Page 522: In Need of a Maid
In Need of a Maid
Summary: Lady Gaelena Terrick announces that she needs a new maid, much to the dismay of her current one.
Date: 27/Dec/2012
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Gaelena Mortimer 
The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove
Thu Dec 27, 289

A blanket has been brought out and settled on the higher portion of the Green. Sitting atop it is the Lady Gaelena Terrick herself. Her legs are have curled around her as she leans on her side and admires the view of the ocean from her current position. There are two Terrick guards that are nearby, but know better than to over over the lady. A young girl that is acting as her maid looks…new. Again. In the Ladies lap is a sketch pad and some charcoal, but there has been no markings that have been made to it.

Mortimer is taking the opportunity to swing by the green and watch for archers as he makes a leisurely round of the town. He's still unable to do anything substantial with his right hand so he's on 'keep an eye out' duty it seems. Not that there has been no progress on that front, it's now definitely a hand bandaged to a splint, rather than a bandages hand that is also splitned, but still there seems to be little option for movement. Making a steady loop of the grassy area it doesn't take long before he spots the blanket and the lady sat atop it and he offers a respectful but brief "m'Lady" as he passes.

Tilting her head back, Gaelena turns to see Mortimer walking passed her, and the brief greeting that he offers her. "Deputy." she simply says, with every intention to let him keep walking. But then a thought springs to her mind and her lips purse, "Oh… Deputy." she calls to him, setting her canvas to the side of her. "How are you fairing?" for once, it appears that she might actually being nice. "Your hand?"

Safety, it was so close and yet so far. Greeting the return of his acknowledgement with a nod, Mortimer had thought to be clean away on on with his business but then the direct query pulls him back. Turning to face Gaelena he ponders a moment if he should draw closer or not but figures his current position, somewhere between standard conversation but certainly not yet at a range that requires raised voices, should suffice for now. With another brief bow he raises the hand a few inches before replying, "it is healing m'Lady. I'm told the danger of infection is past and it's now a case of letting t' bone mend."

"Glad to hear that you'll be back to normal soon, Deputy." Gaelena says and there appears to be some measure of sincerity in her tone. "There has been a lot to fall onto you, it would be a pity if all the responsibility wasn’t taken care of after it had been given you." Lifting a hand, she runs it through her hair, the strands curling around her hand. "You have children, Deputy? I thought I heard something of that."

"Thank you m'Lady," Mortimer replies with a faint nod, taking a moment to let his hands drop to rest on his belt. He makes no response to the comments about responsibility, not being entirely sure what would be a welcome reply and what not, but the question regarding his children is easy enough to deal with. "Just the one now m'Lady, my son."

"Hmmm… A son. I see." Gaelena lets her fingers fall from her hair and she leans to a more comfortable position for this conversation. "And you wife? What does she do?" suddenly interested in his family for some reason, the questions continue. "Does she work currently? Or does she take care of your son?"

Not entirely sure where this line of questioning is leading, Mortimer keeps his answer brief "Bit of both m'Lady." He's sorely tempted to leave it there, but after a moment's consideration comes to the conclusion that it's just going to lay himself open to more questions if he does so. "She's a Seamstress m'Lady, works from home."

It was like pulling teeth with this man to get him to answer her questions, and Gaelena was mustering up all her patience not to snap at it. "You don’t think she'd be interested in a new position would you? I need a new maid." whether that was a promotion to him or not, it was in the Lady's eyes. The girl that served as her current maid was new, by the looks of her, and her head came up at the lady's request of the Deputy.

Mortimer thinks a moment before he answers that. He knows what it's likely his wife's answer will be, but turning round and telling a noble no is oft a tricky thing. Reaching his good hand up to scratch the back of his head a moment he replies with a brief glance to the current lass, "I could ask m'Lady, if you're wanting. She's no maiding," is that the word? He doesn't know, "experience though, and Jerold, the lad that is, tends to keep her busy enough as is."

"So, in other words… No. She wouldn’t be interested." Gaelena smirks at him, all his fancy filler words were noted and it only mildly amused her. "It is a rather tough job, and not for everyone." sighing, "My luck in finding a good maid, I do believe, is hopeless." The young girl near her gets a rather sulky look on her face at her Lady's words. The looks it noticed and Gaelena rolls her eyes, "Girl, don’t look as if I've struck you. You've only just started, there is time to train you to my liking." this was to encourage. "I've not released you from your services. Yet." Turning her head to Mortimer, she seems to be contradicting herself, for she continues: "If you hear of any capable maids, please let me know."

Mortimer does not, at this point, spare the maid a glance. He's been there before and can't say it ended well. Instead he simply drops his hand again until it's resting on his right and then give a brief confirmatory nod, "I don't believe so m'Lady no. I'll keep my ears open though, case I hear of anyone, or if anyone arrives looking for work."

Such messy business this thing with maids, her sister never had this problem. Gaelena knew she was harder on her maids, but honestly, they needed it. Most of them. Her body slumps a bit, but her shoulders stay remarkably straight. "Oh well. One must live with what has…" there is a following mutter of "…story of my life." in a lowered tone.

Mortimer is still not risking a glance to the young maid, although he does at least have the decency to feel guilty about that. Ducking his head a little he senses a natural point to end the conversation and goes for it. "Aye m'Lady, we must," he answers before moving quickly onto, "If you'll excuse me though m'Lady, I should be getting back to work." Taking half a step or so backwards he bows respectfully to Gaelena, then spares a brief nod to the maid, "m'Lady, Mistress" and then he's turning to depart.