Page 128: Interlude In The Library
Log Title
Summary: Senna encounters Lucienne in the library and puts Hattie in hot water.
Date: 20/11/2011
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Lucienne Senna 
Library - Riverrun
A large room full of books.
November 20, 288

There is a quiet tension that runs through Riverrun right now, the weight of decisions not quite yet made bearing down on the people within the keep. Servants step quietly, lords pace restlessly and snap when disturbed, and guards are on sharper watch for potential trouble. And despite that, Senna moves comfortably into the library, offering a small, friendly smile toward the guards outside as she shifts the books under one arm to the other.

Lucienne is already within, seated in one of Lord Hoster's comfortably cushioned chairs with a collection of books in her lap waiting as she peruses the pages of another. Accustomed by now to the busier setting, her head remains bowed as Senna enters, her fingers running down the lines of text too quickly for her to be properly reading. As she reaches the bottom, brown eyes slide quietly curious toward the door, but they don't mark the Nayland retainer as any person of great interest; her attention returns swiftly to turning the page.

Senna can't be terribly familiar with the library here, yet she moves between shelves returning the books in her arms with perfect confidence. Whether or not she's putting them where they actually belong…Well, there's no telling, is there? Once she's unloaded, she pauses to brush a hand over her dress, tugging the sleeves back into place and glancing around the room. Noting the piles of books around Lucienne, she moves toward the other woman, dipping an easy curtsey as she approaches. "Can I take some of these back for you, m'lady?" she offers with a small smile.

Her slender finger runs down the next page, and the next, her fingernail whispering against the page as it drags along. Lucienne continues this way until Senna approaches, at which time she lowers the book and bestows polite smile upon the other woman. "Thankyou kindly, but I'm not yet finished with them - unless you have need of any of these, my lady?" She rocks the open tome up toward her chest, revealing the titles of those underneath - all older books detailing House lineage.

Senna laughs softly at the offer, raising a hand and stepping back. "Thank you, m'lady, but no," she assures. "I was just worried you might get buried under them all, and I didn't see any brave knights lingering here in the library to help stranded maidens." She pauses, peering down an aisle. "Unless m'lady is hiding them?"

Lucienne leans into the bck of the chair, holding her open book close to her chest as she watches Senna carefully. "There are Tully guards on the door," she explains softly, "Who I'm certain would come to my aid whilst my own knight sees about his necessaries. You didn't perchance spy my handmaid as you returned your books, my good lady? I sent her to fetch another from the depths of the room…"

Senna quirks a brow at the question, taking another step back to take a look around. "Small girl, a little pudgy?" she asks, then holds a hand to about Hattie height. "Yay high?" She looks back to Lucienne at the question.

'Yay high' - those are the words that prompt a reply from Lucienne, who deigns not to comment on the rest of Hattie's appearance. "Yes." A nod, and then her brows climb high and curious. "I take it she's still looking, then?"

"Looking, yes," Senna murmurs, though she seems to be watching something interesting, tilting her head slowly. "For books, m'lady, I'm less certain. Unless she's asking that young fellow where to find books. In a very quiet voice. It would explain their general proximity…"

Lucienne closes her book swiftly atop the pile in her lap, her lips pressing a thin line at Senna's response, and her chin lifting primly. Something dark flashes in her eyes, quickly hidden behind a flutter of lashes. "Is that so," comes her reply, low and dry.

"So it would appear, m'lady," Senna answers, turning her attention back to the lady. "Shall I go and get her for m'lady?" she offers with a slight arch of her brow, almost sympathetic. To Lucienne, that is. No lady should have to put up with a shoddy handmaid, after all!

There's a slight tug at the corners of her mouth, but ultimately, Lucienne shakes her head. "You're very kind, but I can fetch her. Hattie isn't particularly confident with her letters, so perhaps she is simply requesting the young man's assistance."

"Mmm. Or looking for a new quill in his pocket," Senna suggests, though she turns back to Lucienne with a small smile. "Well, my task here is done, m'lady. A good day to you," she offers politely, sinking into another curtsey.

Lucienne blinks a few times at the mention of quills in pockets, pasting a blank smile on in return for Senna's. "And you," she says, dipping her head in lieu of a curtsy, still seated as she is - though the way she's sliding her arms under tha pile of books suggests that Hattie's chastening is iminent.

Mischief managed. Once Lucienne's dismissed her, Senna turns to depart. There is, though, a slight widening of her eyes as she passes by where she was presumably looking at Hattie, followed by a speeding of her steps out of the library.