Ingryd Saltford
Ingryd Saltford
NA as Ingryd Saltford
name: Ingryd Saltford
father: Asvard Nares
mother: Lyra Saltford
spouse: NA
issue: NA
gender: Female
age: 17
height: 4'11"
weight: 115
eyes: Blue
hair: Blonde Dreadlocks
honorific: Mistress
house: Tawny
position: Thief & Raider


A by-blow of a certain Asvard Nares and a Tawny servant named Lyra, Ingryd certainly didn't have an ideal childhood. She learned early you take what you're strong enough to take, don't let anyone boss you around, and being the runt of the house hold she had to be the toughest bitch there just to make up for her small size. It seemed a damnation at first, but as she grew up she realized being small and lithe meant she could sneak into places, pick pockets, cut purses and generally go unnoticed more than the rest of the crowd. She made a living for both her and her mother as a thief from a very young age. However, being Ironborn, the seas always did call. Proving herself adept at climbing masts and rigging, she's managed to get on more than one ship in her young life. She learned at the hands of bigger, badder men just what it took to be a proper Raider, and she's taken every lesson to heart. Now, scooped up and happy for adventure with the Tawny's, she's gone with a crew to the Roost, determined to make her mark and maybe her fortune in the Riverlands.


Asvard Nares, Father

Physical Features

Unnoticable. That's really the best way to describe Ingryd Pyke. Small and slim, she moves like she belongs in wind and shadows. However, if one does manage to notice her for long, they'll find a girl of not even five feet. She's got dirty blonde hair that might have been paler before but has been wrapped into long dreadlocks and probably not washed in ages. The locks are tied back in place off of her small, usually dirt-smudged face. She shares the same ice blue eyes of most of the Ironborn and though they are young, they carry a hardness of a long life. She's clad in loose back slacks, black leather boots and a white peasant's shirt. A black leather belt hangs around her waist with a small bastard sword sheathed there.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity