Page 153: Interesting Encounters in Rockcliff Inn
Interesting Encounters in Rockcliff Inn
Summary: Kell has a drink with Nares, Kathryna, and Eyrian
Date: December 15, 2011
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Rockcliff Inn — Terrick's Roost
The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.
December 15, 288

It's late afternoon, possibly pushing on for early evening and the tavern is in starting to fill. Drinking alone, at one of the tables is Nares and it looks like he may not be all that willing to change that anytime soon as a couple of locals are quickly discouraged from joing the other end of his table by a quick scowl. In front of him is a leather tankard of the sort that generally holds ale.

The door to the tavern opens once again and this time a Hedge Knight steps in. Missing his armor, it seems like Kell is in casual dress though his sword is at his side, revealing his status as a knight. Seeing that the place is filling up, the Hedge Knight begins to make his way towards the bar, intent on getting a drink before he has to start waiting in line for one.

Nares is not paying any particular attention to the door, it's not quite in his direct line of sight over his tankard. The bar however, thats a different story and Kell is spotted when he makes it that far. It doesn't take long before he places the man, it had only been two days after all. Using his sword arm to lift his tankard and take a drink he watches the man for a moment or two, remembering with amusement their only previous conversation.

Leaning up against the bar, Kell nods at the barkeep and asks for the usual, a cup of ale as wine is just too fine and noble for his tastes. As he waits for his drink to be poured, the Hedge Knight leans against the bar as his eyes sweeps around the area, perhaps looking for anyone familiar or just taking in the mood of the place. His eyes do stop on Nares as he tries to recall the man and when he almost does, the barkeep taps Kell on the arm to let him know hiw drink is here. With a nod of thanks, Kell is now distracted and picks up the cup, taking a long drink.

Nares leans back into his chair, slowly and carefully. If Kell is still watching he'll note that his left arm is barely used, with the right doing all the leg work. Well, arm work as it were. Another taste of the ale another fainst wince at the taste, looks like he still hasn't got used to it, but for now it'll do as he doesn't want to move onto the hard stuff until later. With nothing better to do though, he watches Kell for a little longer. Well, him and anyone else moving at the bar.

After wetting his parched throat, Kell lowers the cup of ale and returns to look around, mainly at Nares before pushing off of the bar and walking the other man's way. As he nears, the Hedge Knight nods to the other knight, or who he thinks is a knight, "Evening Ser." There is a pause as Kell notes the stiffness in Nares's arm as well as the bandaging peeking out, "Looks like you ran into some trouble, hope the other guy got it worse?"

Nares had been watching Kell's approach with nothing much beyond lighthearted curiosity. As the knight makes his comment about 'trouble' his face darkens though, something of a sore subject perhaps. "You must have me mistaken for someone else," he replies after a brief pause to look the knight over, "I am not a knight." He almost adds 'Idon't meet the religious requirement' but in truth, there are many other reasons as well. Great big reasons, like being a dirty barbarian raider. Those sorts of reasons. He takes another swig of his ale then waits for Kell's responce.

"Apologies then, I had presumed you were due to your sword." Kell says as he still doesn't know that Nares is Ironborn, only that Kathryna is from meeting her last night in the tavern. "I'm afraid I did not catch your name, when we spoke briefly in the Smithy. I am Kell Drakmoor, Hedge Knight." The Hedge Knight inclines his head towards Nares as he introduces himself, remembering the brief, but unique, conversation they had in the presence of Lady Banefort.

"Beware of presumptions lad," Nares replies, not harshly, but he's not making a huge amount of effort to be conversational. Maybe it's the pain. He starts to lift his tankard but decides that maybe it's introductions first. "Captain Asvard Nares. I carry my sword because my work is dangerous." Then there's a swing of ale and it seems to improve his mood a little. Guesturing to one of the empty chairs he adds, "Sit, if you want, there's no point in just standing there."

Accepting the invitation of a seat, Kell takes the seat across from Nares at his table and puts his ale down as well after a quick sip, "Point taken… Captain." The Hedge Knight says as a rank and name is given. Though the young knight is slightly confused, to him, someone carrying a sword is usually a knight, or a lord, though Nares doesn't seem like a Lord. And the rank of Captain usually means leadership of a group of House Guards. "If I am not intruding, may I ask, what House do you serve?"

