Page 269: Immortal Glory
Immortal Glory
Summary: King Robert convenes a court to declare victory and reward his vassals.
Date: 13/04/289
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Great Keep - Castle Pyke
A throne room, containing a throne, and many, many people.
14 April, 289 A.L.

The gathering had originally been intended for the Kitchen Tower- holding court in the last corner of the Iron Islands to dip the banner had a certain poetic appeal- but the cramped quarters and plain manner of that locale had swiftly prompted a relocation, thus it is nearly two hours later than intended when King Robert finally convenes his battlefield court in the throne room of the Greak Keep.

In attendance are all the great lords of the army, and many of their bannermen and retainers. A large crowned stag banner has been hung on top of the golden kraken behind the plain grey stone throne. And striding down the hall to sit in that throne to the cheers of those assembled is the powerful, black bearded monarch of the Seven Kingdoms, who symbolically sets the iron head of his great warhammer beside the throne with a *clunk*, leaning the haft against the throne's arm, before sitting down to face his army with a broad smile. "Fancy meeting the lot of you here!" he calls, to general amusement, before looking aside to bid his herald begin.

This is the closest Ser Bruce Longbough has ever gotten to royalty, and probalby the closest he ever will. Notably, his mail armour has been cleaned of rust, his helmet shined with whatever abrasives he's got and his shield tidied up. In short - he looks like he's not seen war any time recently. Even his beard has been coiffed for this occasion. As King Robert comes in, Bruce kneels with the rest of them, and then rises in turn.

The customary laugh comes, from Ser Rutger Nayland, who has put himself with the other courtier knights who have gathered with the overall army of the West. His hands clasped behind his back, this is an atmosphere where the Nayland knight feels at home. Here he can manuever better, than say on the battlefield. A grin is given over to the King, as he shifts his weight, the chuckles dying down as eyes slide over to the herald-then o'er to those in attendance.

Keelin's armour's been cleaned up as much as possible, and he's got his Mallister colours on, as he stands ready. Just in case Sers Martyn or Kamron need him for anything. When everyone kneels, he does as well, and he of course follows suit when it's time to rise again. the King's greeting has a smile on his face, but the quiet common knight doesn't do anything to call attention to himself.

Kamron has been milling around with the various knights of house Mallister and its banner houses, moving here and there as directed by those actually organizing the affair. He hasn't brought clothes for the finery, and his breastplate is still in no fit state to be worn, so he is wearing his usual camp attire—if cleaned up as best as was possible. The Mallister knight holds his left arm close to his stomach, trying not to move that shoulder more than necessary, and his shoulders slump forward a little to accommodate the bandages still wrapped around his midsection, but Kam is in high spirits. The arrival of the King draws a cheer from him as well, although it trails off into a bit of a pained grunt. Despite the obvious pain, he knees and stands again in turn with a broad grin on his face, and smothers laughter that threatens to get loud enough to hurt his stomach again at the King's jest.

Ser Jarod Rivers is no lord, but he's led the Terrick forces throughout the campaign against the isles. So he gets to fake it for a little bit longer. He's there not far from the Mallister contingent, wearing the black and gold-winged bastard heraldry of his own design, a Terrick sworn with the proper four-eagles banner of the Roost standing behind him. He bows deep before King Robert Baratheon, rising slow when bid and enthusiastically adding a high-pitched whistle to the cheers for the king.

Though his armor, is fine, the sea captain isn't fully kitted out. Instead there's a level of cleanliness and appropriateness the knight allows as he's come looking presentable. At least. Standing closer to Ser Keelin, Solomon brings a hand up to tweak his mustahce as a grin shows. Where as others cheer and laugh, Sol only smiles. But it's a genuine smile to say the least.

Kittridge Groves, armor polished and clean clothes found for the occasion, laughs with the others at the king's jest. Who would not, after all? He stands with several others from his house, near the Terricks and Mallisters. It is Kamron he inches toward when they have all risen again, leaning over to inquire quietly of the injured knight, "Did you bring Rodrik Greyjoy's sword to present?"

