Page 569: I Remember You
I Remember You
Summary: Faline travels towards Stonebridge and happens upon an group out patrolling the borders of Highfield.
Date: 11/2/2013
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Daryl Faline 
Worn Road - Wilderness
A point of land between Terrick's Roost and Stonebridge, one can travel to either of the two from here, by travelling west or east, while north takes them to Highfield and south to Seagard.
Tue Feb 12, 290

Somewhere on the borderline of Ashwood and Terrick lands, a small mounted contingent of men are leading their horses along the main road, lead by the Deputy of Highfield, Daryl Ashwood. While often a nuisance or scandal that's a thorn in the side of his House, Daryl seems to be putting himself to good use today, out on what seems to be a typical patrol to safeguard the somewhat recently terrorized roads. "We're nearing Roost lands," The Ashwood advises his group of men, slowing his horse, "Fan out and give the horses rest as we hit the turnaround point." Watching as the other men begin to spread and look towards the treeline, Daryl takes a moment to reach for his waterskin, eyes narrowing to shield the bright sunlight and gust of wind that sweeps past as he raises the drink to his lips for a long sip. His countenance seems to display boredom, which means their ride thus far must have been uneventful. Safe, but uneventful.

For traveling abroad many safeguards have been put into place for a lady departing from the Roost. Three guards, two handmaidens and one small drawn wagon had contained enough belongs for a two day visit. All bound for Stonebridge, an unlikely place this particular Terrick took an interest in visiting. Faline sat upon her ivory mare, it's ashen muzzle bobbed as the group trotted across damp roads due to the recent rainfall.

Faline held onto the reins tightly, placing her faith for an uneventful journey into the hands of three guardsmen. Hopefully they would be enough. But the sight of a distant group had alerted one of her guards. "Halt." He called out. The horses were paused as he road ahead, "M'lady I'd ask you remain." Paranoid perhaps though with good reason. Faline sighed heavily, "Will you give us grievance to pause if the winds change as well Ser Mavin? For the sake of the Seven… let us continue." She groaned while kicking a heel at the belly of her horse, driving it forward. The guards had not choice but to follow as she road closer for the crossroads leading off towards the various lands, but Stonebridge was her destination.

These men on patrol, not her own wore the colors of Ashwood upon closer inspection. Still, that cock sure guard felt the need to, once again, ride ahead and make inquiry of the small contingent. "M'lord." He glanced back to the arriving party before continuing, "How do the roads fair, are they fit to travel for a lady of House Terrick?"

Setting his drinking container back on a metal link hanging near his saddle bag, The Deputy closes his eyes to cherish another merciful breeze as it kicks past, cooling him off after the lengthy ride he had just completed. When emerald hues re-open, they find themselves settled on the Stonebridge bound Terrick grouping. Well, he had been wishing for -something- to happen…But seeing a Terrick was not what he had in mind. With a faint muttering under his breath, the Ashwood eyes their lot disdainfully at first, but by the time he's kicking his horse lightly to approach halfway, his visage is all pleasant smile and charm. A look towards his men, and as protocol states they line along the path at the ready, but don't block the road itself, still allowing passage through. As he nears, he nods to the guard across, "Well," he begins, looking back over his shoulder briefly, "Our side of things are. I suppose it depends on what your destination is. Never can be too sure if you're moving for Stonebridge." Well, if there's a House he disliked more than Terrick, Nayland would be a good guess. "We have yet to finish our patrol, though we could go some ways further and accompany you for added security if you wish…Can never be too careful nowadays." There's a look down the ways in an attempt to see just who these men were escorting.

Faline had caught the tail end of the nobleman's words while approaching the group. "The companionship will be ever delightful." She chirps in, a little excited for conversation with someone other than her handmaidens who now eye each other after muted gestures of greeting. "Lord Ashwood am I correct?" The stitched marking of status upon his breast tickles the banks of her memory. "Daryl." The name summoned draws a smile upon her rose tinted lips. "I am Faline, though I believe you are more familiar with my brother. Ozric." Since the rescue of the missing children most had different opinions of the new Terrick heir.