And in through the front door comes Kate. She's not yet actually moved back into the Roost, possibly prefering to stay closer to the booze, or possibly waiting for an in person apology before she comes back to the feet of the Terricks. Either way, the leather and black clad woman stalks her way in the place, ice eyes meeting a few challenging gazes or two, not daring to back down from anyone, before she grunts quietly in the direction of bar keep. "Ale. You know the drill."

Nares had been pondering how best to make the big reveal, but Kate's arrival gives him a perfect opportunity. Skipping around the question for now he notions his head in her direction and says in a loud voice. It's designed to carry but it's certainly not a yell. "That trouble you were mentioning earlier just walked in. Take a look for yourself and see what you think." Taking another swig he finishes his tankard and neigh on bellows for the barman to bring more over. He is certainly in no mood for moving to get it himself, what with large portions of his body still aching, and, if Kate hadn't the previous comment, she should get that one.

Lucky for Nares, Kell is easily distracted by Kathyrna's arrival, not because she's some drop dead gorgeous Nobleborn lady, but because she's an Ironborn warrior princess. "No…." The Hedge Knight says in a lowered voice, as if afraid that Kate would hear them as he watches as she heads to the bar, then looks back to Nares, "I sort of ran into Lady Harlaw here last night, ended up getting strongarmed into her a few rounds of ale. My coin pouch is lighter for the mistake of staring at her too long." There is a sigh of resignation from Kell as he shakes his head before taking a drink of his ale, taking a longer one to finish his cup so he can turn and motion to the barkeep to bring him one as well.

Ahh, two of her favourite men to torture. It should be a good night. Kate's lips pull into a wide, slightly teasing smile as she scoops up her mug of ale and the urn of it that she often drinks from, so she needed run the bar man ragged for constantly refilling her glass. She brings both over in the direction of the men, "Boys. You two aren't plotting against me for hurts dealt, are you? How's that shoulder, Nares? I hope you're not too old to put back together when I break you." She winks to him, setting down ale, urn and then swinging her chair around backwards so she can straddle it.

"You sort of ran into her last night?" Nares asks with one raised eyebros. He then shakes his head a couple of times and looks back over to Kate, "I actually did run into her yesterday, when she had her sword out." … Well, it's technically true. Ish. As Kate finally arrives with alcoholic fluid he smiles up to her and gestures to one of the other empty seats. "Won't you join us?" he asks, largely to see if Kell squirms. "Thank you for your concern Lady Harlaw," he replies initially, "the Maester managed to set it again." Lokk see, it's all good. No weakness here. "Have you aged so much over night though that I've gone from 'Old Man' to 'Boy' in the space of a few hours?"

When Kell sees that Kathryna has spotted them and is making her way to their table, the Hedge Knight can only groan before glancing at Nares, mouthing, 'Oh noes… she saw us.' When the Ironborn lady nears, he inclines his head respectfully to her, out of habit for Ladies and whatnot, not because he really wants to, "Evening Lady Harlaw. No, I was just speaking to Captain Nares here, casual conversion. I was just asking him about what House he Captains for." When Nares invites her to sit though, Kell gives him an 'Are you crazy?' look but he has his head turned so Kate wouldn't see it though he eventually leans back in his own seat, making room for her to join them.

That normal, saucy smile dances across Kate's lips as Nares protects having gone from old man to boy quite so quickly. She huskily laughs. "Well, you see… Physically, you're an old man. I proved that last night and I'll put you on your back again if you dare challenge me again. But -mentally-, being that you are male, you are a boy… Since I am quite convinced you men somehow manage to NEVER grow up despite life and experiences. So. There, you have it." She winks at him and takes another long, good gulp of her ale before she puts her mug down and reaches forward for the urn. She then tips it over -Kell's- glass, topping him off from her own stores tonight. "Good evening, Ser Kell. I take it you did not drink too much last night?"

