Page 518: Intersection
Summary: At the intersection of roads leading to Highfield, Seagard, Stonebridge and Terrick's Roost a small and entirely random gathering of nobles and knights pause for conversation.
Date: 23/12/2012
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Worn Road - Wilderness
A point of land between Terrick's Roost and Stonebridge, one can travel to either of the two from here, by travelling west or east, while north takes them to Highfield and south to Seagard.
Sun Dec 23, 289

Riding out from Terrick's Roost with a small party that consists of Nedra's armsmen and a handful of Terrick guards that have been added to her retinue, Lady Nedra is seated atop the chestnut colored mare that has a well known reputation for being something of a escape artist - for a horse. The small party is taking the road at a slow pace, not appearing to have the need to gallop at top pace and break-neck speed. In fact, upon clearing the edge of the land claimed by Terrick's Roost the party slows to a steady trot.

Coming from Kingsgrove way is a young knight - who is on foot actually, leading his horse by the bridles. Both rider and horse seem a bit cranky, marching with a glum face and occasional mutterings by the knight. Seeing the party approach, he leads his horse off the path into the undergrowth to make way for them.

And once that threshold is crossed, they find themselves on no man's land, fitted between four towns on neutral ground. Around the bend, a mounted Daryl Ashwood looks down the winding path to the north, overseeing a group of about five men or so, on foot, as they haul supplies to the west. "Keep it moving, lads…Want to get home before that extra night shift I have to take for your lazy asses." There's a small chuckle from the Deputy, who turns his steed to note the approaching parties. "Hm.." He says under his breath, "Who do we have here?"

Nedra is skimming one gloved hand over her hair, turning in her saddle to take a longer look at the party accompanying her from point A to point B, shaking her head slightly at the extra riders but turns back to the captain of her guard with a quiet voiced: "Is this really necessary?" Nedra is given a long look in return, one that does not require words to accompany said look to get the point across, and Nedra subsides with a bit of a grimace followed by a nod of acquiescence. A Mallister, after all, never picks a fight she knows she can't win. From her place near the head of the party Nedra spots the other groups reaching the bend in the road along the neutral ground between cities and lifts one hand to signal the party to slow to a walk as she nudges her mare forward to greet those other on the road.

The involuntarily stop by the roadside to let the ladiy and her entourage pass, makes Leon look around and notice the man with the glow of a busybody offical about his person and leads his horse through the brambles to where the Deputy is. "Excuse me?!", he calls out to him to get his attention.

Daryl notes the increased size of the Mallister's party, shaking his head a touch with a small smirk. Terricks. Always so eager to send men to escort one off their lands. "Evening, M'lady." Daryl greets with a bow of his head, pulling the reins so he is less in the way, and the working men filter to a single row line on the side of the road. "Lord Daryl Ashwood, Deputy of Highfield." He makes introduction, noting himself unfamiliar with the woman. As the young knight on foot approaches, the Ashwood casts a look down towards the approaching figure. "Good day, Ser. What is it?" He looks expectedly towards Leon to see what he has to say.

Nedra guides her mare forward at a slower walk in order to greet Lord Daryl, "Good eve to you, Lord Daryl, and well met," she adds, a touch of hesitation, "again," with a trace of a smile as she tilts her head in a polite nod. "How is the road, my lord? We think to take the road to Seagard then Talon Point," she explains, sitting straight in the saddle as she eyes the road past Daryl and nods another polite gesture accompanied by a glimpse of a smile at the knight that Lord Daryl is calling out to. "Good day, ser," is offered as well.

Having been out for a bit of a ride, Martyn is moving along the road on Miramis, letting the horse run freely for a while. That is, until he spots the people present at the moment, shrugging a bit as he brings his horse to a stop, studying the people now. Gaze falling on Nedra for the moment, he offers her a bit of a smile.

Leon lifts one gloved hand which is holding a horse shoe, thus indicating what his problem is. "My horse lost this iron, I am in need of a blacksmith. Which would you suggest is the nearest place to call?", he asks the Deputy. And then the lady is upon them and he bows to her. "Good day, Mylady."