Standing to the right hand of the throne is the same stocky, leather-and-fur clad nobleman who had overseen the assault of the Bloody Keep. To the left of the throne is a lean, dour-faced man who, if not for his opposite manner, would bear a strong resemblance to the king. To either side of the throne are knights in the legendary white armor of the Kingsguard, one the aged but still formidable Barristan Selmy, the other a much younger knight, brown haired and handsome. But it is a pudgy, bald-headed man in garish red robes who raises an impressive voice to call, "Now begins the court of Robert the First Baratheon! King of the Andals and the Rhoynar and-" as Robert laughingly makes a 'hurry it up' motion with one hand the jolly herald obliges: "And so on and so forth, blah blah blah.. Ahem! My Lords: the Greyjoy Rebellion is ended, and the peace of the Realm restored!"

Usually quiet, but also cleaned up quite a bit, Ser Martyn Mallister is present with the other Mallisters at the moment. Smiling a bit at the jest, he keeps silent for now, looking to the others nearby. He pauses a bit as he hears what's being said from the front, unable to hold back another smile at the mention of the rebellion being over.

Ser Gedeon Rivers has, like many of the men here, washed and tidied himself as best he could. He's in the colors of Oldstones, their small contingent of knights and men somewhat swallowed up by the larger numbers of the larger houses. But the banner of Oldstones waves as proudly as those of the Terricks and Mallsters and Naylands and all the rest, and the blond bastard kneels and stands and smiles a little for the king's joke. That smile grows a little more as the herald is hurried to the point, and for the proclamation, Geoffrey Tordane's bastard joins the many voices that raise in a cheer.

At first, Ser Bruce, within the small Nayland contingent, looks rather shocked. He might have been expecting this to happen any day, any hour now, but the Stonebridge Captain has a different reaction entirely upon hearing it proclaimed, by King Robert only a few yards away no less. "Three cheers for King Robert!" And so, he cheers.

Alric is standing around as well. His armor and such in presentable shape. All of him is in good shape really. Smirking and looking around a bit but mostly looking to the king. For now just looking as things will unfold.

Keelin cheers at the proclamation that the rebellion is over, his deep voice joining in with the rest of the many. And it does seem he can cheer as loudly as the rest when he sets his mind to it. He grows silent once more as the Groves Lord edges over to ask a question of Lord Kamron, Keelin taking a step to make sure he's not in the way. He looks over at the Kingsguard with admiration, and pays attention to all the storied men near the King, expecting he'll never be so close to any of them again. Which might not be a bad thing.

"Seven Keep our King!" comes part of the cheers raised for good King Robert. And luckily, there is Bruce calling for three cheers. Still Rutger's cheer comes out and he will join the others in good order. Eyes slide down to the Stonebridge knight and he offers a curt nod to Bruce, before he's looking for one face and banner in particular. Ah. There it is.

Kamron turns his head toward Kittridge as the other man speaks up, nodding his head once and keeping his eyes on the group up on the dais. His own voice is just above a whisper, following a bright whistle at the onset of a cheering and fading into the continued jubilation, "My squire has it right outside the hall if there's a chance, Lord Kittridge." Bruce's call sends up further cheers, which Kamron also joins in on, if a bit quietly to spare his wounded abdomen. He does, however, clap his right hand enthusiastically on his right thigh. As the newest round of cheering dies down, he looks back to Keelin, "You're ready to run get Percy if it's needed, Ser Keelin?"

"For Good King Robert, and the might of Westeros!" Jarod hollers, accompanied by more high-pitched whistling. Four sharp whistles in all, to be precise. Seemingly taking Bruce's call as permission to be very loud, though he quiets as the other cheers in the hall do.

Kittridge nods to Kamron, replying, equally quiet, "Good." He gives the man a smile and then leans away to cheer so that he's not shouting in the knight's ear, just that of the man in front of him, instead. He hollers as loud as anyone, and adds a whistle that, probably unintentionally, almost harmonizes with Jarod's. In an ear-splitting way, but still.

"Huzzah!" Solomon cheers as a hand raises in the air. A fist there before he is looking over to Ser Kamron for a moment, Only then does the privateer clear his throat, leaning in to pass a hoarse voice to the Knight. "If it is easier, I can sneak out for it now." Eyes flicking back to the 'throne' and the king. "It does not hurt to be prepared?" A glance to Keelin though- he won't disrupt any ready made plans.

