Page 308: If The Clouds Bear Sunshine
If The Clouds Bear Sunshine
Summary: Music! And discussion about what to do when the clouds part.
Date: 23/May/2012
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Tourney Grounds
Grass and horses! Lots of knights!
May 23, 289

Another day at the Tourney area, and the natives are getting restless. Or at least perhaps the knights are. There's one knight though, who has found a good area to practice. Has he got a sword in hand? Not at all. Ser Keelin Dorsey is atop his mighty war steed Tiny (who isn't) and is putting the large warhorse through his paces.

One of those people getting restless would be a certain Ser Martyn Mallister, who makes his way, on foot and unarmed, through the tourney area. His expression is that of someone not very happy at the moment as he looks around the area, pausing a bit as he sees Keelin and Tiny out and about. Finding something to lean against, he watches man and beast a bit carefully for the moment.

Saffron is striding through the open area of the tournament grounds with her old crony minder at her heels. Mistress Morla has definitely not slowed in her elder years, though she has started to carry about a cane in recent days. It must be the uncomfortable state of the tournament pavilions in general. Her hair has been loosened from their braids, catching the soft breeze that rolls through the field. She has a rather somber expression, though this might be caused by the chattering Morla, who is going over the logistics to relocate to Stonebridge. She spies the not-so-tiny Tiny and his rider, recognizing Ser Keelin Dorsey from afar. As casually as possible, she begins to alter their path toward the knight. The question will be if Morla notices the change in destination.

Music. Of course, what else? Tiaryn Flint is known for nothing more than music, and she's found herself a spot - a chair atop a blanket (and apologies to whoever gets that to launder), and she's simply sitting there, resting her knee as ordered. And playing harp, the music sliding around the natural sounds of the area, and hopefully uplifting everyone who hears it.

Keelin's not paying attention to folks coming by to watch or stir up trouble. He's got the sound of the harp vaguely in his ears, but he's still working with the horse. Trot, walk, trot, canter, in nice figure eight patterns for the moment. As he comes around and does catch sight of Martyn, he waves a hand easily. For now, SAffron's sneaky direction shift is not noted, at least not by the knight. "M'lord Martyn," he says, inclining his head, but just keeping his horse going through the routine.

Artur was hoping to participate in the melee but the weather has not at all been pleased to accomodate such a request. Having resigned himself to wandering around the camp, he decided that sitting in a chair near the musician was better than walking through the wet grounds. Besides, the music is good, so why not stay and listen. Mostly alone, the terrick non-knight, self professed career soldier doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get anything done, rather content to sit in his chair for the rest of hte day. Benefits of being old, you have people to walk for you. Speaking of such people, here comes a servant with wine for him and the musician, because Artur is grumpy as hell, but surprisingly accomodating when he wants to be.

It's likely a great number of Knights who are growing somewhat restless, and one of them is Saethwyr. After checking both his weapons and his horse, he's settled for wandering the tournament grounds. To the casual observer, it would seem that his wandering is aimless. Yet his ears have happened to catch the sound of music — and more than that, of harp music — and so he starts to follow his ears, so to speak, and make his way towards the source of it. He doesn't seem in a hurry, his stride relaxed and easy.

Saffron passes by Lady Tiaryn as the gentle sound of the harp touches her ears, and she pauses to smile at the woman with the smallest of dimpling. "Good day, Lady Tiaryn," she says politely, and the Mistress curtsies even with her cane, or at least something close. She glances toward the knight and his horse, before her eyes fall on Martyn Mallister. She waves to the latter as she has yet seen fit to interrupt the warhorse.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears the sound of the harp, and it does lighten his mood somewhat. He doesn't turn in that direction yet, but nods a little bit at Keelin's greeting. "Ser Keelin," he offers in a greeting, pausing a little bit as he notices that waving from Saffron, and he offers a polite nod and a half-wave in return. Not moving in any direction from where he's standing yet, though.

Tia inclines her head to Saffron. "Good day, Lady Saffron. It's not so bad, though I've seen some very long faces on the menfolk of late," she says. Even while speaking, she manages to keep the music going. There is a maid and a guard around, as always, keeping watch over the Lady Flint and making sure that there is nothing untoward. Did someone say wine?