The guard pulled the reins onto his lap, "Aye, Stonebridge." Confirming their destination.

"Then we will see you there someways and ensure your safe arrival, M'lady." Daryl speaks towards Faline now, cutting out the middle man between them but offering a nod as he confirms their destination. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Faline, I…" As she mentions the Young Lord, it gives him pause, but his demeanor shifts very little. The same man who had him tossed from the Roost over an Erenford-Ashwood controversy within the Roost. "…Am familiar with Lord Ozric, yes." There's a pause as he turns towards his men, "Converging!" He yells lightly towards them, "Two in back, to in lead! We're headed east!" As is men trot horses to take up protective positions on either side of the convoy, Daryl steers his horse towards Stonebridge, finding a spot beside Faline, but not too close, as he dips his head. "I assume you'll be attending the masquerade in a few days time?" Little more than small talk, but the Terrick lady gets a fleeting appreciative glance up and down before his eyes are set forward once more.

No particular interest is given towards the men lining up in a new formation, surrounding the small wagon, her handmaidens and three guards. One of which takes a comfortable position at the tail of this group. The shift in his demeanor is noticed, some inner pleasure draws her lips to curve as the lady looks to the eastern road ahead. She heard of that discontent and just poked the sleeping bear, gently. "My brother has all eyes trained upon him, watching his every decision. It is not easy to dance gracefully before an audiance of spectators if the moves have yet been taught." But still she answers his inquiry, "Yes, my sister as well. Gaelena. The traditions here are little different than those celebrated in the Vale. Have you ever attended this masquerade before?" She asked, pulling the hood of her purple and gold riding cloak back a touch, revealing the obscured features of her dark brown hair. "This is themed is it not?"

"I haven't." Daryl replies curtly as his horse begins to step forward, as do the men leading to keep everyone moving, "I'm surprised they're letting us within Stonebridge, to be honest." There's a chuckle at that, a smirk rising on his lips and a nonchalant half shrug as he idly looks back to the Terrick woman, "Not even sure if i'll be attending yet, or if duties will keep me home." At the mention of Ozric, a coy smile creeps onto his features and he assures, "I'm sure Lord Ozric will do just fine. While there may have been a couple missteps and bruised toes during his leading of the search for Hafwen, we did get the job done formidably despite such things." A little return jab, but it's played so smoothly into a friendly tone, "I heard such news about his betrothal to the Mallister lady. Thoughts on that? Their pairing for your two houses?" A small look away, constantly observing the tree line for any potential danger. "And i'm unsure if it has any particular theme. Have you not thought up your outfit?" His hues lock to hers after the question.

Faline reached forward, brushed the grey mane of her mare as Daryl spoke, "As am I. What relations I learned of before my arrival between the houses seem to change as often as the winds.

Faline reached forward, brushed the grey mane of her mare as Daryl spoke, "As am I. What relations I learned of before my arrival between the houses seem to change as often as the winds." The tension roped between Terrick and Nayland was even questionable. "As I'm sure many suffers when called into new duties. I do not suppose you were born with a sword in hand. If so, I have concerns with the sons born from Charlton." She quipped back, not willing to speak ill of her brother. "Pardon, I mean Ashwood now." Those hazel green eyes searched to meet his while seated comfortably upon the saddle. "My thoughts would matter little truth be told. I pray he is happy with the union and that she'll serve equally the needs of the Roost better if not greater than her former lady." A small mention of Anais' former seat soon to be had by the Mallister. "But I have no thoughts to any particular attire. I am poor judge of mind when it comes to these courtier affairs. Though if we are to be masqued why would I spoil my concealed identity? Would it not ruin the element of mystery?"

A sudden movement within the trees shakes the high branches, and a flock of black-feathered birds take to the skies quickly, soaring overhead and past the road to the other side of forest. Daryl gives it a quick look, but seeing nothing amiss keeps his attention focused on Faline beside as she speaks. There's a natural, charming sort of grin that appears as he waves the name slip away dismissively, "It was Charlton then, when I was born…Though no we are not…Well, atleast -I- wasn't. That would be my good friend, Sheriff Jast…" A chuckle, "Though I believe he came out the womb with a spear instead." He then shrugs again lightly, "Whether it matter or not, I think a Lady's opinion counts for something…Even if it's only to hear her voice." His eyes linger a moment and he turns away then. "You've seen through my plan, M'lady…I was hoping to obtain even the smallest hint, so if I -were- to attend, it would make it easier to find you." It's borderline flirting, but he's very casual about, so it could just be jesting. "I myself haven't considered it either. I fear i'm of the same mindset as you on that."

