Page 156: Intentions
Summary: Lord Sarojyn meets with Ser Kell to inquire about his intentions
Date: 19 Dec 2011
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Kell Sarojyn 
Private Room — Terrick's Roost
The door and walls are thick enough to keep all but shouted conversations private. Inside, the wooden floors are kept much more clean and the elongated table with its high-backed chairs kept polished. The Terrick House banner hangs centered at the long end of the room behind the chair at the head of the table. Racks are provided for both armor and arms alike, the wooden supports standing by the door.
19 Dec 288

The room has obviously been set for a meeting, for there are a couple pitchers of ale upon the table as well as some food, which consists of a spread of cheeses, breads, dips and various meats. Sarojyn stands by the head of the table, behind a chair, hands resting on the top of it as he awaits the arrival of Ser Drakmoor, after a runner had been sent for him.

Since Kell is not a guest of the keep, it would take a little longer than usual but most would know that the Hedge Knight is staying at the Rockcliff Inn so that is where the runner would go. It doesn't take long for the knight to follow though since the meeting was expected since the runner would've met his target halfway, who was walking by the Green.
There is a knock at the door before Kell steps in and upon seeing Sarojyn waiting inside, the knight dips his head respectfully to the Lord, "Lord Camden, I am at your service." The food though is a surprise, not expecting such fare to be spread out for such a meeting.

When Kell makes his way into the room, Sarojyn is dipping a slight nod of his head to the knight, along with a friendly smile. Then, one hand lifts, coming to motion to a chair and then to the table, "Thank you, Ser Drakmoor. I will not keep you long, but I feel it necessary to speak with you on a matter. Please, come in. Have a drink and something to eat and a seat if you wish it."

"Yes, M'Lord, you are most gracious in your hospitality." One can see that the Hedge Knight is sporting a bruise at his left cheek while above the right eye there was cut that had scabbed. It seems like he was part of the altercation at the Rockcliff Inn last night but it does not seem to bother Kell at all as he moves to his seat, though his movement may be slightly stiffer than usual. "Thank you, M'Lord." He says as he takes a seat as invited though he does wait for Sarojyn to sit first, observing the appropriate courtesies and all.

"I fear, Ser Drakmoor, that my hospitality comes at an expense, though I hope you will not take offense to that in which I have to say." The smile remains friendly upon his lips and when the bruises are noticed, there's a slight lift of his brow and a chuckle that escapes his lips. "A fight, Ser Drakmoor? Might I wager that it was the same one in which some of my retinue was involved in, last evening?" As that is said, the Lord is moving to claim a seat at the table.

Kell first answers Sarojyn's question about the fight, not expecting the news to travel so far so there is a sheepish grin appearing, "Er… perhaps, M'Lord, it seems like some oafs did not know how to act appropriately and decided to waylay a knight who was most polite with an innocent mistake. They have learned the errors of their way." He won't name names, since he isn't sure if it will get the Camden retinue into trouble or not, preferring to leave it at that for now. As for the former statement, the Hedge Knight doesn't seem to entirely understand, "I am sure what M'Lord Camden has to say would give no offense, especially to a commonborn like me." Perhaps the invitation to the Tall Oaks have been rescinded is Kell's first thoughts.

There is a soft chuckle that escapes Sarojyn's lips as he dips a slight nod towards the knight and when the chuckle fades, the smile returns to it's place. "Then you are to be commended for your actions, Ser Drakmoor. I am pleased to see that you were not seriously injured." Leaning forward, he's claiming one of the pitchers from the table, as well as a mug, so that it can be promptly be filled. Then, it's pushed in the direction of Kell, before he's repeating the same thing for a mug of his own. "It is on that very honour, Ser Drakmoor, that I wish to speak with you and I would ask, again, that you take no offense." His left hand comes to wrap around the mug of ale. "Speak truthfully and honestly, Ser Knight: Why do you remain within the Roost? You have not sworn yourself to a House and you have no ties to this place. You could make more coin were you to travel the roads or swear fealty to a House."