Keelin is about to say something more to Martyn but he notices that his liege lord looks a little bit distracted. Which gets his attention looking over towards Saffron, the musician and so on. A brow arches. "I didn't realize there was an audience for such things as this. Is it not too boring to watch?" That's aimed at Martyn primarily, though should anyone have an answer, they're welcome. "And have you seen Dania? I thought she was going to be here to watch the melee."

Artur said wine and the servant offers the cup to Lady Tia now. Taken or not, the servant runs off afterwards and leaves them be until she comes back to wait on Artur to give some order. The old man simply sips on his wine and gunts at the comment about menfolk, "Some of them are upset because they lost, some of them because they haven't got to bash anyone's head in with a sword and still some are just naturally that angry at the world. Take me for instance, hate the world, just tolerate it enough to not burn it down." Is that a joke? There's no telling with him.

"To be honest, Ser Keelin, it is quite pleasant to watch… relaxing as if were," Saffron says toward the knight before she looks back toward Tiaryn and she gives a small laugh. As Artur speaks up, she nods her head in agreement. "I would say that is true, My Lady. I know Ser Kamron Mallister was looking forward to the melee… he's squire is in quite a state preparing." She then smiles once more, but it does not quite cause her dimples to appear.

"No, unfortunately, I haven't seen your charming sister in a while," Martyn replies to Keelin, before he looks over at the others, unable to hold back a half-grin as he hears Artur's words. "And some of us are two out of those three, Lord Artur," he offers in the man's direction, with a bit of a shrug. Not saying anything about what two, though.

Upon approach to Tiaryn, and those who already keep her company, Saethwyr offers a bow. "Good day," he offers, a smile coming to the corners of his lips. He, at least, hasn't been looking too terribly grumpy — but then, he hasn't lost anything at this point. All he hasn't been able to do is get to bash anyone, since the melee hasn't happened yet. Time will tell, though. "Your playing, as always, Lady Flint, is quite lovely," he compliments, inclining his head to her.

Artur nods at Martyn, "This is true. Perhaps we'll see if I become two of them when they finally have this melee and I get to use my greatsword as more than a coat hanger." Then a chuckle, "It is good to see you however Ser Mallister." As Saethwyr approaches, there's a brief nod at him before the old man goes back to drinking wine quietly enough.

Tia glances up as the servant offers the wine. "Where from?" she asks, first, and gets a gesture towards Artur. She smiles. "Thank you, please set it down on the table here," she says. "It will be lovely during the break." And as the servant scampers off, she instead looks over to Artur and inclines her head. Then she raises her voice just enough to be conversational with those around. "Thank you, m'Lord Terrick," she says, with a bright smile. "You are most kind." A few strains are played as she listens to Saffron, and then she chuckles, the music echoing the sound for a moment, before it goes off on a martial trill of a song, often played for soldiers to march to. "I think Ser Kamron's squire is always in quite a state, is he not?" she asks Saffron, and then back to Artur, she says, "I have heard there are many such folk, men and women alike, but I cannot bring myself to be one of them, at least not - yet." Her last word is stalled a moment, as she catches sight of Saethwyr approaching. Swallow. Blink. The music might have a teeny hitch, but you'd have to be really good to catch it. "Lord Charlton, good day to you as well. I don't recall if you've met - well, Lady Saffron, and over there is Lord Martyn Mallister, and on the horse - I don't rightly know. And this fine Lord Terrick here seems a good sort." That with a smile at Artur.

Keelin looks over at Saffron at her comment, sketching a half bow, even while mounted. "Far be it for me to keep from being entertaining," he says with a chuckle.The horse puts up with it well enough. He then frowns at Martyn, sighing a bit. "I might have to go find her," he says, after a moment. "She's got a nose for trouble, I find. I don't recall that from when we were children."