How ominous. The black birds taking flight in group. One handmaiden murmurs to the other who makes a silent prayer. Faline's gaze flips skyward as Daryl speaks. "His name is spoken often as a valiant warrior representing your house. There must be something said about those hailing from the Westerlands." Maybe it was the sun's heat that boiled the blood of those born beneath it. Still her gaze was averted, feinging casual interest in his playful tone. "Then I would say upon the chance you might attend such an event, that perhaps I would garnish a trinket of familiarity for my lord's benefit." The upturned corner of her mouth was a small one. "Though I wager a challenge would be appreciated ever more. To hunt for the purple eagle should it wish to be found." Faline turned her attention from the skies, "Do you enjoy the hunt Lord Daryl? Or would you prefer your prey be sprawled before you? Exposed and complacent?"

"Lord Deputy!" Is heard from the front of the column, from one of the Ashwood men in lead. Something was amiss, and Daryl immediately looks, sees no form of imminent of danger, and puts whatever it is on hold. After all, he was talking to a Lady. Wouldn't want to be rude. The Deputy smirk rises ever more, one made famous by his late cousin and former Lord of Highfield, now living on by some twisted humor of genetics, "Well, M'lady…It would be appreciated." As she asks about hunting, the smirk is replaced with a more blatant form of interest, though likely the topic of hand more than the woman beside, "Doesn't a wolf always?…" A counter reference to his own House, "But it is foolish to rush in blind when on the hunt…And I like to have a leg up on any competition." Leaving it at that, his eyes fixate across but are torn away, "Lets see what the problem is. I swear that man mewls like an infant sometimes." With a spur of his boots, he kicks his steed forwards and around to identify the problem. Ahh. A large fallen tree trunk blocks the path further…Likely uprooted from one of those storms that happened recently.

"Hm," Daryl notes quietly, turning to wave those men from the rear up front, "Looks like it's your lucky day you brought us along, Lady Faline! Else i'm not sure how else you'd get around this." A look to his men, "Tie ropes around one side of the base, then to the horses. We'll drag it out of the way." The men dismount, Daryl included, and ropes begin to be tied to one end of the dead tree trunk.

Her brow arched skyward in the mention of his house's sigil. Predators, how fitting. Carrying on the topic was cut short from the men darting ahead. Drawing her eyes forward to survey the cause of alarm. Had the wagon not been present a small jaunt off the road would have sufficed. But the road needed to be cleared and perhaps now was a good time for a rest. Faline waved to her guards, "Aid where you must." (emit them at your leisure) Issuing a command for the three to approach with horses and offer their strength where ever necessary. The two handmaidens drew closer to Faline, flanking her rear. Now they waited. "The Seven made it so for our paths to cross Lord Daryl!" She returned loud enough for her voice to carry. Her eyes turned over the shoulder at the wagon wating and it's driver. "See the men are rewarded for their efforts, there is wine is there not?" The driver tied the reins to the wooden breaker, "Aye m'lady, there be wine." This older male climbed from ther wagon's seat and walked around towards the back of the cart.
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With the combined effort of eight horses and men pushing on both ends of the tree, the obstruction is moved hastily off to one side of the path. It takes a few minutes however, and Daryl doesn't spare himself any of the labor, returning to his horse and swiftly mounts, steering back towards Faline, "It seems they have," Daryl mentions, smile set upon his features as he regards the woman with a small bit of amusement. His brows furrow as he peers back towards where that older man was going to that cart. Perhaps he didn't hear the offering of wine, but he has never been one to turn down such things. "Good as spot as any to spot for the moment." The Deputy decides to rekindle that conversation, and his dark green iris' trail shamelessly over her figure, though with formidable excuse, "So I guess I must commit your attire to memory, and find whatever token it is you choose to re wear at the masquerade." The men begin to untie the ropings and mount steeds once more.

