Page 341: In The Open
In The Open
Summary: Senna and Rutger have a chat about what one does with mistresses.
Date: 26/June/2012
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Rutger Senna 
Rutger's Tent
Where the magic happens.
June 26, 289

There are few times when Senna can slip away from Roslyn's side, but the small hours of the morning are one of those times. And so it is that, on the day they are to depart from Seagard, the maid slips out of Roslyn's tent and into Rutger's under the cover of darkness and a dark cloak not obviously her own. She slips the cloak from her shoulders once she's inside, draping it over a chair to reveal nothing more than a plain shift, before she pads barefoot over to his bed. "My lord," she murmurs, crouching at the side of the bed. Just outside of arm's reach.

Rutger for his point, is fast asleep. Having only gotten there late into the evening after later planning session called in lieu of the Charlton's movements. There is a bit of a start, as eyes open bearly before he is looking over . "Senna.." and so he shifts on his camp bed, so as to make room for her to come in, lest she gets cold. "I did not hear you come in.." added groggily as eyes almost close. "Get in."

The initial threat of startle-strangle avoided, Senna doesn't hesitate to climb into bed with him, tucking an arm under her head and pulling the covers back up once she's in. "My apologies," she murmurs once she's close, nuzzling against his chest. "We're riding out soon, and I thought you were likely to as well. And I wanted to see you before circumstances drew us apart again."

A yawn, and for a moment the knight seems to snuggle and cuddle back as his arm is quick to wrap and serve as a pillow for the mistress. "Hmm" he murmurs as one eye cranes open. "You are?" Rutger asks after a moment, his other hand coming up to rub his face before he is turning his head in her direction. "I plan to linger a bit longer, before I make for the Mire." not the Twins.

"Roslyn's headed for Kingsgrove," Senna sighs softly, pressing a kiss against his arm as she settles onto it. "And therefore, so am I. I care for your sister, but I don't much care for this ladies maid business," she admits with a faint curve of a smile, rueful. "Tagging along all the time." She's quiet for a span, not pressing him in the state between sleep and waking. Instead, she seems content to the moment to rest next to him, watching his features.

"Good, it'll be safe there. So the both of you will be fine." he mumbles, before he seemingly drifts back into sleep. Rutger is still, save for the even rise and fall of his chest. Quiet in breathing before he shifts, just a little. "I do not intend for you to be following her for long." he murmurs. "I would have you by my side where ever I am." he states.

"Would you?" Senna twines one leg with his, stroking slowly before she stills. "Would you name me your mistress for all to know, and claim me as yours?" The words are soft, enough to almost slip beneath the bounds of consciousness as he lingers between sleep and waking.

Rutger is silent for a moment as her leg strokes along his, and some sound is stirred from the sleepy man, she is intwined with. "I do not know, if you announce such things formally." he states. "But, it would be known that you are claimed by me, yes." he adds in a yawn.

"No, you don't announce it," Senna agrees, smile quirking at his yawn. "You just stop hiding it. And maybe show it off every now and then. In a nice dress." The last carries some humor behind it, as she tucks her head against his shoulder, slipping an arm around his waist and folding herself close.

"I was right." added with sleepy smile showing, before he is nodding quietly along. She slips her arm around and one of his hands turns to wandering over her personage. "I won't hide you." Rutger says. "Once this Groves deal is done, I will not hide you." a promise there.

"Go back to sleep," Senna laughs low, brushing a kiss against his chin, nipping lightly. "You need your rest if you're going to turn everyone in the Riverlands to your own purpose." She isn't leaving the bed, though, lingering there while she can. "I'll go with Roslyn to Kingsgrove. You see this Charlton business through. And when you come back, bring another of Roslyn's maids with you."