"Percival tries hard, Lady Tiaryn… he actually has even shown improvement lately. You know, as long as he's not using his brain terribly much," Saffron says about Ser Kamron's squire. "So, he is a good instinctive squire." At the mention of Lord Terrick, Saffron smiles toward Artur and Martyn again with a slight dimpling at her cheeks. Something about Tiaryn catches the young Banefort's attention, and she glances toward the Lady and then the Charlton lord with a slight arching of her coppery brows. She does her best to keep her expression smooth and unquestioning as she gestures to the place where Tiaryn has made herself at home. "Do you mind if we sit and join you, My Lady?" We, of course, being Saffron and her crony minder who is giving Keelin a suspicious look, and then Martyn a suspicious look — only Artur is really spared said look. Saffron does turn a bit to look up at Ser Keelin with a growing smile again. "I think you are a natural at it… being entertaining, that is."

Artur earns a nod of greeting from the Charlton Knight, though his attention returns rather readily to Lady Tiaryn. Then there seems to be another round of introductions, and he's following the names and indications of whom they belong to. "Lord Terrick, a pleasure to meet you," he adds, sketching a bow to the man. The movement is enough to have some of his dark hair fall forward to veil one of his eyes. A nod of greeting is given to the others, but he's quiet as there's questions being asked of Lady Tiaryn.

"And you too, Lord Terrick," Martyn offers to Artur, before he looks back to Keelin. "Just let me know if you need some help getting her, or yourself, out of trouble at some point," he offers. Looking to Tiaryn and Saethwyr for a moment now, studying the Charlton lord a bit intently, before he notices that suspicious look from Saffron's minder, and offers his most innocent-looking smile in return. See, nothing bad here.

Artur looks over at the Charlton knight and nods, "Ser Saethwyr, a pleasure I'm sure." Then he sips at his wine quietly, eyes locking with the minder for a minute before a shrug is given and he is spared a glance. Why? Because everyone knows you don't screw with the grumpy old man. "Ser Dorsey, Lady Saffron, Lady Tiaryn. I take it you knights are going to participate in the melee?" He doesn't think he can make jokes with the other two so he turns to Martyn, "So, Lord Ser Mallister, what do you think? Think you can swing your sword around long enough for us to have a right proper melee? Wouldn't want us old soldiers to make it too hard on you."

Tia chuckles as she nods. "Indeed, Lady Saffron, by all means, do have a seat," she invites. "And I am certain you are correct about poor Percival. I have hopes that he might grow into those knees and elbows one day. And he might be quite a giant should that ever occur." She continues to play, her concentration once again smooth and easy, as she speaks, giving Saffron another look. "So, who is that knight on the horse?" she asks, curiously. And then to Artur, Tia offers a winsome smile. "Perhaps another two songs, and then I shall have to take a break," she says, sort of in general, by way of gently letting them all know the music will be ending soon. "Though I thank you for the compliments on my playing." Her eyes gleam at Artur's joking with the Mallister knight, though her gaze is drawn back to Saethwyr every so often.

Keelin catches the evil eye from Mistress Morla and has to fight to refrain from his initial reaction. He nods his head to Martyn, only adding a "If I'm in enough trouble that I need you to rescue me, it's far too late for me to be calling for help." But he dismounts now and starts walking Tiny, working in on a cooldown phase. He does incline his head to the folks he's just been introduced to. "Lord Terrick, Lord Charlton." As his walking brings him nearer to Saffron, he bows gracefully to the noble woman. "Enchanted, I am sure. I can be as entertaining as you would like me to be." See, he's not the sort of knight approved by septas, generally speaking.

"That is Ser Keelin Dorsey… I met him at the Roost. He's quite a charmer, to be honest. I find it hard not liking his company," says Saffron, even as her minder awards her comment a derisive snort — Saffron ignores this. She instead looks back toward Tiaryn with a small grin. She spies the casual glances toward the Charlton man, and so she says in an airy, feathery voice. "But, I think you might find someone else's company better…" She has taken a seat now, though she has swept up her skirts to sit on the blanket, allowing her minder to take a chair once it becomes available. The Banefort looks up at the knight as he approaches, and she laughs brightly. And there are those dimples again. "You honor yourself well, Ser Keelin," Saffron says with a grin. Then she gestures to Tiaryn. "Ser Keelin, have you met the Lady Tiaryn Flint?"