Bruce returns a smile and a dip of his own head to Ser Rutger. If one looked closely enough, they might even see a wink from the short, bearded knight. He looks mightily pleased at the whole gathering. As the cheer dies down, he brings his hands down to rest at his belt, one on the pommel of his sword and the other on that of his dirk.

With a bow to the throne, the pugdy Red Priest steps off to the side as the prompt for three cheers goes up, and is answered from near a thousand throats. Chuckling with a ready smile at the adulation, King Robert climbs to his feet and raises a hand for silence afterward, prompting, "And your King gives three cheers for you: the victorious knights and men of Westeros! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!" he roars, raised hand closed to a fist and brandished with each cheer the King of Westeros gives to his army.

That done, King Robert calls for a cup and drinks a toast on the spot, before turning and once again sitting in Balon Greyjoy's throne. "The Seven Kingdoms are whole again, and it is now the happy task of the Crown to consider reward for those valiant Houses who have answered my summons."

Not that loud as the rest, Martyn cheers a bit with the others, but otherwise keeping quiet as he studies the various people present. Shrugging a bit as he listens at the moment.

"Ready at your call, Ser," Keelin replies easily to Kamron, his voice much lower as well. He's got no problem with sneaking out when and if the Mallister lord asks him to. He glances over at Solomon as well, shrugging. "Or if you wish for Ser Solomon to go, that would be as well." He's not going to get his nose out of joint either way. He does go quiet when the King requests it, his attention always partially on the Royalty at the front, even while whispering lightly. Once he's replied to Kamron, he goes completely quiet again.

Kamron shakes his head to Solomon, stepping over and leaning in to his fellows a moment to speak quietly, "We look foolish if we're carrying it around and never get a chance to present it." He quiets as Robert returns the cheers, a chuckle and a grin rising to his lips. The words that follow cut his eyes over to Solomon and Keelin again, and he murmurs once more, "If the houses being rewarded are called up, get it. If not, we'll leave off for later." And then he's turning his attention forward once more, to the front of the hall and the King who stands ready to disburse rewards and thanks.

And there it is, the meat of the matter. Rutger's eyes go back towards the King, only after a smile is passed to the red priest. And when the king does call for the quiet, the Nayland knight bows his head for a moment as fingers squeeze tight behind his back. A glance up and he tilts his head, listening.

Bruce listens to King Robert with rapt attention; at least, his sleepy blue eyes don't leave the are around the King and his courtiers. He does glance admiringly once in a while at Ser Barristan, Ser Jaime and some of the other reknowned warriors and personalities around the throne, but his focus never strays for long from their monarch.

Jarod looks over his shoulder to flash a boyish grin at Kittridge. For the tandem whistling, however accidental. His expression smooths to something more serious as they get to down to business, though.

Solomon does nod once to Kamron before he is leaning back, and pressing back a little still. As the King begins the privateer keeps his focus there, content to wait for an order or something. One hand reaches back up to scratch the edge of his nose, before Sol is noticing Martyn. A faint smile given the Mallister Lord, before he is looking back to the King.

Kittridge spots Jarod's grin at the last second and returns it, before he too looks back to the king. He bears the suspense well enough for the moment, at least.

Toward the fore of the gathering, beneath the crimson and gold colors of House Lannister, two of the more famous swordsmen alive converse quietly. Ser Tygett Lannister stands beside his nephew, Ser Jaime Lannister. By the sight of them, one would not know Ser Jaime to be among the Kingsguard, as his elaborate armor is gilded, rather than white. But when the King turns his eye upon the Lannister standard and motions the approach, Ser Tygett, fair haired as the rest of his kin, strides forward and gives the King a deep bow, from the waist, holding the gensture of respect until Robert motions for him to rise. "Your Majesty. House Lannister gives its congratulations on your conquest. It is well known that the Ironborn treachery did great damage to the lands and fleet of the West, and on behalf of my brother, your loyal Warden of the West, we ask that you consider granting us one hundred longships of the Ironborn, to pull the pirates' teeth, and to restore our own, until the Golden Fleet can be rebuilt of proper warships."

