Page 511: If We Shadows Have Offended
If We Shadows Have Offended
Summary: While the men rush off to save the stolen children, women and retainers gather at the forward camp.
Date: 16-Dec-2012
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Worn Road — Wilderness
A point of land between Terrick's Roost and Stonebridge, one can travel to either of the two from here, by travelling west or east, while north takes them to Highfield and south to Seagard. Temporary Description: A small camp has been set up, though it lacks all means of tents. There are places to tie up horses and variety of seating options about, making it seem more like a picnic. However, there is an abundance of guards keeping watch.
December 16th, 289 A.L.

“As the hunter is hunted down, she slays her enemies on sacred ground.”

~ Boadicea

It was a good thing that a small camp had been set. Not only had some of Lord and Knights squires been left behind, but guards and now there were ladies present that had been there to see some of them off. Not at noisey as before when the group of horses had thundered out of the area and off to make their rescue, there is still some men talking of what they think will happen, and standing in groups of guards and squires alike.
Having positioned herself on one fo the seats kindly set out, Jocelyn places her hands on her lap and turns her head to speak with her maid, her two large guards stand behind her with their arms crossed and scanning the area, having a bit of conversation of their own about the events.

Maybe it was intentional, or maybe it was fate, but a small group of riders comes into the camp after the men have already departed in search of the missing child. It has been a very long ride from Broadmoor, especially non-stop with only a few breaks and no rest. The lead rider is the slender form of Katrin Haigh, hands tight on her reins as she guides her mount toward the small crowd of ladies and men left behind. Tired, to be sure, but on high alert. After all, who knows what dangers might lurk along the road. Which might very well be why there are two armed Haigh guards flanking either side of her. Bringing up the rear are Katrin's constant companions - her elderly Septa who has definitely seen better days and a grouchy looking maid who is likely sore in places she had best not mention in good company.

Not far from Jocelyn - Freya Caul crouches near her horse 'Paul'. Plainly a little listless at having been excluded from the action. She uses a stick to draw on the ground - some sort of rough map. She is in leather armor with a Haigh insignia on them. Her blonde hair dangles over her face. Introspective she has yet to notice Katrin's entrance.

Though notably absent for the departure of those who now venture in search of her daughter - and some others, with luck, but that's hardly of interest to her - the Lady Ceinlys has now arrived to the temporary camp, amid her own small retinue. It seems that she's had quite enough of sitting idle, thank you very much. With her palfrey suitably secured and contentedly munching the sparse few handfuls of hay one of the guards thoughtfully had the forseight to bring, the Steward herself is now discussing, by lamplight, the maps of the search thus far with a few of the men remaining behind; affirming to her own mind precisely where the nobles are to be heading.

With the faintest shadow of a contemplative frown darkening her brow, the young woman nods her understanding as one of those more familiar with the area points out a few select routes and unexplored patches of terrain. Of course, thanks to those who have approached her in the days leading up to this, she already knows the intended destination. But knowledge is power, as they say. Besides, it's keeping her mind occupied. Which is more than can be said of her ever-present chaperone. Brigid is half-dozing in a chair nearby, arms comfortably folded under her bosom and head occasionally lolling just enough to start her semi-awake once more.

The sound of horses has Jocelyn's heart speeding up, and she blinks. "Its too soon for the men to have returned." Jocelyn says to Iulia, turning her head to make note of those that arrive. Seeing Lady Katrin first and then the arrival of Lady Ceinlys… well, it does not help calm her. Staring after them, and chewing on the inside of her lower lip she considers.
The female voice coming from her side is what draws her from her thoughts, looking to Arabella at her words a touch of a smile is given to the girl. "It was no sweeter than what you have done. If I understood correctly, you have the Jast Knight the ribbon? He made comment that he had to return it safely. I think we all just want to see to these childrens safety and have this matter resolved. Everyone has suffered in their own way much more than they should."
The line of though had her turning her head toward Ceinlys again. Standing from her sitting position, she doesnt move forward, but she calls out to the woman. "Lady Ceinlys." She'd wait until the woman turned to look at her, "My Lady, Your brother has asked me to tell you, if you've not heard word yourself, that he has found the location of your daughter. He is on his way there as we speak it. He expressed his desire for me to tell you: You'll be with your daughter very soon."