"I had intended to do so, aye," Saethwyr offers by way of reply, a smile coming to the corners of his lips. His dark gaze turns to Martyn, and he tilts his head faintly to one side in a gesture of curiosity. He didn't do anything, really! His gaze flits back to rest on Tiaryn for a moment, then goes to Keelin before he offers a nod of greeting. "Ser Dorsey, a pleasure," he offers. Then there's Saffron's comment, and he finds his attention turning to her, a spark of curiosity reflecting in his dark eyes. It's perhaps wisest that he doesn't comment, and despite the desire to, he instead softly clears his throat and remains quiet. Which lasts for the time being, at least, though his gaze ends up finding Tiaryn more often than not.

Martyn's expression tightens for a few moments, before he offers a bit of a grin over in Artur's direction. "See, I have trained much since the last time I was in battle with an old man, Lord Artur. I'm sure we will have a good melee." Keelin's words makes him shake his head a bit lightly. "Technicalities, my friend," he offers, a bit lightly. Aside from that, he's keeping quiet now, expression a bit distant as one hand goes to rub at his neck, more or less without him knowing it.

Artur laughs at Martyn, "Thankfully you have a sense of humor. Most of the people at the roost are far too serious for their own good."
His attention turns now to the others and nods at Tia, "I see, well, i'll enjoy the music while it lasts."

Tia's cheeks go a little bit pink at Saffron's comment, though she doesn't say anything on that topic, rather hoping it will die on its own. "Ser Dorsey, a pleasure," she says, finally setting the harp to one side, and taking up the wine that has been gifted to her. She raises it in a toast, with a smile to Artur. "Thank you again, Lord Terrick." Tia's maid makes enough room for Saffron to join them, and the guard finds another chair, bringing it over, to take care of the poor aged septa's requirements. Tia lets her gaze flick over Saethwyr's face as he clears his throat, and then returns to her wine, enjoying the taste. Maybe that's what's brought the rosiness to her cheeks? She pauses a moment, and then she glances over to Artur at his words. "I can play more after a bit of a break. Perhaps someone else might take a turn, while I stretch my fingers?"

"I have not had the honor," Keelin says. He will reach out to bring the Lady's hand to his lips in a polite and graceful kiss, as he bows. Then a step back, and he says, "It is a pleasure, and you do play the sweetest music, Lady Flint." He pauses to give a smile to Saffron, and then he teases, "Did I get that right? I'm not used to meeting so many beautiful Ladies." Of course, he also bows and reaches for Saffron's hand to kiss as well. If she'll let him. He does give Martyn a look, sort of having been there, and understanding that Martyn might not quite like that reminder. Still, Martyn does handle it well. "Perhaps I shall get to try my hand against one of those old men, one of these days," he remarks, seeing if he can take the heat off a bit. "I'm intending to try the melee as well. Jousting is not my idea of fun, but a good melee, that I can sink my teeth into. Or well, my sword."

Saffron allows Keelin's greeting with a broad smile on her lips. "You are doing very well, Ser Keelin," she says warmly. Then she folds her hands gently in her lap now that she is seated comfortably. She listens to talk about the melee for a few moments before she looks back up toward the knights. "And again, you will be wonderfully entertaining, Ser Keelin." Then the Banefort takes in a deep breath before she smiles again, steadying the expression on her lips. "I'm looking forward to the melee too. I heard a lot of knights turning down the joust in excitement for the melee… I'm interested to see how they all fare compared to those who did joust." Then she looks over toward Tiaryn with a slight tilt of her head. "I'm familiar with the lyre… the instruments look similar, do you think I could manage?"

Artur looks over at Keelin, "Well perhaps you'll get your chance to try yourself against a career soldier tomorrow, only time will tell…and weather, sevens forbid the clouds bear sunshine." Then a laugh, "But I suppose that too is part of the waiting game." The wine is emptied but he doesn't ask for more, listening to the ladies converse. "Knights not entering the joust? The horror."

Martyn smiles, a smile that perhaps seems a little forced, as he listens to the others for a while, before speaking up again. "If you all will excuse me. I have a few things to take care of now…" And with that, he heads off, in the direction of where he's been staying during this whole long tourney.