Nares listen's to Kate's explaination with a bored looking expression on his face. Once she finishes he just shakes his head again, "I seem to recall, My Lady," capitals pronouced, "that you challenged me." Reaching for her supply himself, but only with his right arm he winces a little as he fills his tankard, but seems to be getting quite good at hiding it by now.

At the moment, Kell, Kathryn, and Nares are all seated at a table in the tavern, drinks in hand though Kathyrn's is the biggest. The nice gesture from Kathryn certainly surprises Kell but he does raise his cup to her after she fills it, "Thank you, M'Lady. And it wasn't too bad, haven't drank that much in a while though." There is a brief sip from his mug before he continues, "You can drink a /lot/. I'll give you that." As for who challenged who and who's stronger, the Hedge Knight is smart enough to stay out of it.

Kathryna is about to take another drink of her ale, when something seems to hit her. She blinks…"… Oh god… Shite… shite. I was supposed to meet him tonight. Shite. Finally making nice with Lord Jascen and I forget all about it. I guess it's good to leave a man waiting but… Shite!" She grumbles and stands then, clearly not nearly so sore as Nares. "Looking naked without your armor, by the way, old man. Do be certain you don't get into a fight with someone who isn't nearly so nice as I am… I… Shite. I'll be back later, boys. enjoy the ale." See? She's making it up to Kell. And with that, she dashes for the door, swearing almsot the whole way there.

The stairs of the Rockcliff are taken in barefeet and the woman is quick to go about fixing her skirts and bodice a moment. Fingers rake through her dark hair and she sets it back over her shoulder though it threatens to frame her face once more and cover part of her view. She draws a breath and hesitates, jerking about an outreached hand and gives a kick of the man's care with her foot, hands in skirts to make certain she doesn't spill. Eyrian turns and dashes back, weaving her way amoungst the tables and colliding her hip against the one that Nares and company now sit, rocking it a little. The blackbird turns, dark eyes settling on the two for a moment as she takes note of the woman fleeing. "Pardons, sers…." She deeps a rather glorious and flaring curtsey that has her hair shifting about her face once more when she stands. "Seems you have an open chair.." She grins a little.

Nares just watches Kathryna depart, He knows full well what it's apart but he's attemtping to keep his expression neutral. Turning abck to Kell he says simply, "It seems she never does things by halves." Then remembering an earlier conversation thread he continues, "I think you've made another presumption Ser. My rank comes from no House Guard, but from a many years work patrolling the seas." He takes a drink, then glances back to the door again, as if to make sure the Lady Harlaw isn;t coming back, "that's where I first ran into our mutual Lady friend." As for the new arrival at the table, well, she used the term 'ser' so Kell can deal with her. He'll work on the newly aquired ale instead.

Kell also watches as Kathryna leaves in surprise as a promise is recalled by the Ironborn woman, fleeing so that she isn't later than she is. The Hedge Knight can only smirk and shake his head in amusement before turning back to Nares, "Tell me about it…" When he is told that he is presuming once more, the young knight can only wince at the second mistake though his brow arches in surprise, "Ship Captain… honored, to meet you then. And so you clashed against the Ironborn then on the seas, on one of their raids?" There goes another presumption by Kell, and he could easily go zero for three on all of them.
When the pretty girl rushes to their table and accidently bumps into it, Kell looks at the girl while holding onto his cup of ale so it isn't spilled, "Whoa Miss," He starts with as he looks Eyrian over as she curtseys, "Please take a seat so you can catch a breath. Trouble?" He asks, looking around as he tries to find the cause for her to flee like she did.

"No…no trouble ser…" Eyrian grins, "Not yet at least. Just dancing out of arms reach of some…" Her dark eyes rest on the fair man that Kell sits with and she skirts about them, taking a seat quickly as coin is brought out and set on the table, ready to pay for her meager cups of ale. She waves her arm, signaling a wench over and passing her the money in turn asking for a drink. Hooking a food beneath her, it settles her at sitting higher and leaning on the table without shame for her presentation before the men. "You two have the look of travelers if I am any good at guessing.." She bites at her lip and then grins a bit more. "Am I wrong in that? Knights that too.."