Accepting the mug gratefully, Kell nods his thanks once more, "Thank you, M'Lord." Taking a sip, he listens to warning which does puzzle the Hedge Knight, since he is only a commoner and for the Lord to give caution before continuing, it is something he is not use to. As for the question, it is one that he has been spending some quiet moments by himself, contemplating, "I… am not entirely sure myself, M'Lord. I guess I have yet to fully explore the Roost, and have been meeting new people. Interesting people." There are the Camdens who he has run into, as well as the Ironborn which has him on his guard. "And…" Then there is a pause, a hesitation as he isn't sure how to speak of it, "I have a friend here, who's company is kind and enjoyable."

The smile remains upon Sarojyn's lips, unwavering even as the answer is give. There is a moment of silence though, as the answer is considered and then, with a nod of his head, he's offering, "The Lady Elinor." The mug is drawn a touch closer to him before he's lifting it to his lips so that a small sip of the ale can be taken. When it comes to lower back down, the smile returns. "I can not fault you for finding her kind and enjoyable to be around, Ser Drakmoor. But, I must ask what your intentions are with her."

For a moment, Kell is surprised at how easily Sarojyn was able to name the friend, though when he considers it in his head, it may have been a little obvious, with how often he would coincidentally bump into her in meeting. Not one to hide the truth, the Hedge Knight nods at Sarojyn before taking another drink, finding his throat a little dry suddenly, "My intentions, M'Lord?" He repeats the question, as if trying to see if he heard it right, "I… I have no intentions M'Lord, any would be improper. People of my station, it would be wrong. Lady Elinor has a much better future with a Lord than someone like me. My only intentions is to ensure she is safe, though she is safe here at the Roost and my escort of her from Stonebridge to here is at an end." So why is he still here, that is a good question.

There's a slight warmth to the smile as Sarojyn gives a nod of his head .. one that seems a little understanding as to what has just been said. "Indeed, it would be improper, Ser Drakmoor, and any attempt at anything more then friendship would tarnish your honour as a Knight and that of the Ladies name." Once more, the mug of ale comes to his lips, a savoring taste taken before it's again lowered to the table. "I would not begrudge the Lady Elinor a guard, nor a friend, Ser Knight, but you should know that I have sent word to her Lord Father, asking for permission to court her." A pause is given, eyes focused on Kell during the silence.

"The lady's name is much more important than the honor of a knight of hedges, and I would never do anything to tarnash that, M'Lord." Perhaps Kell is saying that for Sarojyn's reassurances, or perhaps it is more for himself to hear. He finds the need to drink once more, even though last night he had a bit but these days, ale seems like a good friend. When the Lord of Camden drops the bomb about what has happened, Kell looks almost surprised at first though he attempts to hide his reactions. Finally a thin smile appears though not one of bitterness, instead it is one that is more a mixture of happiness but sorrow. "I wish you the best then, M'Lord, I am sure she would be most pleased to know about it, if she doesn't already. This is indeed pleasant news." He doesn't force himself to say those words as they seem to come out by themselves, perhaps the more sensible side of the knight speaking for the more emotional side. "As for a friend or a guard, it would be an honor but… I am not sure if it would be for the best."

Perhaps in that silence, Sarojyn is looking for something as to his words, but if anything is found, it is not revealed upon his features. Instead, the smile remains as it was and there is a slight nod of the Lord's head, once more. "You speak the truth in the first, Ser Drakmoor, and it lends to your honour." Fingers idly tap against the side of his mug as he goes silent once more, this time, obviously considering something. Then, another nod is given, the smile warming a touch more. "You are right. Perhaps you should not remain. I am sure Stonebridge or Hag's Mire has need of a freelance knight." He pauses again, judging the reaction to his words for a second before continuing. "Or, you can swear on your honor, before a Lord, Ser Knight, that you will see that nothing comes to pass between yourself and the Lady Elinor. In that, I would be satisified and would see reason to call you friend and bid you to stay. The Lady Banefort takes comfort in your company and for that, I am pleased. If you truly wish to remain and to be friend, understanding that is all that you can be, then take the colours of her House and swear fealty to Banefort. Or, speak with my brother, Lord Dafydd. I would see you wear the colours of my House, Ser Knight, if my brother see's no issue."

