Septa Ilya
Claire Forlani
Claire Forlani as Septa Ilya
name: Septa Ilya
father: Daerik Mallister
mother: Narys Mallister (d)
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Female
age: 29 (01 May 259 AL)
height: 5'7"
weight: 120lbs
eyes: Blue
hair: Brown
honorific: Septa
house: Camden
position: Septa/Healer/Councilor

On January 2nd, 289, Ilya was killed during the Ironborn Invasion of Tall Oaks.


A Septa now bound to serve House Camden, Ilya is well known as a talented healer and herbalist. Despite her attachment to one of the noble Houses, it's not unheard of her to travel specifically to instruct the healers of the House's holdings in new medicinal techniques. Whether a result of her years of service to the noble houses, or from purposeful study, she's known for being well versed in the areas of heraldry and history. Perhaps unusual for a Septa of the Seven, she also has some knowledge of the ways of the Old Gods as well as the Drowned God and she will not turn away any in need, be they keepers of her faith or no.


  • Daerik Mallister — Father. Uncle of Lord Ser Jason Mallister. - Sworn to the Night's Watch.
  • Garen Mallister — Brother. Sworn to the Night's Watch.
  • Narys Mallister — Mother. Septa. Deceased in 281 AL, five years after Daerik's journey to the Wall.

Ilya has had no contact with either her father or brother since they journeyed to the Wall to take their oaths. Though she and her mother were assigned to different Septs when they were brought to take their vows, she was allowed to visit her mother and was with her at the time of her death.

Physical Features

Brilliant, wintery blue eyes rimmed with dark ebony are her most vibrant feature, their colour highlighted by thick, black lashes and lightly arched equally dark brows. Smooth, creamy peach skin and angular features at cheek and chin give her an almost feline quality. A delicate, slightly patrician nose is offset by full, sensual cupid's bow lips. Of her hair, nothing can be seen, that particular feature entirely hidden by white strips of clothes which cover her hair and neck and leave only the oval of her face exposed.

Her clothing is a set of robes which identify her unquestioningly as a Septa. A seven-pointed star of crystal hanging from a plain silver chain marks her as a devoutee of the Seven. The body of the robe is a demure dove grey, the fabric obviously homespun. Long, belled sleeves cover most of her hands, leaving only her fingertips easily seen, the cut of the robes obfuscating the lines of her body. The only accents of colour on her robe is a soft white hood that is attached to her robes and covers and protects not only her face and head, but her shoulders as well.

RP Hooks

  • Healer — Trained in the arts of medicine, as well as the more holistic approached of herbalism, Ilya is almost always available to tend to injuries, great and small, as well as to see to the other, less violent, needs of the people.
  • Teacher — Though the Sept is always ready to offer the services of their number, they are realistic enough to accept that they cannot tend to all of the ailments in the Seven Kingdoms. And to that end there are a number of the order who are trained in the art of teaching the healing crafts to the lay community. Ilya is one of that number.
  • Historian — A capable historian both of the land and the Seven Kingdoms, she freely offers her knowledge to those who have need of it.
  • Courtly Accumen — Well versed in the ways of court and courtly life, Ilya has served in the noble houses for a number of years training the young ladies on the skills needed to survive the noble's life.
  • Proselitism — Despite the fact that she is a devout Septa of the Seven, or perhaps because of it, Ilya firmly believes that the gods reveal themselves to each person in their own way and in their own time. Rather than attempt to convert those she meets, she instead chooses to deepen the faith of those who follow the Seven, and attempts to guide those two follow other gods along the path of right thought and right action. She firmly believes that the Seven will reveal themselves to each individual when that individual is ready to accept them.
  • Noble Scion — Ilya was/is a Mallister. She was/is the Lord Jason's cousin, by way of her father, Daerik, younger brother of the last Lord of Seagard, Maxon Mallister. But it's been well over a decade (about 13 years or so now) since she was a part of the House. And her history is not something she speaks of unless she has no other alternative. I am, however, open to those who might wish to discover her lineage during the course of IC events, or those who might wish to have some sort of connection to her from her younger days. Just contact me in-game!

Allies and Foes

"The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success."

Paramahansa Yogananda


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