"One of you see to the horses," Katrin murmurs a quiet command to the Haigh guards as she dismounts from her chestnut mare, Heron. A gloved hand rubs gently over the horse's sweaty neck and the mare lowers her head to nudge tiredly at her mistress. "The other please see to Septa Mira." The Haigh girl turns and grimaces on the sight of her Septa in such a poor condition. "Septa, are you alright?" she asks worriedly. The girl is just waved off.

Biting at her lip, Katrin turns back to the camp, her dark green eyes taking measure of those present and their current situations. She first takes notice of Ceinlys, frowning and immediately taking a few steps towards her cousin. But there's hesitation. It might not be wise to interrupt a lioness when her cub is still in danger… And then there's Arabella. Still so young. A silent debate rages in her mind before the scarred lady makes her choice and walks towards the Fenster, her riding habit looking surprisingly neat, albeit dusty, for the time in the saddle.

Katrin stops short again on seeing Jocelyn and then hearing the Nayland lady's words. It might be eavesdropping, but there is relief at there at least being word on where Hafwen has been kept. And also concern for those risking their lives to bring her back. Since she was not the one to interrupt first, the Haigh holds out a hand in her kinswoman's direction. "Ceinlys. How are you faring, cousin?"

Freya keeps to herself mostly on her side of the small camp with an anxious frown on her face merely listening to the other women talk. Not carrying herself with as much certainty. Standing from her small roughly drawn map Freya rises and approaches the assembled nobles trying to avoid being rude. Though she is not in a dress she curtsies, "Ladies," is all that she says - bright features marred with worry. She could add alot to what was being discussed having heard of the nature of the knights adversary but does not want to compund anybodies worries.

Glacial blue eyes flit up and aside from their regard of the maps, held at staff length by her guard. Settling a cool gaze upon the Nayland noblewoman as she addresses her directly, Ceinlys leaves the silence long enough almost to stretch to uncomfortable, before slowly inclining her head. Yes, she was aware of Jocelyn's presence. But seeing as the other has made the first step toward conversation and given the circumstances of all their combined presence here in the wilderness tonight.. well, she relents. A little.

"Lady Jocelyn." The acknolwedgement is soft-spoken, lacking any evidence of upset or worry from the Steward, though surely those do exist? Nobody's that heartless, after all. Listening to what is passed on, she considers a moment more before speaking further. "Thank you. I.. appreciate your passing on the message." Those unsettling eyes flit over the other, taking her measure thoughtfully, now that they are face to face. "And I am certain he appreciates your being here, to welcome him upon his return." The discussion with Arabella seems not to hold her interest, though, and she doesn't seek to intervene. Ceinlys gave a favor, once, on the field of battle. To her knowledge, it still remains on the haft of the weapon it was bound upon.

Ahh, a familiar face. Turning to regard Katrin as her younger cousin approaches, the raven-haired Haigh softens enough to offer a half-smile, dismissing the guards and paperwork entirely now. Let them mutter over such things themselves, if she has something more to distract her. "Katrin.. what are you doing out here?" Her initial pleasure gives way slightly to realisation and concern. A hand rises in kind, though her own reaches to lightly pat at her kin's cheek. "You look tired. Some strongwine, perhaps?"

The long pause of acknowledgement wast better than she was expecting in return for her words. Jocelyn was happy to way however long it would take in order to pass on the message she had to bare. When she was finally spoken to, she returns. "I assure you its nothing to pass on the message if it at least puts you in some easy, My Lady. I can not imagine what you have gone through in the passing days. I'm very sorry that you had to bare it all." Most would take the words as pure and sincere. Hopefully, Ceinlys did as well, because they were just that. Sincere.
Whether or not Perrin appreciated her being here, it want her concern. At least not at the moment when she was faced with this sister. "I only wish to offer comfort to those that need it. I am sure that youre being here, will give him far more joy than I, so that he can be present when you are reunited with your daughter. Its what he wishes above all else, I do think." It would too, warm Jocelyn to see Perrin so happy on his return as well.
The voice of Katrin is one she new, but was not too familar with the person. At her approach she curtsey's, "Good Day, Lady Katrin." There had been a lack of smiles on the Naylands part since they both arrived, the need to be serious seemed to stretch over her. A flickering glance is given to Freya as she greets the women, "Good Day, Mistress Caul."