Despite speaking the truth, Kell doesn't exactly feel that much for it, as if surprised at how truthful he is being. However, the Hedge Knight seems to sense something different in this particular Lord, perhaps it is the other man's demeanor or the uniqueness of House Camden, but the knight feels more at ease speaking the truth in front of Sarojyn than another Lord. As for the possibility of traveling back to Stonebridge or Hag's Mire, or even away from the Riverlands, Kell nods slightly at those suggestions and it has been something he had been thinking about when alone, something he still would continue to think about.
However, when Sarojyn brings up the other avenue that the Hedge Knight can travel down, Kell isn't sure what to say at first as it is something he didn't consider. Despite the more sensible side of him urging him to accept, something holds him back as the knight does hesitate. "I… I am unsure what to say, M'Lord. I am honored at such an offer, especially on a baseborn knight like myself, but… I am afraid I will need time to think on it." If the the rational side of Kell wielded a sledgehammer, the top of his head would be flattened by now for not immediately accepting such a generous gesture by the Lord of Camden. "I mean no offense, M'Lord, and if offense has been taken, I beg your pardon. It is just… my thoughts are jumbled right now."

Kell's response draws an ever so slight lift of Sarojyn's brow and it comes with a cant of the Lord's head as he regards the knight for a moment. A sympathetic smile then hints upon his lips as he gives the man a nod of his head, "I take no offense, Ser Drakmoor, for I can not imagine that this conversation is easy for you. I take no pleasure in this, you should know, but I felt it necessary to let you know my intentions, where the Lady Elinor is concerned." The mug lifts and a quick sip of ale is taken before he lowers it back down. "You care for her, do you not? As more then just a friend? I trust it is this reason that you do not accept the offer placed before you, nor swear so easily upon your honour."

"Sometimes, things happen that are not in your control, M'Lord, I have come to that understanding ever since I grew up as commonborn. To becoming a knight, even one of the hedges, has been one of the most unexpected events." Kell says with a nod, as if the knight knows that the Lord is not at fault for this and for that, there are certainly no hard feelings. As for the question directed at him, Kell tenses slightly once more, for the answer is probably obvious but at the same time, he feels it is one he cannot answer, atleast not directly. "When I took my vows as a knight, I took them to heart because when I give my word, I would not break it lest it is out of my control. So if I do give my word, I must be sure that it is something I can uphold. But sometimes… I am uncertain if I am strong willed enough to follow through, that is why I have not sworn before you, M'Lord. It is not because your offer was not generous, it is more than generous. It is because of my own weakness, my own failure."

"I know all to well of what you speak to, Ser Drakmoor. To find comfort in one who is not of your station, knowing that it can not be … I would wish this on no one." Again, another small sip of the ale is taken and when Sarojyn lowers it down to the table and the latter part of Kell's answer comes to bare, the Lord is lifting a brow ever so slightly. The mug is released and pressed to the side so that his palms can come to rest on the table as he pushes himself to his feet. All traces of the smile have now fled from his features. "You have been honest thus far, Ser Drakmoor, and you have my thanks for such a thing. It is for this very honesty and the lack of a sworn oath that I must now draw concern." Once risen, his hands come to leave the table. "If you can not trust yourself around the Lady Elinor, Ser, then how can I come to trust you?"

Kell is not too lost in his own thoughts to not hear the words that Sarojyn says as he looks at the other man, as if trying to see if it is actual experience the man speaks from or just words that are there to dampen the blow delivered earlier, though it was not intended as a blow. As the Lord becomes guarded, the Hedge Knight does not become alarmed, for he understands the other man's concerns, "You cannot, M'Lord, as I do not know if I can trust myself. Which is why I have not given a sworn oath, and as I have said earlier, it may not be for the best that I remain." Kell also slowly rises to his feet from his seat, sensing that his welcome may be coming to an end, but he does so without sudden movements, not wanting to alarm the Lord. "If it were easy to withdraw a barbed arrow that has lodged within me, I would have done so already, M'Lord. Perhaps in time, things will be different."

