Page 344: Illicit Plans
Illicit Plans
Summary: Katrin informs her sister Ilaria of a change of plans as they depart Seagard.
Date: 29/06/2012
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Ilaria Katrin 
Haigh Encampment - Seagard
The sad remains of the mostly dismantled Haigh camps.
June 29, 289

Katrin is currently overseeing the saddling of the horses and final preparations that will take the Haigh girls home. The elder sister is nibbling on her lower lip, looking more than a little concerned as she waits for her sister to appear.

Dawdling like usual, Ilaria is just returning from the market yet AGAIN with Heolla carrying a couple more small parcels. The girl is eager enough to be headed back to a more permanent residence, and she skips along with her entourage in towon her way to meet her sister. "I'm here, I'm here! I made sure all of my things were packed before I left, though. Heolla, find a place for those. I don't care where, just so long as they end up at Terrick's Roost with me. Septa Shiella, the grooms will help you and Heolla mount." She pauses to kiss her Septa on both cheeks before advancing upon her sister like an ebullient rabbit. "Ready to go home, sister?""

Nervousness flickers over Katrin's face as she draws Ilaria aside. "I need a moment with you before we leave," she says quietly in her sister's ear. "I know you will not like what I have to say, but I hope that you will at least hear me out."

"I already know what you're going to say," Ilaria replies with a sigh, glancing around at the Haigh household staff loading up their belongings into wagons and checking over the mounts another ten times. The house guard is assembling and debriefing, preparing to take their places within the party for maximum security. Hazel eyes flick back to study Katrin's face for a moment, brows furrowed. "I wrote to father. He told me to stay in Terrick's Roost, and so there I shall stay until he says otherwise. I know this, Kitty. It will be okay."

Katrin shakes her head, drawing Ilaria far enough away so that others might not overhear them. "No, it is not that…" she says. "I will be riding out of here with you, but once we have enough distance on the road, I will be turning to ride for Stonebridge, and you, dear one, will be going back to Terrick's Roost. I will join you there in a day or two."

A multitude of thoughts flit across Ilaria's features, and after a moment she calmly extracts her arm from Katrin's grasp. Her voice is cool and her words clipped at the ends as she questions her sister further. "To Stonebridge. Father has sent you to Stonebridge? Father has sent you to Stonebridge after telling me to stay behind at Terrick's Roost? Is Ian going with you? Is it about business? What business could he possibly have interfering with the Charltons and the Naylands? It would do him a world better to just let them both hang themselves and then come in and pick their carcasses clean when they're finished!" With each question, her voice rises up in pitch until it is nearly shrill enough to pierce the ears, and several people have begun sending curious glances their way. "If I have to endure another tea party, get kidnapped by another bandit, or have another friend of mine set on fire, I will steal a sword and begin running people through!"

"Ilaria," Katrin hisses. "No, Father is not sending me to Stonebridge. I disobey his command myself by going. Please do not tell him. I have no interest in the Charltons or Naylands for the time being. I go to find someone. And after I have done that, I will be returning to you and the Roost. I promise." She lets out a sigh. "I should have been more forthcoming with you before now, but I fell in love. I know it's wrong, and it will do the House no good, but I need to see him one last time. To make sure that he is safe. Please understand that, Lari."

"But - I don't…" The words die off as Ilaria stares at Katrin, puzzled. It takes her terribly underused brain a full minute or two to finally catch up to what Katrin is saying, and as she puts two and two together, her expression grows more grim. She presses her full lips together until they nearly disappear, leaving behind a thin line of disapproval. "Katrin, honestly. Love? Did not Septa Viva - even mother - knock silly girlhood fantasies out of your head? I would thunk you right here if I felt it would do any good." She reaches up to touch the center of Katrin's forehead gently. "You would forsake everything to go ensure that this man - whoever he is - was safe? You cannot just smuggle letters like every other couple has during their incognito affairs? Please, Kat, don't go. Don't do this. Not right now. Soon, maybe, but not now. He will be fine, I am sure, so long as he isn't a Charlton." Pause. Her eyelids flutter and she arches her eyebrows up so high in astonishment that they nearly disappear into her hairline. "He's not a Charlton, is he?"

A brief chuckle escapes Katrin's lips and she shakes her head. "They tried their hardest and I thought they had succeeded, but apparently not," she muses to herself. She leans in, capturing Ilaria's hands in hers. "Please understand, sister, I never meant to fall in love. Rafferdy Nayland. The one the Charltons took. I have to know he is alright, Ilaria. He approached father regarding a betrothal, but he refused. I have accepted father's decision. I am sure that in the end, I will end up marrying Ser Martyn."

Ilaria is torn, rolling her gaze away from Katrin to focus on some distant, nameless point. She is silent for a minute or two, considering her sister's case, before finally turning narrowed eyes back upon her. "And you are just going to ensure he is safe? You'll go right back to the Roost before people get curious? What am I to say when I return without you and people are asking after your whereabouts?" She bites down on her lower lip now, pulling her hands free from Katrin's and wringing them together. "Are you even sure Ser Martyn will have you after all of this? Does he even know?"

"It took some convincing and… bribery, but Serra will arrive in Terrick's Roost in my gown and cloak while I wear something far simpler," Katrin says quietly. "She will immediately go up to the room and stay there. So no one should notice it overly much. Septa Mira has promised to hold her tongue for the time being, but if I do not return in two days time, she will write to father and then I am in for a great deal of trouble." She kisses Ilaria's cheek. "Please, Lari." The question makes her smile. "Ser Martyn knows, and he accepted me, despite all of this. He loves me."

"Yes, and this is his reward," Ilaria answers quietly, staring wide-eyed at Katrin. She falls silent, and eventually her gaze and head both drop down a she considers the monumental task ahead. "Alright, I'll be quiet. For two days. Is there anything else that I should know? Any other surprises that await me there? Did father find a husband for me, but it's a big secret surprise until the wedding day?"

Katrin shakes her head, "No, I do not think there is anything else that could catch you by surprise," she says softly. "Believe me, Ilaria, I have done all I could to protect you from this. Perhaps too much. I should have confided in you sooner, and I promise, once I return to the Roost, you may ask any questions you might have and I will tell you the truth."

Ilaria nods, glancing over toward the horses - hers in particular. "It's time to go, Kat," she murmurs, turning away at the call of a liveried groom to accept his assistance up into the saddle.

Katrin leans over to hug Ilaria tightly. "Be careful going back, Lari," she says quietly. "We will be together again soon, I promise you. Nothing will keep us parted." She gives a wavering smile and then does start toward her chestnut mare, Heron.