"Apologies, M'lady," Daryl seems -almost- embarrassed at the mistake, if it weren't for the confident smile rising on his countenance as he looks over Nedra, "We have met before…I have not getting much sleep as of late." The Deputy casts a look down the path to Seagard, "Good, as far as I can tell. I have not been down that way in sometime." As Leon explains the issue, he nods and then points north, "Highfield, most likely. I'd say the Flint encampment if it wasn't blocked off, so you may have to ride a little further." Spotting Martyn's approach, he studies the knight and offers a small nod.

Nedra turns slightly, the sound of approaching horse and rider draws her attention to her cousin Martyn and, upon sight, a sudden smile warms her face as she waves a greeting. "Coz," is said with a nod to accompany the wave, even sending a smile at Miramis before turning back toward the knight a-foot. "Good day to you as well, Ser," pausing as she listens to the exchange before volunteering: "you are - equally - close to Terrick's Roost and the smithy there. I would think that, on foot, it may be closer in fact," she suggests. Her attention lifts back to Daryl, a silent pause before replying: "No need to apologize, my lord, it's been a trying span of weeks," understatement much? "Will you be joining us at Heronhurst for the wedding in just under a fortnight? I know that Lord Ozric made his invitation Lady Aemy, inviting her to return to Terrick Roost that is, and we were most happy to see here again just the day prior."

"Cousin," Martyn offers to Nedra, with a smile. "Traveling, I see?" Turning to look at the others present for a few moments, studying Leon carefully and finally giving him a nod, before he looks over to Daryl. Offering the man a bit of a nod, although he doesn't say much more at the moment. At Nedra's words about the wedding, he looks to her for a brief seconds, but doesn't say anything right now.

"Thank you -" Leon starts bowing to Daryl to indicate his gratitude for the Highfield suggestion, when Nedra moves in with quite another suggestion. "You are both must helpful.", he decides, then yet another knight arrives and he nods to him in greeting as well. "Care to help me decide, Ser? Highfield or the Roost?", he asks with a slight grin.

"It has," Daryl agrees of the hectic past few weeks, referencing both the search for Hafwen as well as his own troubles that he has been getting into recently. At closer inspection, he does look quite weary. However, back straight and toothy smile shown, "I am unsure whether I'll be able to make it, as of yet but I will most certainly try." His thoughts drift to sitting down at a table full of Erenfords, all who have likely heard tales of his…Dishonor? He just shakes his head and smiles at mention of Lady Aemy, before offering towards Leon, "If you go to Highfield, stay on the north path. Best stay clear the Flints for now." The idea of the dirty -roost- being compared to Highfield causes Daryl to get a bad taste in his mouth.

"To Seagard and then Talon Point," Nedra explains with a nod to Martyn. "Though I'd much rather travel to Stonebridge and spend the day with Lady Jocelyn," she admits with a wry smile. "Now, if I could - per chance - not quite read the message that mother sent by Raven I could, easily, get away with heading that direction," she says, en sotto voice, a touch of amusement making her eyes sparkle. "I don't imagine that she meant for me to depart Immediately, of course. Right?" Looking for plausible reasons to delay her trip, apparently, and with the question asked she is trying to get Martyn to agree to her brand of Logic. Her attention lifts back to Daryl, the expression in her eyes being one of curiosity at his reply, "We all hope to see you then, of course," she offers before wondering: "Have you any word on the illness that plagues the Flint lands?" Before glancing, next, to the knight once more, "It would, I do think, be a shorter walk."

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears Nedra's words, looking a bit thoughtful now. "I would not presume to know your lady mother's reasoning, cousin," he offers after a few moments, expression a bit thoughtful. "But very few people would mean for others to depart immediately, after all." A brief pause, as he offers a half-smile. "And if you didn't get word until you reached Stonebridge or something like that, who could blame you for that, hmm?" Another brief pause as he looks to Leon, shrugging a little bit. "Well, that would depend on where your intended destination is, after all." He glances over at Daryl at his words, expression rather neutral for the moment as he nods a little now.