"I have fought with many of the Ironborn in my time," he offers by way of an answer, knowing full well that while that can be taken either way, most people will take it the way they want to hear. He keeps to himself as the lass tells her story to Kell, his humour seeming to have been dented by something, possibly one of Kathryna's taunts. He does however answer her question, although probably a little sharper than Kell would have done. "Ser Kell here is a Knight by his own account. I am not."

Eyrian's forward leaning is certainly distracting by Kell isn't like the other men who leers openly at the view, just a brief glance perhaps before he manages a light chuckle at Eyrian's assumption, "Hey, you see? I'm not the one that presumes incorrectly, Captain." Then he turns his eyes back to Eyrian, "I am something like a traveler. A wandering hedge knight. You a local?" He asks, not wanting to call the girl a whore or anything offensive since she isn't hanging out with the other whores in the tavern, though since she is barefoot, she must be staying here in the inn.

Nares just piques her interest and Eyrian watches him, leaning her chin on her hand as she gives him the attention of her dark eyes. "Then what are you?" She asks him with great interest, her head tilting to the side. "And if he refuses to tell me…what is he?" She asks of Kell, her gaze given to him from the corner of her eye. Though at his question, she grins. "Hardly a local though I have been here long enough…I am a traveler of kinds though I may linger here too long soon enough to be considered that anymore…" She shifts in her seat and looks back to Nares, assessing him a moment.

Given he's already had this conversation all ready tonight, Nares does not look particularly inclinded to go over it all again. "I'm a Captain," he replies simply, not elaborating beyond that. Pushing his right hand against the table he helps himself to his feet then takes up his tankard and downs the remainer. "I have business elsewhere also." He says, by way of explaination, "the Maester." Not that he seems happy about it, but truth be told his humour levels really aren't up for the public bar at this point. Farewells given he heads for the door, although with significantly less cursing that Kathryna had managed.

Kell waits to see if Nares would give Eyrian the answer she wants before speaking, grinning at the brief response. He does incline his head at the departing Captain though, "Hope he is able to sort it out, Captain." As the other man disappears out the door, the Hedge Knight turns back to the girl as it is now just him and her, "He was a ship Captain, has a past with that Ironborn lady that is in town." As for her not being a local, nodding his head, "So I take it this is a pretty nice place then? Just arrived at the Roost a couple of nights ago myself so I'm still new here."

Watching Nares go with an amount of interest still, Kells words only prove to make her gaze follow him further. "Ironborn lady?" She asks curiously and with a hmmm after. "So he's Ironborn too? He has the fair hair but so do some of the folk of the kingdoms…" But she lets it rest, turning back to Kell with a brilliant smile and shine of teeth. "Nice? It's like any other…I just have matters to attend here..and have lost my horse since and traveling partners. I do not think it wise to travel alone…even when the peace is kept relatively so." She brushes her foot to the floor and shifts in her seat. "Do you plan on staying then?" She asks curiously, looking to the mug of ale set before her from the passing wench. About time. She reaches for it, lifting it to her lips.

"Don't think so, I think he is a ship Captain, didn't tell me if he belonged to a House though. Apparently he and Lady Harlaw had a run-in over the waters in the past, which is where their history was from." Kell says, the thought of Nares being Ironborn never occurring to him but he does look back towards the door. Naaaah, couldn't be. As for the girl's story of why she is stranded here, the Hedge Knight can only wince in sympathy, "That is a great loss then, partners and horse. But you made the smart choice, a girl traveling alone is definitely not the safe option." As he listens to her next question, Kell is taking a long sip of his mug of ale, "Not sure… guess it'll depend if something comes up here. If not, I might."

"A man of open plans…" Eyrian doesn't miss the look he gives the door and she muses over her mug to herself. She lifts it, taking a long pull of it before it is set back down. "A man after my own heart." She compliments him a moment and then traces her finger along the top of the mug, thoughtful in her gaze. "And what do they call you, hedge knight?" She asks him. A brow lifts in anticipation for such news, turning her mug about and around, finding more idle pleasure in that than the drink within it.