"Ser Tygett," Robert greets the Lannister by name. "We havn't yet taken a count of the number of ships to be stripped of the Islanders, but we will grant no less than a quarter of that number to House Lannister, to be divided as you see fit among your bannermen. As well, we shall grant to Lord Tywin a tenth measure of Pyke's ransom, to be divided as you see fit."

Ser Tygett voices, "Your Majesty is most generous," before bowing again, and remaining bowed as he takes two steps backward, thus never breaching etiquette by turning his back on the king.

Robert turns to his side, and gruffs good naturedly, "Ned, I know you'd hide back there and say nothing of reward if I let you. I'll set aside twenty ships for those of your lords who lost thiers in these raids, and I grant you the same tenth share of Balon's ransom, to share out as you choose. As well, the nobility of the Iron Islands must each provide a hostage against their future loyalty. I grant the Greyjoy hostage to you." Almost inaudible to those further away, Lord Eddard Stark offers, "My thanks, Majesty." Chuckling to himself the black bearded monarch prompts aloud, "Right. Which of Hoster's bannermen are here?"

Upon hearing Robert's question of which Riverlander is going to represent them all, Ser Bruce is searching for the big, dead weirwood tree surrounded by ravens, that of House Blackwood. He makes eye contact with his brother, grinning at the man. Clearly, he must expect Lord Tytos Blackwood to speak for the Riverland host.

Keelin nods to Kamron. "Aye, Ser," he says before he turns his attention to the front where the Lannisters are making their request, and then the King is granting to the Starks a reward. He can't hear Lord Stark, so can only guess from the half of the conversation he hears what is being said. For the moment, he has nothing to do but to watch.

Kamron settles in to watch the Lannisters make their request. He chuckles at Robert's words to Eddard Stark, looking back to Solomon and Keelin and nodding once toward the nearest door before he looks to his cousin. Evidently, he figures that Martyn will step forward for the Mallisters right away. 'Above the Rest,' after all. And just as evidently, he's prepared to advance alongside his cousin once more.

Kittridge listens to the request made by the Lannisters, and the portions of treasure doled out to them and the Starks. When the king calls for Riverland lords to step forward, he looks first over at Ser Martyn, giving him a prompting look, before shifting forward himself, ready to step up if the Mallister doesn't do so promptly.

Jarod edges forward a little himself. Plainly intend to make some bid for the Terricks. Though he keeps his place behind the Mallisters for the favor-asking.

Gedeon watches and listens, taking in faces and names that belong to men of fame he's yet to see directly before now. As the Riverlands are called for, he stands a little straighter. He glances over towards where Lord Valentin stands, offering the other man a small nod.

Keelin, given Kamron's nod, returns it, and then he slips out, quietly. Or at least as quietly as he can manage. Thankfully there are a thousand or so men in the immediate vicinity to mask any noise he inadvertently makes. He knows where Percy is, and so has no trouble finding the young gangly squire. He takes the burden of being the sword-carrier away from the lad, bringing the sword in as he comes to stand again behind Kamron, his face neutral.

Listening to what's being said by the King now, Martyn takes a few deep breaths. Looking both over at Kamron, and then to Kittridge and Jarod. Waiting for a few brief moments more, before he grimaces a bit, muttering something under his breath and starting forward in slow steps, ready to stop if there's need for the interruption.

Jarod steps up as Martyn does, albeit a step behind him. Proper Mallister bannermen range behind his liege lord and all that.

Kittridge does the same, glancing to Kamron as the sword arrives and accompanying the now Mallister + vassals group up towards the king.

Bruce is again looking a bit taken aback when Ser Martyn steps forward. He watches impassively.

Listening to what's being said by the King now, Martyn takes a few deep breaths. Looking both over at Kamron, and then to Kittridge and Jarod. Waiting for a few brief moments more, before he grimaces a bit, muttering something under his breath and starting forward. Obviously not at ease with these kinds of things, it would seem as he makes his way forward to a very polite bow before the King.
"Your Majesty," he offers to the man. "As everyone is probably aware, our shores were among those hit hardest by the Ironborn attacks. Unfortunately that means we took some hard damage. On behalf of House Mallister and our vassals, we humbly ask for the wisdom of the King when it comes to appointing us a portion of the spoils so we can rebuild our lands and prepare so that a thing such as this will not happen again."