Sarojyn can not help but give a slight shake of his head and as that happens, a frown begins to crease upon his lips, "Then swear not for yourself, Ser Drakmoor, but for Lady Elinor. While you may not trust in yourself, trust that you would not position the Lady so as to cause disgrace to her name." He's moving around the table now so as to move a little closer towards Kell. The movements are not threatening and his hand strays not to his sword. "But if you can not even trust in that, then you are right and you must depart these lands immediately." There is a slight shake of his head now. "I thank you for your honesty, Ser Drakmoor, for few would have spoken as you have and admitted to such things, before a Lord." Now, a hand extends in the direction of Kell. "You have earned a measure of trust through your admissions and for that, I will not speak a word of this to anyone, least it hinder your chances at meaningful work. Please do not make me regret this choice, Ser."

Kell is slightly worried when the other man approaches, afraid that the Lord may decide to strike him for being too bold of words, a strike he would be willing to take without resistance or response. But when the hand is extended instead, in peace, the Hedge Knight reaches forth and grasps it firmly, shaking it. "For a knight like me, sometimes my word is the only thing I have to give, can give, and if I my words are brittle, then I do not deserve the title of Knight." As for Sarojyn's kindness in keeping the content of this meeting under wraps, Kell is grateful as he dips his head respectfully in thanks. "Then you will find me away from these lands though I would ask a favor, to allow me to stay this one last day." His stay at the inn has been paid for so he would like to stretch the silver as far as it would go, being a poor Hedge Knight, "I wish to visit the coasts of the Roost once more before I depart. You will find me gone on the morrow at first light. You have my word that during my final day here, I will keep to my honor."

The shake that is offered is firm and with respect and when it comes to pass, Sarojyn reclaims his hand and slips it behind his back to join the other against the small of his back. "I can find no fault in your words, Ser Drakmoor." Now, there's a slight bow of his head and the hint of a smile once more. "As you have given me your word, you may have the requested time, Ser. I am sorry to see you go, though, and I have hope that perhaps, after a few days time, you will reconsider. Should this happen, you need only seek me out." A step back is claimed as he offers, "Until we next meet, Ser Knight, may your Gods watch over you."

"Perhaps I will reconsider after a few days of thinking, perhaps a few weeks, but I will most certainly think on it, M'Lord." Kell says with a nod, letting Sarojyn that the future is uncertain and certainly not set in stone. "Until next time, M'Lord, and may yours bring you happiness and good fortune in the future." With that, the Hedge Knight heads for the door, but before he leaves, there is slight hesitation. Apparently the stubborn side of Kell is rearing its head once more as he turns slightly, to look back to Sarojyn, "M'Lord, this may be wrong of me to ask and if offense is given, I am willing to accept any form of punishment. But. Are you a good man?" Now that is a dangerous question to ask for it easily breaches etiquette, etiquette that the knight seemed to have been very careful on. But the stubborn side of him seems to have forced him to ask, even though Kell has already a strong impression of what the answer is.

With nothing more to say, Sarojyn offers a final nod of his head as he watches the Knight move towards the door and when Kell turns back to look at him and that question comes to be posed, the Lord's brow lofts rather quickly, a look of surprise crossing his features. Then, a soft chuckle begins to sound and there is yet another nod of his head, "No offense is taken, Ser Drakmoor. Yes, I believe myself a good man. I may not be a Knight, such as yourself, but that does not mean I do not have honour."

"I have met many men who were good men, who were not knights. Thank you M'Lord, and sorry for being so forward with the question." Kell says, atleast a little relieved, perhaps the need to hear the words just to sooth atleast some of the ripples inside of him. "If you ever have need for assistance of some matter or issue, M'Lord, and a simple Hedge Knight like myself can help, then my sword is yours for what is needed. You have my word that if that time does come, then I will be as honorable as I have been." And for obliging the common born knight with an answer to an improper question, an exchange is given by the knight himself. Kell bows once more, respectfully, to Sarojyn before taking his leave.