"Ah, alas… I would volunteer for the task if I had any manner of skill at it," Saethwyr says, a smile coming to his features as he inclines his head to Tiaryn. His dark eyes reflect a sparkle to them for a moment before his gaze shifts to pass over the others present as well. He looks to Saffron, and he gives a small nod to part of her comment, it would seem. "I am curious to see how it will turn out as well," he muses, a thoughtful note to his voice. He looks to Artur, his expression reflecting a thoughtful nature to the man's words, and then his gaze wanders a little. Mostly back to Tiaryn, it would seem.

Artur nods and stands, "Regardless, I should return. Hopefully we'll have a melee tomorrow. Fare thee well all of you." And then he turns to start making his way back towards his temporary home.

Tia chuckles softly, reaching for the harp and passing it over to Saffron. "Give it a try," she suggests, eyes dancing with amusement. Keelin's antics bring a bigger smile to her face, and the cute Mallister sworn gets a long look from Tia. "I shall look forward to watching you all in the Melee, though you will make it difficult for me to know who to cheer for, should you end up facing each other." She pauses, and then says, "I will be forced to resort to asking Anders who he wishes to win, and voting for that fellow's opponent." She takes her wine back, sipping at it, and then laughs softly. "If the clouds bear sunshine, Lord Terrick, whatever shall we do withourselves? We might dry out and discover that all our clothing has shrunk. Good day to you, m'Lord." She inclines her head as Martyn heads off as well, giving him a bit of a concerned look. "He is okay, yes?" she asks, after a moment. To Saethwyr, she simply says, "What? No musical skill? Oh, now I am disappointed."

Keelin nods to Artur and to Martyn as they depart, respectfully. Then he offers a smile and a bow to those remaining. "I should depart as well, though not to complain of the clouds bearing sunshine, or aught else, but to walk my horse and then take care of him. If you will excuse me, it has been a pleasure meeting you all." He waits briefly before he too takes his leave.

Saethwyr gives a nod to Artur when the man mentions leaving. His attention comes back to Tiaryn, and he tilts his head faintly to one side. "I would hope that we'd not make the decision too difficult for you, my Lady," he says softly, a thoughtful note to his voice. He chuckles softly, his dark eyes showing amusement. "Ah, to cause some friendly rivalry?" he asks, raising an eyebrow slightly. Lifting his left hand, he lightly draws his fingers through his hair, and then he lifts a shoulder in a slight shrug. "No skill with the harp, my Lady," he clarifies, giving a nod to her.

As the crowds being to pitter out, Saffron looks after the departing knights with those pale blue eyes. Her gaze lingers, but its almost as if its lost a bit of focus instead of an actual leer. Her gaze shifts over toward Tiaryn at her question about Martyn, and she offers a small frown. "He's been sullen and dark lately, Lady Tiaryn. I'm not sure I know what has been bothering him. I've asked Ser Kamron and Lady Muirenn both." Then she glances over toward Saethwyr, and she laughs. "Ser Kamron has already been discussing out to handle those logistics… he's certain it will start out with alliances against alliances."

Tia considers the answer from Saethwyr, and then she nods. "Alright," she says, simply. So long as he has some musical appreciation, that's just fine. Then her attention is taken by Saffron, and she chuckles. "Well, that could be entertaining, to begin with, I should think. Especially as numbers thin and one side or the other runs out of knights. Then the teams would have to fall on each other, wouldn't they?" Interesting thought, that. "Thank you for the information about Ser Martyn. I am not at all sure what, but it does seem as if something might be bothering him. We shall have to see if there's a way to find out how to help, if we can." She hears her name from not too far away, and blinks, as she spies a Flint armsman, come to whisper in her ear, and then she takes a breath. "Certainly, I will be right there," she says. "Alas, I have forgotten a previous engagement," she says, as she rises to her feet, wobbling a bit as she stands, until she gets her footing. Stupid knee. (And truthfully, her relatives might be checking up on her, all things considered. "Allow me to wish you both a good day, and I look forward to speaking with you later."

The Charlton Knight isn't without his own appreciation for music — he does, after all, enjoy listening to the music from her harp. He watches the armsman come up to Tiaryn, then lets his attention drift a bit so as to not appear as though he's eavesdropping. When she speaks, though, his dark gaze turns back to her, and he raises an eyebrow slightly. As she wobbles, he steps forward to offer her his hand in order to steady her. "My Lady. A good day to you, as well," Saethwyr says to her, inclining his head towards her.