Keelin simply falls in behind Kamron, sticking with him, as he carries the sword. He stops when Kam does, moves when Kam does, and otherwise stays quiet and neutral.

Alric let his eyes travel between the king and those others speaking. Grinning. Though he does look around a bit and spots Martyn as he steps forward. Seeing others moving along with him Alric shifts his body to look at what is happening. Not expressing any opinion, just witnessing the event in front of him.

As Martyn steps forward and Keelin returns with the blade, Kamron steps forward at his cousin's right side, bowing with a grimace of pain and straightening up again. He glances over to Keelin a moment, nodding at the man staying with him. He speaks up in addition to his cousin's words, "We also bring Your Grace a gift as well, to show our thanks for the honor of fighting alongside you once again." Gesturing to the heavy blade, he explains, "The sword of Rodrik Greyjoy."

Kittridge advances with the others, and when Kamron steps forward to present the sword, he joins him, bowing deeply.

Jarod bows as well, taking the knee before Robert Baratheon. "My king." That's all he says while the Mallisters speak, though he still seems to be working himself up for…something or other.

As they approach the king, Keelin bows as well. Though at Kamron's words, he goes to one knee, holding the blade up to present it in an almost theatrical display. Much as he'd rather just give it to Kamron, that wouldn't quite look right, so stuck on the spot, he just does what seems to make sense. And Kamron can of course take the blade - or someone can do so on behalf of the king.

As Martyn and his entourage step forward, the king leans to his left. The humorless Baratheon standing to the throne's side leans closer and supplies the desired name. Nodding once, Robert greets, "Ser Martyn Mallister. I mourned to hear of your kinsman Lord Jason's death. The Crown still well remembers that Lord's good services unto me. The tenth measure of Balon Greyjoy's ransom I can promise to Lord Tully, to dispense among his vassals as he sees fit.. But for Seagard, I will add something more. I promise you no less than a dozen longships to secure the coast- don't imagine Hoster will much need those, will he?" he prompts with a short chuckle. "As well, I will send hostages of Harlaw, Old Wyke, and Orkwood to be divided among your bannermen as Lord PAtrek sees fit."

As Kamron steps forward with the blade, an automatic reaction occurs: the Kingsguard to either side of the throne step forward, each moving in the same instant, to place themselves between the king and Kamron, before being orders, "Step back, step back.." by the King, who rises and beckons Kamron approach closer. "My only regret in ending this war was that I never chanced to fight Rodrik Greyjoy," he muses as he closes his hand about the fine weapon's hilt. Robert overtops Kamron by a full head, standing nearly twice as wide in the shoulders, as he looks down at Kamron. "Tell me: was he as strong as his reputation?"

Martyn nods a bit as he hears that. "Thank you, Your Majesty," he offers, before he looks over at Kamron as he speaks, and at the reaction from the Kingsguard. Keeping silent for the moment as he listens now.

Kamron bows his head at the mention of Lord Jason, but the mention of the longships draws his head up again, and the jest causes him to chuckle a bit. This close to King Robert, the young man straightens up fully, even though it draws a wince onto his face. Still, a hint of laughter touches his lips, even if it's pained, "He turned my breastplate into junk metal, Your Grace." And he gestures a bit ruefully with his relatively unwounded right hand toward his arming jacket, "Hence my less-than-courtly appearance." He pauses there a moment, clearing his throat, and adds, "Which I apologize for, Your Grace."

"Bah!" Robert laughs off Kamron's 'less than courtly appearance', "There is no garb more fit for a man than bruises and bandages after a battle, Ser Mallister. If the court at King's Landing could manage such honest attire as wounds won in battle, I would count the Realm a finer place." He nods his thanks, and turns an eye over the rest of those assembled, settling on Jarod, after Jerold's son speaks up for his attention.

