Page 562: In Want of a Knight
In Want of a Knight
Summary: Wesly needs a knight. Mortimer gets a candle. These two things are in part related.
Date: 05/February/2013
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Wesly Mortimer 
The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Tue Feb 05, 290

Wesly is seated off the path towards the wall, away from the practice area. He has a fire going and a small pot of wax heating over the flame. There are about six white candles clustered together, sitting on a piece of wood and burning, their own wax running down the sides in unique patterns. Wesly is seated by the fire, weaving a piece of string, perhaps preparing it for making a candle. His gear is nearby, and includes a rather fine sword that seems to indicate a wealth beyond the rest of his things.

Mortimer is having another slow day. It seems with Lady Saffron's tea party postponed indefinitely that the Roost is just trundling along quietly. Not that he's complaining about that mind, eventless days means he gets far more family time and he's headed in that direction now after a brief trip to the tower to share a few words with the Captain of the Guard. Heading down the road he glances over towards the training area, he's looking for archers particularly but there seem to be none about so his gaze wanders instead, spotting the young man by the wall. He's faintly familiar, but not enough to require more than a brief nod in greeting, although the candles do raise an eyebrow in faint interest so he offers a conversational, "afternoon."

Wesly looks up at the older man, and then pushes up to his feet, offering a little bow, "Master Trevelyan," he greets, knowing who the deputy sheriff is even if they haven't really formally met. "Is there um…" He glances around, then back at the man, "Is there something I can do for you, Master?"

Mortimer would wave his hand, indicate that there's no need to get up, but by the time he starts to it's already too late. He does take a moment to glance at the candles, but it doesn't seem to be an overly suspicious, or in depth inspection, more a casual glance really. At the question though he turns back to Wesly and shakes his head once. "Not especially, just passing the time of day." He notions back towards the fire with his head and asks, "making a new batch?"

Mortimer nods understandingly at that then offers, "Markets been pretty quiet today, few of the usual merchants seem to be concentrating on Stonebridge until after this little ball of theirs next weekend." The candles are given another quick glance and then he shrugs, "might be worth seeing if the Naylands will buy a load? I reckon they're going to needing more than their norm for that." Big party, lots of people, that's going to need lots of light right? Thats his logic anyway.

Wesly nods, "I suppose. Though, I'm hardly a merchant. It's more a hobby really. Well, it's supposed to be a hobby, but lately it's become more. I'm a squire, but my knight was killed during the invasion last year. I've not found another to take me up." He purses his lips a little, "What um…" He looks back at Mortimer, "What brings you out here to the green? Is everything alright?"

Mortimer shrugs slightly, then just nods silently. Might be a useful idea, might not, but it's been imparted now and so he'll leave it there. He then listens to the story and offers after a moment, "same happened to Lord Justin, like as not a few others as well." He then reaches up and runs one hand through his beard, a general sign that he's thinking something over. He just shakes his head though after a moment. "I reckon we're still short of knights to be frank, though one of Lord Ozric's lads is getting on, might be worth asking him when he's knighted that one? That or maybe Lord Justin, although I think he's wanting to take one of the orphan lads from page upwards." Thats about all he can suggest really. The question though brings a faint smile. "Everything is fine. Nice and quiet which is how I like it. Just heading from there," he points over his shoulder back towards the gatehouse, "to there," he points down towards the town.

Wesly listens carefully, and then nods, "Lord Ozric… I've not met him. I will certainly keep an eye out for him, though. Thank you for the advice, Master." He smiles, "You know, I don't normally offer such things, but…" He looks around, and then speaks a little softer. "I also read candles, Master Trevelyan. I have time, if you do. I would be happy to do so for you…?"

"Can't miss him," Mortimer offers with a faint smile, "tall man, early thirties, only got the one eye." He pauses for a moment there though and draws in a brief breath over his teeth. "Mind you, what with the summons from Lord Tully, he'll be in charge while his Lord Father is away, so you might have to stake out a spot somewhere to catch him. He'll likely be a very busy man." The mention of reading gets a faintly puzzled look at first, although it's only a moment or two before it twigs and he just shakes his head. "Thank you but no. I'll just enjoy the quiet while it's offered and not go poking my nose into the God's territory." THere's another moment's pause as something else occurs to him and then he adds, "there's a young knight out at Highfield though, 'bout your age I reckon. He's into that sort of thing. He's only just been knighted though, couple of months back, so might not be wanting a squire. If you get desperate though it might be worth a shot."

"I do infact," Mortimer answers, offering a faintly apologetic look for having missed it out before. "He was here for a while when we were searching for those missing children, tail end of last year. He was just Darek then but I suppose now he's Ser Darek Boldt." He offers a faintly amused smile before finishing with, "just don't let 'em pinch you for service to the Ashwoods when you're done. We need all of our good men here."

Wesly stands a little straighter, "With all due respect sir, my loyalty to the Roost is without question, for always. Ser Talon Merrick was my first knight, in service to the Roost. He saved my life, Master. It is a debt I never was able to repay him, and as such, my honor now sees that debt as one to the Roost."

Mortimer had meant the remark as a passing joke, nothing more, but it's evident that he's touched a nerve and knowing full well what thats like he gives Wesly a small nod and an apologetic, "no harm meant." He takes a breath and then there's a moments thoughtful pause as he remembers the knight in question. "I'm sure you'll do him proud."

Wesly smiles, "Thank you, Master." He glances at his wax pot, then back to Mortimer. "Oh, here…" He turns, and spends a moment reaching into his satchel. He removes a rather fine white candle, decorated by having sliced the outside and shaped it while it was still warm, and he offers it to the deputy sheriff. "A thank you. F…For the advice." He smiles.

Mortimer looks briefly taken aback by the that. It's not every day he's offered gifts after all, or at least, not from people he isn't about to arrest. Unlike those ones though this one accepts, reaching out for the candle with his hand. "Thank you," he replies with a broad smile, "and don't forget the Stonebridge ball if you do end up with stock enough. Nothing like taking Nayland coin and bringing it back to the Roost." He doesn't have a convenient pocket or such to slip the thing into so he keeps hold of it for now. "I suppose I should let you get on though, that and the wife 'll be wondering where I've got to."

Wesly bows once more then, "Thank you, Master. I'll see if I can manage enough for Stonebridge." He smiles, "Be well." And he returns to his candlemaking.