Leon sighs a little and shakes his head. "I suppose I shall heed the lady's suggestion then and choose The Roost.", he decides with a little smile for Nedra, "It is usually wise to follow a woman's words. I shall not disturb you all further, good day…" He bows deeply and starts leading his horse away.

Daryl shakes his head a touch towards Nedra, explaining, "It is still in its early stages, and will take some time to actually identify and combat the illness itself." A pause then, "It is contained, however." The group is meeting at a crossroads, between Highfield, the roost, Seagard and Stonebridge. The Deputy looks towards the working men of house Ashwood, waving them on, "I'll meet you at the barricade."

Nedra turns a glimpse of a grin at Martyn, "I find your logic, cousin, to be most compatible with mine," she remarks, holding back a breath of laughter as she nods. "Perfectly plausible," she likes how those two words roll off the tongue, in tandem, "I'll simply send a Raven in return and make the longer trip in a day or so." To Leon she gives another polite nod of her own, "Safe travels, ser," she offers in farewell as the knight turns and leads his horse away, on foot, sympathy glimpsed upon her face at the thought of walking from one holding to the next. She turns her attention back to Daryl and gives another slower nod, "Are they getting enough supplies? Have any healers arrived yet to combat the illness?"

Over the horizon in the fading light a dappled grey and dark grey horse make their way down the road from Stonebridge. They appear to heading towards Roost. The horses' hooves create a steady two beat rhythm on the sunbaked road as their riders move them at a nice steady trot. One of the riders is dressed in a grey riding habit and is riding properly for a lady. The other rider is dressed in grey leathers and is carrying an axe. Both horses appear to have saddle bags that are bulging at the seams.

Martyn offers a bit of a smile to Nedra, with a bit of a quiet smile now. "See, it all makes perfect sense," he offers. "Take care," is offered to Leon as he takes his leave, before he looks over at Daryl again, nodding a little bit. "Let us hope it will be dealt with as soon as possible," he offers to the man.

Out for a ride, it seems a certain Erenford has little else to do with her time lately, finding the scenery enjoyable. Atop her palomino paint and accompanied by three guards and a handmaid, Aemy is plucking at a flower, a white one with a yellow middle. Riding at a lazy pace, she plucks a petal off, grinning towards Kyra, "Are you certain this is right?" Though before Kyra can reply, she says thoughtfully, "He loves me not." Plucking another, she winks at her maid again. "He loves me.." Letting the petal fall to her lap where a small collection resides. There are three petals remaining, "This does not bode well, I think I picked a faulty flower.." Hearing voices now, she peers up ahead. Was there something wrong? Guards on alert, they scan the area, noticing a small group of gathered nobles, recognizing most of them.

Once more the sound of approaching riders causes Nedra to turn in her saddle, her own escort is ranged in a line along one side of the road, Martyn and his horse Miramis standing nearby as they converse with Lord Daryl Ashwood. Nedra shades her eyes with one hand, straining to see the heraldry or features of the approaching riders while, at the same time, another group is making their approach. Nedra is torn, visibly, between glancing at one party or the other, finally turning Jinx so that she can see both parties, a smile of welcome already upon her face.

Daryl looks Nedra's way, taking a moment to think over her question before responding, "We've been providing regular supply drops and have gotten our local Maester's involved." The Ashwood frowns a touch, wishing he had more to offer in the way of information. A chance look down the road, the deputy furrows his brows in surprise to how busy the roads getting, peering at the new arrivals with interest, but not yet identifying them.

Not paying much attention to the other groups on the road at the moment, the only thing that's indicating Martyn has even noticed them is that one hand goes to where he keeps his sword, although he doesn't draw the weapon or anything. Nodding a little as he listens for now, he offers a quiet smile.

The riders approach the already gathered group and Firth the rider in grey velvet brings her horse to a halt. The other rider dressed in grey leathers and carrying an axe also brings his horse to a halt. Firth offers the other riders a bow. "Good evening to you all." She says in a gentle manner. She has yet to give her name. Instead she takes the time to take in those that have gathered at this point in the road.

"I think I would…" Not finishing her sentence and not plucking anymore petals for now, just holding the flower in her hand. Hearing the voices, she identifies most of them and using her reins she guides her horse for a better view. Using her free hand, she lowers the hood of her Erenford colored cloak and she bites her lip to attempt to keep her expression neutral. It fails, because her eyes are as expressive as the rest of her features and as the distance closes, she greets them all, "My lord Daryl, Ser Martyn, Lady Nedra.." A smile for Firth whom she does not know by name. "Good day my lady."

Daryl steers his horse in the direction of the new arrivals, again shifting his steed so he's out of the way some, on the side of the road. A smile brightens his weary features as Aemy Erenford approaches with her small army of an entourage, "Lady Aemy." That charming smile rests on his face, "How are you?" Then his attention shifts to the unannounced Firth curiously.

"Is there more that can be done to help, my lord?" Nedra wonders of the Ashwood. "We can certainly do another call out for additional supplies, healers willing to travel, that sort of thing," she wonders. "Even if it's just spare blankets, food," she hazards this suggestion, "it would certainly not do harm, I would hope." This said as Nedra glances from Martyn, sending a quietly imploring look at her cousin, silently asking for him to weigh in on the matter before she recognizes the rider in grey. "Lady Firth?" she wonders, surprise forming on her face at seeing the Frey noblewoman after so long not in the good company of the lady, "tis good to see you, my lady, how is your day?" she wonders. The wondering turns to a warm smile of greeting as she spots Lady Aemy and her entourage, "Lady Aemy!" is called, delight in her tone of voice at the sight of the young Erenford lady. For a moment Nedra is torn between introductions and simply makes a general sort of effort. "Ladies Aemy Erenford and Firth Frey, may I introduce you - equally - to Lord's Daryl Ashwood and of course my cousin Lord Martyn?" she wonders.

Seeing who it is that arrived, Martyn moves his hand away from the sword, letting out a bit of breath now. He sighs a little as he listens to the others, offering a nod to Firth and a nod and a smile to Aemy. "My ladies." The simple, quiet greeting is offered rather thoughtfully, before he looks over to Nedra at the moment, noticing that look, and offering a shrug and a half-smile in return now.

"Good day, Lady Erenford." Firth says in response to Amey. "Lord Ashwood you are out of your Jurisdiction again, heading towards the Roost?" She asks him. Her eyes then go to Nedra and she offers her a warm smile. "Lady Mallister and Lord Mallister, it has been a long while since we have seen each other. I hope you are well both well. Lady Mallister if you are still in the Roost, perhaps you and I shall have a chance to socialize in a more proper setting." The woman's voice is gentle and has a quiet tone to it. Her smile remains in place. She pats her horse's neck. "There is my good Hope." This is said in a soft mutter to her horse.

"I am doing exceptionally well, my lord.." Studying Daryl briefly, her expression warms by several degrees, debating on whether he had gotten any rest of not previously. "I trust you are well, also?" Tilting her head to the side she smiles brightly before looking towards Nedra, reaching out a hand that is not holding the assaulted flower to gently squeeze Nedra's if she is near enough. "How wonderful to see you, my lady! I had hoped to see you again. I offer my most sincere apologies for having to leave yesterday so abruptly. Was that your kite I saw flying so brightly?" Glancing towards Martyn then, one of her best friends, "Ser Martyn, I hope things are better of late.." noting his half smile, taking it as a good sign. Finally her gaze finds and settles on the Frey. "A pleasure meeting you my lady, I assure you." Looking between her and Daryl now as he is asked a direct question from the Frey lady.

Daryl quickly looks towards Nedra as she inquires of him, and responds in turn, "I will be heading to the Flint encampment soon to locate and deal with the source of the illness." A breath of air, "As soon as I see the condition of the camp with my own eyes, I will contact you on what provisions they may be in need of." As The Ashwood shifts his attention to Aemy, indeed he still looks wearied, as if he hasnt had much time to sleep. Despite this, his grin lights up his face, "…That is good to hear." He looks over his betrothed for a few moments as she speaks with the others.