"Good King Robert." Jarod looks up at the king as he kneels. "I speak on behalf of Lord Jerold Terrick of Terrick's Roost. Ever a loyal banner to your fealty, our lands were laid hard and low by the treacherous assault of the Ironmen upon our River coasts. I join in asking, with my good Mallister lords, for what sum of reparations you deem proper to be put toward the rebuilding of the Roost and to aid our people through what shall be a hard year. That Greyjoy coin may rebuild what it ravaged, and be used to make strong the coasts which are the first defense of the Riverlands against such threats." A pause. Deep breath. "And I would also say, my king, that in addition to treason, Lord Balon Greyjoy and his progeny's crimes upon our River coasts, along with those of the West and North, cannot be unpunished. His hand and will have done murder and rape and pillage of the worst kind dozens of times over. It would be justice, your grace, for him to receive the traitor's punishment of death. Or, at most mercy, exile to the Wall. I know not what you have planned for him, your grace but…" He searches for a good closer, but only settles on, "…it would be justice, your grace, and right under the law, as all men should be judged."

Bruce watches the Mallister delegation deliver their request with no real surprise, that brief moment of unpreparedness having come and gone from his features. But when Jarod steps up to speak to King Robert… Bruce's mouth opens, and doesn't close. His eyes widen.

Oh great. And Keelin on his knee there, just ready to have his head lopped off. He keeps Kamron in the corner of his eyes, waiting to find out just what he should do. Jarod's words surprise the sworn, but his head is downcast so whatever expression that brings to his face - likely shock - can't be seen. Hopefully.

Martyn blinks a few times as he hears Jarod's words. Keeping silent for now as he looks carefully towards the King, waiting to see the man's reaction at the moment.

At Jarod's kneeling oration, many eyes widen. Clement Piper's eyes bug out, Stannis Baratheon scowls, and Jaime Lannister smiles and laughs under his breath. But King Robert hears out the words intently. He had drawn a breath to make the usual promises of reparation, and coin, but closed his mouth and regarded Jarod anew as the kneeling bastard passes from idle matters of wealth into the realm of justice. He is silent a long moment, and then, abruptly, he chuckles. "You've balls enough for a dozen men, Ser." The chuckle passes and Robert's regal visage grows grave again. "But you're not wrong, either. It is the fit fate of a traitor, and it is for the King to make justice, is it not?" A drawn breath, and King Robert Baratheon regards the room. "We did not provoke this war, my Lords. It was brought upon us not for our own crimes, but for one man's greed. After so many have suffered, it would not be just for that one man to live. Before we leave Pyke, I will have Balon Greyjoy's head off with his own son's sword."

Kamron flashes a grin just this side of hero-worship at Robert, nodding his agreement. Like the rest of the impromptu court, he looks over to Jarod when he speaks up, nodding along with him — until the request for Balon Greyjoy's head. He sucks in a bit of breath, and then winces at the pain that motion draws in his stomach. Still, he nods his agreement with the sentiment, turning back to the court with a bit of trepidation. He listens in silence to King Robert's response, drawing in a breath, and then glances over to Jarod, nodding approval — not that the other man needs it.

Bruce is equally surprised at King Robert's response. There's a delay in action before his mouth is closed up, and he draws his posture straight again, standing as tall as his stocky frame will get him. Evidently for the King's proclamation, Bruce does what he does best. He cheers.

Jarod awaits the king's reply with something resembling grim resignation that this may be his ruination. The reply draws a blink. He manages to maintain his dignity (though he might grin a little at the comment about balls). "It's an honor to have fought for you, your grace. As ever." He's done now.

In this time, Rutger moves quietly to go and stand with Stevron Frey and Lord Rickart Nayland, poised to move and kneel before the King when they do. Though a brief glance is given Jarod.

"Well done Half Eagle" Rutger murmurs.

King Robert smiles as Jarod names fighting for him an honor, "On your feet, man," Robert bids with a smile. While the sentence of death draws many cheers in addition to Bruce's, there are a few closest to the king who do not respond with such enthusiasm. As Robert walks back to the throne and settles Rodrik Greyjoy's sword across his knees, Eddard Stark approaches from one side to speak quietly to his king, as Stannis Baratheon approaches from the other. Both men are waved away by Robert the First, the words lost amidst the acclaim of the hall.

Alric grins at Jarod's words. Surprised but somewhat liking the man's attitude. It would seem that the king does as well. Alric's eyes traveling among the crowd before landing on King Robert and his words. Just nodding. For now his eyes on Stannis Baratheon and Eddard Stark.

Letting out a deep breath as he hears what's being said, Martyn nods quietly. "Thank you, Your Grace," he says quietly once more, before respectfully starting to make his way back down to the 'safety' of the crowd again.