"Be at peace, Ceinlys," Katrin soothes, gently squeezing one of the older Haigh's hands. "It was a long ride from Broadmoor, but I could not bear to sit idly by any longer while you and Perrin were here, searching for Hafwen. Even if all I could provide you with was comfort and companionship, then that is what I set out to do." She looks off down a random trail. Might have been the one departed toward earlier. "Have you heard anything yet? We are so very isolated down in Broadmoor, as I am certain you well know."

The girl bites at her lower lip, taking in a deep breath. "But if Perrin is amongst them, I am sure that everything will be just fine. He will bring Hafwen home." She inclines her head. "Perhaps some wine would be good. Ease the nerves and help the time pass as we await the men. I know that Lord Alric came to the Roost to aid in the search. Do you know if he came along on this expedition? I see his sister sitting over there, so I would imagine so…"

Her gaze is finally torn away from her immediate family and toward Jocelyn. The sight of a Nayland brings an immediate frown to her lips but Katrin takes in another breath as she smoothes away her displeasure and offers a tip of her head. "Lady Jocelyn," she greets quietly. "I do hope that you are well. Are not too restless as you await the return of the men."

Following her cousin's glance toward Jocelyn, though her own gaze remains somewhat aloof and undecided when it comes to the Nayland, Ceinlys waves one of her guards to rouse her handmaid, apparently including the outsider in the invitation to wine. For now, they're all stuck here. May as well make the best of it. "I am glad to see you, cousin.." she admits, looking back to Katrin once the guard has prodded Brigid unceremoniously awake. "And yes, Broadmoor is certainly too far to keep a close eye on proceedings. Though I trust her offices fare well enough in my absence." Her tone implies they'll just have to. She's not returning home without her daughter.. regardless of how she is found.

Sweeping aside an errant wisp of ebon hair with her fingertips then refolding her arms about her fragile waist - has she lost even more weight, recently? One could understand why.. - the Steward glances distractedly at her handmaid as the older woman ambles over with a skin of potent, warmed wine and a few carved cups. "I have every faith in my brother." The murmured agreement lacks its usual fire and certainty.. but it seems genuine enough, all told. "There are also a few knights of Lord Aleister's household lending their swords. And a cousin of his." Not the man himself, of course. He has far more important matters to attend. That much goes unsaid. "Lady Jocelyn." Her thoughts evidently returning to the present, Ceinlys drifts unhurriedly now toward a chair, only a short pace or two from the Nayland's, and sweeps an ushering hand toward Katrin, silently urging her to accompany. "..would you care for some wine..?" Wine fixes everything.

Freya takes the initiative and moves to serve if anyone will have wine. Since she is not needed for anything else she may as well play waitress. Retrieving the jug Freya offers Lady Ceinlys first pour into her goblet or whatever she has - moving to each of the ladies in turn. Freya is a bit of a mess - hair dangles over her face. She has been hard at work these last few weeks and takes no comfort in the saga coming to an end.

"You needn't fear, Ceinlys," Katrin assures. "Everything is well in hand at Broadmoor. I have done what I could, and there are others that have also helped pick up the slack until you have returned and set us all straight." She smiles warmly. "For now, we all expect your attention to be here. As it should be. But in truth, I fear everyone's mind is a bit scattered at the moment, until we hear word of Hafwen's return."

"I am certain the best and brightest are doing what they can to aid in this search. It will not be long until you see them coming along the road, carrying your little girl in their arms. She will be scared, but far more excited to ride in a knight's saddle, I think. And of course so very happy to see you." Words spoken in hope, rather than with certainty. And who exactly knows how many will have to fall in order to see this prediction come to truth. The girl takes a few steps forward with Ceinlys, staying close to her cousin's side.