"I would thank you for that, my lord," Nedra says with a firm nod to Daryl. "I'll see what I may arrange, in advance, all the same. It's what good neighbors do, after all," or what they should do, to her way of thinking. Nedra turns toward Firth with a smile, "I am," Nedra confirms with a laugh that accompanies her nod, "at present, that is. I must travel to Seagard and then on to Talon Point in the next few days, I confess. Though I aim to delay a departure to either in lieu of a trip to Stonebridge," nothing quite like changing her mind while on the road itself. "Lady Jocelyn has expressed her wish for a spot of tea and a visit, should schedules align accordingly. In fact," she glances from Firth to Aemy and back, "I'm sure she'd be delighted to have more than just one visitor, would you ladies care to accompany me?" is wondered, giving Aemy's hand a gentle squeeze in return as she nods. "It was, yes, and Master Trevelyan son was kind enough to take the kite home with him, I was so worried it wouldn't be used again by anyone other than myself," she admits with a small shake of her head.

Martyn offers a bit of a shrug to Aemy's words, along with a bit of a grin. "Well, I've had worse days, my lady." Not saying much more about it at the moment. Pausing as he listens to Nedra's words about going to Stonebridge, he lets out a bit of a breath after a few moments. At Daryl's words about the Flint encampment, he offers a bit of a nod. "Just make sure to be patient. Too important for a hasty decision, I believe."

"Lord Ashwood I did address you." Firth says to him in an even tone that still is laced with a gentle quality to it. "It would be wise to remember what house I belong to." She then looks to Amey and nods her head her green eyes study the woman for a moment. "The pleasure is mine." She then nods to Nedra as her attention is drawn to her. "I am the Ambassador to Stonebridge, if I am back in town, you will see me there." This is said with a smile. "Are you enjoying your ride?" She asks Nedra. She then looks to Martyn. "I agree with you Lord Mallister on the haste of some decisions."

Aemy looks between those talking, namely Nedra and Daryl as he mentions the encampment, though she inputs little into that, having heard about it recently through Daryl himself. Though as the topic changes to extending an invitation, the Erenford contemplates in a moment of indecision. "The kite looked like a lot of fun, I should like to try my hand at flying one someday. Perhaps on another occasion we could." A quick look to Martyn and her smile finds its place again, "Hopefully, Ser Martyn, they are in the past." Finally, just as she is about to mention the Stonebridge and reply about whether she would be going, she hears the Frey inputting into the conversation, and she falls silent once more.. this time her blue eyes settled on Firth, returning the studying look with a bemused smile.

The Ashwood lord turns belatedly towards Firth, nodding his head a touch. Out of jurisdiction seemed to be a phrase he's been hearing a lot lately, whether it apply to him or House Terrick himself, but the Deputy dips his head, weary countenance attesting to his lack of reply as he speaks to Firth, "Excuse me, M'lady, I am a bit out of sorts tending to the duties I have been working on as of late," He studies the woman a moment before continuing, "I am currently overseeing the illness that has struck our lands, and will be avoiding the Roost if I can so help it." A pause then as he looks to Nedra, nodding, "I will keep you informed of the situation, though i'm sure house Flint appreciates all the help granted it." Then, the deputy looks Aemy's way, and his expression softs some, "And where are you headed, M'lady? I heard invitation of a dinner soon in Heronhurst."

