforts and Iron Island. However, the hesitation is only for a second as he forges forward with the truth, "I was escorting Lady Banefort from Stonebridge to here, the roads are safe enough these days but one can't be too careful."

That news makes Kate groan a touch, not quite pressing the issue of the ale yet, but she will be tempted to do so soon. "Lovely. A Banefort. Anais' sister, I am guessing, as she's the only other in these lands I know. Well, wouldn't she just about die if she knew we were having this conversation. Just enough to stop that little hummingbird heart of her's!"

The groan wasn't unexpected as Kell nods at Kate's assumptions, "Indeed, Lady Elinor Banefort." As for the last couple of sentences, it is the Hedge Knight's turn to groan a touch as he releases a sigh of resignation, "A conversation is just a conversation, and I am just a mere baseborn Hedge Knight that had the honor of escorting the Lady safely back to her current home." He says, shaking his head at the thought of Elinor's heart bursting becaues of it, it would more than likely burst because Kate was talking to her.

That makes her pause, head tilting a bit. "It was just… -you- and she? She had no attendants or the like? Don't most in this land consider that viciously improper to be on the road all along, much less with a common born night? No offense meant… as men go in this land, you look like you'd be more fun in the sack than most… But I somehow doubt the Lady Elinor is the type to take such delicious chances." Kates brows waggle teasingly in his direction as she says that. and, since he's not ordered her more ale yet, she leans over and just scoops up HIS mug, taking a good gulp from it.

Raising a hand, Kell quickly corrects the Ironborn's false assumptions lest crazy rumors start flying, "No, no, her retinue was with her. Carriage, guard, maidens. I just meant that I was the odd one out and was asked to join in escorting her." Potential wildfire number one doused and averted, the hedge knight can only shake his head at the comment about him, though it is a compliment, "Thank you… I think… and Lady Elinor is definitely /not/ the type who would do something like that, she is very… proper." Oddly enough, it seems like Kell jumped to Elinor's defense quickly, perhaps a tad too quickly and he quickly settles himself, only to find his ale stolen, a sigh of resignation given as he isn't one to get into a tussle with a Lady for his mug of ale back. He does motion to the barkeep for another though.

The woman is quiet while he orders more ale, just grinning in slight amusement. If he's going to allow himself to be pushed around with her little tease about him buying tonight, well, she's not going to complain. BUt his defense of the woman makes her head tilt, brows lofting a touch more in amusement. "…You like her..; You are -quite- fond of her, aren't you? This Lady Elinor…. A common knight falling all over himself for a Banefort lady. I suppose proper and boring is all the rage in these lands, though."

"Wait, what?" Kell says as he turns back to the Ironborn woman, scowling now as the barkeep is just now bringing two newly filled mugs of ale over to the corner table, "You don't know what you speak off, M'Lady. I am just a knight she had requested to escort her back here with her retinue, and I obliged for it is a duty as a knight to do so." The scowl remains as the drinks arrive and he takes his, taking a long drink, "You are just dreaming of children stories." He grumbles after putting the mug back on the table.

The woman looks rather skeptical, "Ahhah. I see. She -asked- for you…Then perhaps it is she who has her eye on you. A bit of naughtiness in her otherwise pristine life…" Kate offers huskily, her saucy grin just widening a bit more. With that, though, she realizes he is probably about to burst a vessel, so she allows the talk to be averted to kinder, if more boring, subjects. She might even buy a round before the night is over.