Kamron gestures for Keelin to rise up as Robert moves back to the throne, and he glances to the others in the Mallister group, and he starts backing out of the center of attention, echoing Martyn's sentiments, although with a broad grin, "Thank you, Your Grace."

"Our thanks, your grace," Jarod echoes the Mallister men, rising to his feet. He'll head back to the milling crowd with his liege lords, looking more taken aback than anything else.

Keelin takes his queue from Kamron, and he bows once more, backing away, as he takes the lead of those from before. He still says not a word, but once he's far enough back, he straightens to his full height, taking a good long look at the men around the throne and in particular the man ON the throne. A moment to remember, for sure. He'll get many a drink out of this for years to come. And as he returns to near enough his previous spot, he allows the smile to cross his face.

As the Mallisters leave, The Frey contengient steps forward all three dropping to a kneel. Stevron speaks first for the Freys, before Rutger stands slowly with his father. "Your Grace," He begins " We of House Nayland only seek the reawrd you feel is fitting a house that is ever your loyal banner. And we ask that you look upon us favorably. We ask like our nieghbors for justice, and we ask that you remember us for our action in this war. For our taking of The Grey Gardens, and Our action here on Pyke with you." Rutger pauses for a moment. "Though we have no gift of Iron to give you-We give you our blood in your service. Ever ready, loyal and always." And there he is done.

Though the nobles of the Frey contingent stepped forward, Bruce, as befitting his position, is not one of them. He sticks with the few Serjeants and underling types still in the crowd, though watches Ser Stevron, Lord Rickart and Ser Rutger with an approving nod.

The mention of House Nayland's 'taking of the Grey Gardens' causes Kamron's teeth to grind together, but the 'ever ready' comment at the end of the speech causes a smirk to flash across the Mallister's face. He doesn't quite chuckle or laugh, but it's a bit of a near thing, given the Nayland and Frey record in the last war.

"And justice you will have, Ser Rutger," King Robert answers with a dip of his crowned head. "Even your peasants march like Men-at-Arms, Nayland. I do not forget the courage of those who bleed in my service. It's good to have you on my side," he adds with a knowing grin. He raises his cup to the trio and drinks a toast.

The mention of the Grey Garden causes Martyn's expression to turn quite expressionless for the moment, one hand going to his neck, but he stays quiet for now, listening a bit quietly.

Rutger bows his head. "It has been an honor to serve you Your grace" a smile always

Jarod settles in to watch the show again, still looking a little dazed. "Huh…" he mutters to himself. Whatever the Freys ask for is probably going to be lost for him as his brain regroups.

In like manner, the Lords of the Reach, Vale and Stormlands are all called forward, each adding thier platitudes and requests to the tally. King Robert maintains a good humor throughout, but gradually can be seen to grow bored with the proceedings. Without offering insult, he hastens the latter half of the formalities, before declaring the court finished for the night. Again summoning his cupbearer, the King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men rises to his feet and proffers his cup toward the assembled chivalry of the Realm. "To honor, justice, and immortal glory! Hail the knights of Westeros!"

"Hoorah!" Answers Bruce to the King's toast raising an unopened bottle of something in the air. Where did he even pull that out from?

Kamron watches, listens, and enjoys the sight of so many great lords coming forth and making their requests. When King Robert calls an end to it, the injured Mallister does his best to call out an echo to the King's words, "To honor, justice, and immortal glory!" Of course, the pained, not-quite-loud words are swallowed up by the general tumult, but at least it can be seen that he's crying out in the King's favor.

Calling out in echo, Martyn otherwise keeps silent for the moment, looking around at the other people gathered a bit curiously.

"Vigilance and justice, and glory immortal!" Jarod's not nearly so lost in contemplative thought about heads that he can't join in a good round of being loud. He tags another one of those whistles he's so fond of onto the end of his hollering.

Keelin's cheer is as exuberant as he too hits the refrain to the King's cheer, joining in with everyone else. He's actually kind of glad that's over with, though he won't say he's sorry he was here. Jarod's whistle gets a grin from Keelin in passing. Whatever it is Keelin cheered, probably all that can be understood is the last word, "Westeros!"