"Thus the saying, cousin, decide in haste and repent or regret - at length, at leisure," Nedra reminds Martyn with a slow shake of her head before she turns toward Firth to again give another nod. "Then I'll look forward to your company there as well, Lady Frey, Ambassador Frey that is, forgive me," she is quick to add the correct title to her recollection for the future, "I'll be sure to send around my regards each time I happen upon the fair city. And, thus far, I am," Nedra confirms with another nod. "The weather is reasonably fair and the company," she pauses for a grin, "is approaching wonderful, to be honest." To Aemy she gives another glimpse of that same grin, "I happen to have set one aside for yourself, Lady Aemy, along with the Lady Arabella and - would you believe? - Lord Alric, who confesses to having never tried his hand at one either." Her attention lifts back around to Daryl, "I'll be sure, my lord, to carry forward the worry and the personal request to the houses that I visit, my lord. As I said, even if it's just blankets and food, and the prayers of all, even a small ounce of care can turn the corner of any matter."

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears Firth's word, blinking a few times. "What?" It's said more or less at a whisper, as he looks a bit thoughtful, before he looks to Aemy. "Oh, I'm sure there will be many bad days ahead as well before I get where I need to be," he offers, a bit quietly. Looking between Nedra and Daryl as well, stays out of that conversation, as he turns to look off into the distance for a few moments. Or perhaps he's just hiding his expression for a few moments.

There is little missed by Firth, a nod of her head is offered to Amey. "I hope to speak to the Lords of Erenford soon, Lady Erenford." This is said sweetly. "I hope that your ride has been pleasant." She then looks back.
Her gaze goes back to Daryl and she nods. "Just remember to announce yourself to the Lord of Stonebridge before you head through there. Or the Lords of the house houses whose territory you are walking through. It will make your life easier and they could be willing to give you aid." She tells him.
To Nedra she offers a bright smile. "Indeed, Lady Frey work, the rest is a mouthful, only need to use it if I am in Stonebridge. Here I am Lady Frey. I will look forward to having tea with you or something stronger." She explains in a now cheerful manner. She looks to Martyn. "I will explain later or drinks, Lord Mallister, if you would bless me with your company."

Keeping her silence as Daryl responds to the Frey, Aemy mostly just watches the Ambassador to Stonebridge, listening to her, the bemused smile covered with a polite expression, "I would look forward to meeting you again, my lady Ambasador," taking a cue from Nedra. "The ride today has provided opportunity to meetyou and getting reacquainted with old friends. As such, I would say it has been a successful day after all."
Presently, as she is addressed by Lady Nedra, the Erenford turns her attention back to her friend. "I think a visit to Stonebridge would be lovely. I have had little opportunity to visit there in quite some time." Other than the trial of course, but she prefers not to bring that back to light. "You truly have a kite for me? Why, however will I thank you, my lady? You must promise me we will go out flying while in Stonebridge? It looks to be a most pleasurable pastime." There is delight dancing in her expression now as she ponders the fun in the kite flying.
Finding herself looking back at Daryl, again.. and again.. her expression softens once more. "I was considering back home to Heronhurst, my lord, though now I find myself headed for Stonebridge. I am certainly excited about the trip. Of course my cousin had said it would be fine before I left Heronhurst for the Roost, so there is nothing to stop me."

"Always a positive spin on things cousin," Nedra replies in a murmur at Martyn, shaking her head slowly. "It is a mouthful, but of all the titles that a lady may earn, I believe Ambassador is quite the most pleasant," she admits with another touch of a smile. "But I do look forward to tea," and a laugh, "or something stronger, should the occasion warrant it." She glances around curiously at the various expressions in place before she nods to Aemy again. "The weather at Stonebridge should be clear enough, though the best - and consent - wind is found at Terricks' Roost or as far as Seagard or even Heronhurst. Something about open water and moving air, makes for great loft when it comes to kite flying." Nedra casts a weather eye upward at the sky, taking in the position of the sun, "I do think we must press on, however. To Stonebridge or back to Terrick Roost or press all the way on to Seagard, but I fear a decision must be made and the horses given leave to set forward."

Shrugging a bit at Nedra, Martyn shakes his head a little. "Realistic view on things. The positive is that I'm certain I will get there in time," he adds, after a few moments of pause, before he looks to the others again. Pausing a bit at Firth's words, he shrugs a little. "I'm far from certain that people find my company a blessing of any kind, my lady," he offers.

