Page 545: Ill Tidings
Ill Tidings
Summary: Lady Tiaryn Ashwood learns of Lord Einar Flint’s death.
Date: 19/January/2012
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Dania Tiaryn 
Courtyard of Tanglewood
The courtyard opens up into a barren expanse of well-trodden, hard-packed dirt underfoot. Surrounded on three sides by the looming structure of the Keep, and on the fourth by the outer wall and gatehouse, the courtyard benefits from both sunlight and shade at most hours of the day, illuminated in the evening by well-placed lanterns. Through the western wall, an arching, covered walkway leads to the paddock and stables beyond, by way of the Lord's kennels and hawking mews, while the opposite building houses the Keep's barracks and armory. The main building looms tallest, dominating the area with it's weighty double-doors - easily twice the height of a man - at the pinnacle of a clean-swept set of steps.

Tia is in the courtyard, fuming. She's tried to go for a horse ride and been politely but firmly denied. Seems since her attempted escape run, her family is taking no chances. Or at least, her beloved husband isn't. Sigh. Gethin gets not enough exercise for the moment. It's a clear day, the weather nowhere near as fretful as Tia's mood. That she got no answer from her cousins-in-law and the Sheriff tells her she's got something to worry about. Moodily, she pokes at the herbs in her basket, but they're likely ruined, as she's not dealing with them as she ought to be. Her maid is there, but a short distance away where she's been exiled too. Far enough that she's not in Tia's immediate vicinity. But close enough for propriety's sake. The same with the guard, though he's stubbornly closer, refusing to leave her able to successfully run for it.

A servant from House Ashwood has led Dania here. She has pulled her shoulders back and she is dressed in riding leathers. There is a nervous look in her eye though her face is school. Her raw hands pluck at the side seams of her leather breeches. She waits for the servant to announce her.
The servant clears his throat. "Milady, there is a Mistress Dorsey here to see you? Will you allow her your audience or should I send her away?"

Tia glances up, the scowl on her face at the disturbance something not often seen on the quiet Camden-born Lady. Then she sighs, tilting her head in a dip. "I will speak to her," she says. Her gaze moves now to where she might see Mistress Dorsey, thinking that she knows that name. She waits though, setting her basket aside. The maid notes as the basket is settled and snatches it quietly, rescuing the herbs. Tia waits for Dania to approach, and then she says, "Good day, Mistress Dorsey. How may I help you?"

Dania walks closer it is apparent she is exhausted. She does not smile instead when she is but a few feet away she offers the Lady a respectful curtsy. She then finds her voice and she says to the Lady Ashwood. "Milady you may wish to sit down as I have some news for you." Her voice is gentle as a light summer breeze.

Tia is seated, in fact. She stays so, as Dania arrives. And she jumps to the logical conclusion, since it has been on her mind, weighing her down. "You've come about Einar," she says, a little tonelessly. "Alright, then, go ahead and tell me." She's not expecting good news, given the start Dania has made. In fact, her hands clasp together as she sits there, white knuckled.

"The sickness took a strong hold of him Milady and he passed away. I am truly sorry my Lady." Dania tell her in a gentle manner. "He was not alone when he died. He died in the arms of a friend." She keeps her voice gentle. "He had been sick for a while and we had hoped that we would be able to help him resist the lure of the stranger. But there is not cure for this sickness. He was wonderful lord and he cared for his people." She goes on. "I am truly sorry to bring you this new. The moment when he passed a child was born. He is in the care of my apprentice as his wife still has milk. The infant is being cared for but we deemed him too young to make the trip north, he is only a few days old. Both his mother and his father died of the sickness. If he is not to north we may apprentice and I can take him in."

Tia goes completely still as she hears what is said. Totally motionless. Her skin drains of colour, though she knew this was coming. Still, it comes on top of ill news. Compounded by the departure of Anders and Corrie. After a long quiet time, uncomfortably long perhaps, she says, "Oh gods." A breath, and then, oh so gently, her blue eyes showing no emotion at all, she says, "Thank you for telling me, Mistress Dorsey. It is very much appreciated." Her hands are clenched so tight, she's likely cutting her nails into her palms, but she doesn't notice. "A baby? With no parents? And you would like to take him to apprentice? I - think that would be acceptable, unless there is someone to take him to Flint's Finger where he maybe has relatives." She does not take any solace in the birth of a baby, it seems.

"We will look into it for the moment the infant is too young to travel." Dania smiles gently. "Yes the infant has no parents the mother died moments before his birth. The father died of the sickness as well. We will take care of him and look into things. I will send an inquiry north. The some of the items that our Lord gave to us to give had to be destroyed because of the nature of the illness. Lady Fenster was given instructions by him as to what is to be done with that items that we could bring with us." She explains in the same gentle manner. Her raw fingers continue to pick the seam as she continues to talk.

Tia listens, and then she nods. "Lady Fenster?" she asks. Now of course there's a guilt in her, though her expression stays numb, blessedly numb. "I thank you for bringing this news, Mistress Dorsey. And for looking after Einar when I could not." She almost loses her composure there, words halting, but she pulls herself together. "Might I offer you some coins for your trouble? So you at least might rest at the inn?" She's not really wanting to talk, but she is listening. Her maid has a very sympathetic look on her face, and the guard is frowning. But neither interrupt.

"No, I am to leave here as soon as I can. There is no need to pay me." Dania tells her. She then offers her a curtsy. "By your leave?" She asks her as she rises from her curtsy and she slowly starts to back away. "Lady, none are to blame, the fault lies with the sickness itself, Bloody Flux. It has been known to decimate armies. There is nothing you could have done. Remember the good lord as he was and not way he was before he died. His legacy is in your heart and your memories. Forgive me for being bold with my words."

Tia tilts her head, finally relaxing her clenched knuckles as Dania says her bit. She watches, but doesn't appear to see Dania now. She's almost looking past her, as Corrie used to do, though the devastated look on Tia's face is such that it seems she's not seeing ghosts. or at the least, not made up ones. "You are fine, Mistress Dorsey," she says. "I am not offended, but I think that you should perhaps leave, yes." She gets to her feet now, and says, "I think I just need a little time alone." She turns to head towards the stables

"As you wish Milady." Dania knows that look she has seen it in Corries eyes. She does not need to be asked twice. She leaves very quickly before she can be called back.