As Kell is reminded that he hasn't introduced himself yet, the knight only winces and inclines his head apologetically towards Eyrian, "Forgive my lack of manners, Miss. I'm Kell Drakmoor. And who do I have a pleasure of speaking to tonight?" He asks in turn as he takes another drink from his cup before studying the girl again, a little bit longer this time as there is no one else the table now.

"Pleasure? Now that entirely depends on certain matters…" The miss grins at that and then tilts her head, "I am called the blackbird by some…so I think that shall do. If that will be alright with you, Ser Drakmoor." She asks of him, his gaze returned, long in studying him. She bites at her lower lip and than lifts her mug, drawing another deep drink of it. Her gaze only falters a moment before returning to him.

Kell at first blinks at her answer, as if he is puzzled by her response, until he tries to reply what came out of his mouth and it looks like a cat has caught his tongue. "I beg my pardon, Miss. Blackbird." Using the name she introduces herself with. Either tonight's ale is super strong, or something is distracting the Hedge Knight a lot more than usual. "I meant pleasure of knowing your name, just your name." If only this was a battlefield instead, then he would be in his own element though this amount of daftness is probably a first for him. "Blackbird is fine, a unique name though."

There is a smirking smile that keeps to her lips and Eyrian sighs, settling back in her chair as she reclines. "Unique yes, but you must admit mysterious and far better than giving ones true name. It leaves a manner by which others will wish to ask more of you…" She lifts her ale again and than pulls upon it, whetting her throat before she leans back forward. "There is no sense of begging pardon, I am not maiden or lady…though your propriety is rather refreshing.."

"Your words ring true, it does leave a hint of wanting to know more with a name like that. Was the name given to you by the partners you use to travel with?" And with the allure of wanting to know more, questions would obviously follow and Kell asks one before taking a sip of his ale. He does grin at Eyrian as she leans forward to comment on his mannerisms, "Just because you are lucky enough to be born into a noble family or happen to catch a Lady's eye doesn't mean you shouldn't be treated courteously. I guess it's just the way I was brought up. I'm common born myself, so after being blessed with luck and getting knighted after the Battle of Trident, I guess I took extra care of my manners." Perhaps proper knights are a rare species these days but he still tries to follow that practice.

Musing over the hooked knight, Eyrian tilts her head. "Perhaps it was one of them but would you believe me if I were to say it was a noble maid that named me so? For my voice and my hair?" She grins and bites her lip again. "Most likely you will not…but that does not matter, its the thought and wonder of such a name that is more important." She considers him again, her dark eyes searching his. "The way you were raised…seems more honourable by half and even more noble than most of higher blood."

"Is there reason for me to not believe your words?" Kell says with a smile of amusement before bobs his head in a nod, "One can say that. I doubt noble born sons get the switch from their parents for bad behavior. Though it was only partly due to my parent's discipline. From my parents, I've learned to keep the promises I give. With the knighting though, I take the vows I pledged very seriously. Being well mannered and courteous, to me, is part of the knighthood." He does pause to ask her a question, "So you sing then? A natural gift."

"I did not say you have no reason…but it is a grand story that.." Eyrian says and then tilts her head, pushing hand back through her hair to tame it. "I sing, yes….only when I find that it suits me in some manner. Though I find as of late, songs draw attention and I am not so interested in vast attentions…just a few here and there occasionally. With the loss of my horse and traveling partners, I gave up such a natural gift." The blackbird rises than and winks to him, her mug empty. She moves to brush along his side and back, a hand trailing along his shoulders if he allows. "But I must go see to something…if you will excuse me, Ser Drakmoor." As she pulls away, she dips a flourishing curtsey and than rises with a wink and heads for the door.

The flirtatious touch is certainly not brushed way by the Hedge Knight as he inclines his head towards the girl, "Fair enough, I understand the concerns you would have." When Eyrian excuses herself, Kell nods his head and gives her a smile, "Till next time then, Blackbird. And stay safe." The words of departure given, kell watches the girl disappear out the door before returning back to his cup of ale, finding that he will need a couple more rounds tonight.