Daryl nods towards Firth, offering a simple acknowledgment of her words, heeding them despite his lack of love for Stonebridge. His look shifts to Aemy, and there's a small reassuring smile given her way as he hears her plans, "Well I do hope you would enjoy yourself there." His gaze wanders to Martyn momentarily before he looks westward, checking on the progress of the men hauling provisions to house Flint.

"Lord Martyn, let me decided upon that for myself." Firth points out to him with another smile. "I seek nothing more than news and decent company." She adds with a slight bow of her head.
"I am sure you would like meeting me again." Firth says to Aemy with a pleasant but neutral smile on her face. Her tone reflects that smile. "I will look forward to it. I am sure my sister will be pleased when I speak to her of you."
Nedra is offered a bow of her head. "Lady Mallister I pray the seven will keep you safe and you find what you seek."
Her attention is then drawn to Daryl. "Good I remember our first meeting and I am certain you would not want a repeat of it." She says as a reminder her tone is more matter of fact when she mentions it.

"I suppose, Ser Martyn, there are two choices. Get better or get bitter.." Aemy smiles at him, "And you know I will always avail myself to you for our talks, should you ever wish of it. I have always found your company to be pleasant, even when you.. vented." There that was diplomatic enough, was it not?

As Nedra decides to make her leave, Aemy offers one more reassuring squeeze of her hand before taking her own back, looking down at the petals and flower on her lap. "I will meet you in the Roost, I am expecting word from my cousin soon, so we could possibly leave from there." With a long glance to Daryl, she offers him the flower that is seriously lacking petals, having three left. "For you to ponder," twirling it between her fingers as she holds it out. "I am almost certain I will enjoy myself, my lord, thank you for the wishes though."
"Truly, my lady Ambassador, I would indeed like meeting you again, I am quite certain." Aemy offers an incline of her head, her smile friendly still. "Your sister, my lady?"
Shrugging a little at the words of both Firth and Aemy, Martyn nods a little bit, not saying much for the moment. "Thank you," he offers to the two of them, a bit quietly. He shrugs a little bit. "Not sure if I'm the best person to go to for news, though."

Daryl recalls his first meeting with Firth and then there's a frown on his face, shaking his head, "Certainly not. Quite a lack of diplomats at that meeting, and an overzealous requirement for chopped heads." The Deputy shrugs the matter off nonchalantly enough, though his attention goes to Aemy, "I think with word so close as far as decision goes, maybe you -should- head to Highfield, as a show of good faith?" The Ashwood takes the three pedaled flower, eyeing it with confusion but taking it nonetheless. He looks at Aemy pointedly then, for her answer, then back to the ravaged flower.

"Bryliesa is my sister, we share the same father." Firth explains to her. "She is dear to my heart." From what she says and the soft look that softens her eyes she means what she says.
Her attention is then drawn to Lord Martyn. "Lord Mallister, take the offer it is polite. Do not second guess yourself or say that I would not find news with you. It is a sign of weakness that many would exploit. Smile nod and say yes. Later, if you would like you can send a letter telling me that you are not interested." Firth drops diplomacy with him and is blunt and to the point with the man.
She looks to Daryl and nods. "Well you still have your head which is a good thing." Firth points out to him with a soft smile.

Aemy nods to Martyn as her gaze flickers over him, the action warmed by a smile. "Anytime, Ser Martyn. What are friends for?" Though when he falls silent, she looks back to Daryl, uncertainty in her eyes. "Young Lord Ser Brennart.." Perhaps cousin would have been easier. Just as she continues she shakes her head rather sadly. "He has asked me to stay away from Highfield at the present time." Of course it was to keep her guards away, but where she went her guards went, so she was not allowed. "I would, if I were allowed to, my lord. For just that purpose even, if nothing else." Lowering her gaze to the flower, she speaks softly as she explains, "You pluck a petal, it is something my maid taught me, a love me, love me not sort of thing." Her lips twist into another smile, this one followed by laughter. "Hopefully it will tell a good future."

Once she explains about the flower, Aemy uses her reins to turn her horse ever so slightly so that she may speak more comfortably with the Frey. At the mention of Bryliesa, a healthy respect enters her eyes. "Lady Bryliesa is wonderful, I have learned a lot from her during her time at Heronhurst. She is indeed beautiful inside and out."

As he hears Firth's words, Martyn's expression goes a bit neutral now as he hears her words. There's a long moment of silence as he takes a few deep breaths now, glancing around for a few moments. "Then I accept the offer, Lady Firth. The next time we're both in the same place, then?" It's spoken quite polite at the moment, and it looks like he's about to say something more, but he holds it back for now, it seems.

Daryl frowns a touch, both towards Firth and Aemy. To Firth, he shrugs his agreement, "Thank the seven for small miracles. Though had it been taken from me I'd suspect there'd be a bit more turmoil right now." The man jerks the reins of his horse towards Aemy, "Ah, I see, of course." While his countenance is agreeable, his tone is more like 'damn it.' He looks at the flower in his hands with three pedals left. "She loves me," He plucks one, "She loves me not," he plucks another, then smirks a bit, holding the flower up almost victoriously, announcing, "She loves me." A small chuckle and he looks between the group.

"I must be off I will hope to hear and see with you later." Firth tells them as gives her horse a silent command with her leg and seat. The horse responds by moving forward. "Good, until them may the seven keep you safe Lord Mallister. Lord Ashwood remember to announce yourself to Lord Tyroan Nayland." Soon she and her guard are out of sight.

Aemy watches the Frey leave and breathes a visible sigh of relief, looking towards Martyn and grins. "It looks as if you have plans with the lady then." Though with the lady in question gone now, she says nothing further about her. Aemy watches Daryl, seeing the frown and knowing there was nothing she could do to change her cousins mind about a trip to Highfield, she smiles apologetically. "I would, Daryl, if I could, I swear that. I will do everything I can to ensure I hold up my side of the betrothal." Her smile says more than her words though, having assured him of her loyalty at the beginning of their betrothal. As he plucks the petals, she offers a wink at his triumph.

Staying just as unreadable as he was until he's completely sure the Frey is out of earshot, Martyn lets out a deep breath as he reaches out to pet at Miramis for a few moments now. "Quite true," he offers to Aemy, before he adds, "Plans to make sure I'm not in the same place as that one, or I might cause some kind of diplomatic incident…" A brief pause as he looks around again for the moment.

Daryl can't help but lower his head to contain the smile that rises when the Frey leaves and Aemy speaks to him. He raises a look up at her, smile set in place even as he breaks into a chuckle, "Don't worry…Lady Aemy. We will have our time. If that is what the young Lord Brennart wishes." The deputy turns his face towards Martyn then, coyly raising a brow. "Oh yeah? Would it be your first?"

Aemy is unable to refrain from the brief, soft chuckle at the words of the knight. "Perhaps that would be best, Ser Martyn. With.. everything else going on, and with the favors needed to be asked on your behalf, I think it would be wise to avoid everything all together."
Amused then at the question her betrothed directs to Martyn, the Erenford looks away, laughter lifting her shoulders. "As soon as I am aware of any word, I will send it to you, my lord, I know you are waiting as anxiously as I."

Raising an eyebrow for a few moments as he hears Daryl's question, Martyn just shrugs a little bit. "Who knows…" he replies, before he looks to Aemy again, offering her a bit of a nod. "Quite true," he replies, after a brief pause.

Aemy draws her reins, her guards and maid flanking her sides, she looks back to the two, "I wish you the best, and look forward to meeting again. Ser Martyn, should you find yourself in the Roost again, please do find me if I have returned from Stonebridge, I would like to talk more with you. I promise not to alert the lady Frey of your presence." Biting her lip to prevent herself laughing further, though amused all the same. "Lord Daryl, perhaps until we can meet again, we could go back to our correspondence? Any word is better than none at all, my lord." With a long look, she smiles before lowering her lids demurely as she prepares to depart.