The old cart driver approaches Daryl first to offer the reward, a cup of wine before moving to the men of Terrick and Ashwood. None for the lady who had her own water skin to occasionally quench her thirst from. Overseeing the conversation had between lord and lady were those staring eyes from the chaperones monitoring the topic and the Ashwood's obvious lustuous gazing. One cleared her throat, warning subtly, "M'lady, there is a bit of draft." Faline nods as she draws her riding cloak to a close about her torso. Any hints of her figure are concealed beneath a thick and formless shroud. A shame as she eyed his studeous glares with caution. She smiled none the less at the chisement from her lady's companions. "If you must, though I do not intend on having my house made obvious. Nor my identity." Faline turns aside, reaching into the saddlebag attached and resting behind her thigh. "Though if you are true with your intentions of being in attendance then I will seek the wolf, dangerous as it may be." She retrieved a simple sea shell, plucked from the coastline of the Roost. It was held out in offering towards the deputy. "Should you wear this upon your person I may very well reveal myself. Should you not, no harm."

The Ashwood escorts take position where they were moments before and onwards they proceed towards Stonebridge. As hooves clop along, the chestnut colored mount Daryl rides seems to be just as friendly and curious as his rider, it's long equine head leaning over to nuzzle and prod the horse that Faline rides upon. Daryl doesn't seem to notice at first, perhaps used to the wily nature of the beast he so commonly had to ride everywhere, whether it be on a casual stroll or a patrol like today. The chaperone's advisement brings a knowing sort of smile, though Daryl keeps it restrained as best as he is able. For -some- reason, chaperones always felt the reason to butt in to his conversations. "Indeed," He agrees with them, "Surely you wouldn't want to catch a cold." He idly peers towards the sunlit sky, that grin still apparent as he reaches hesitantly to pluck the shell from her hand, eyeing it a moment and nodding, "…If I don't find you first, M'lady." A teasing snicker in jest, and then he notices his horse invading the other's personal space. A sharp whistle and nudge, and it knocks it off. "Stubborn nag," he mutters.

Wind Chaser, her mare whinnies loudly while bobbing her head, disrupting the well practiced posturing one had when astride their mount. Faline clutched onto the reins tightly and drew them closer to abdomen. Her tongue clucked, "Easy girl, he's harmless." She attempted to console her easily spooked mare. A comforting hand attempted to brush along the horse's grey mane. "Much like his owner is he not?" She asked while the mare was settling into an easy walk once again. "Will your kin be in attendance as well? My brother, I am told, has made a brief visit to Highfield. To offer condolences on the passing of your kin. How do things fair since? It is his brother who is to lead now is he not?"

Daryl laughs softly and in good humor when she compares himself with the horse he rides on. "Yet you hardly know me, M'lady…" He doesn't seem the slightest bit offended. The Ashwood keeps his eyes straight ahead for the most part now, seeing as he already was called out from her chaperones once. "I am not sure who will be attending in my family, we are mostly men within our house, and masquerade dances in Stonebridge hardly reach our conversations." He confirms her statement with a nod, "Lord Bastien is the new young Lord, yes…And I was present when Lord Ozric made appearance to offer condolences for my cousin Aleister and my dear little sister, Miranda." While his tone shows no faltering, he's been staring straight ahead for some time now, focused on little. It seems genuine when he says, "Such things are appreciated…For surely it struck close to our…" A pause, "…My, heart. Especially the nature of their deaths." But we have rallied and recovered as expected. As we always do." There's a brief silence, and whatever trance he found himself in is shattered as he snaps back to reality, "Anyway, I would suspect my cousin Lord Robben to be attending with his new betrothed." He'll be damned if he mentioned it was his formerly betrothed. Maybe he'd be lucky and she just didn't pay attention to the banns or didn't care to speak further on it. "Sheriff Jast quite possibly as well. Lord Bastien…I am not so sure."

Lending to hope or perhaps just teasing the Ashwood from the rumors heard she counters his laugh with a light one of her own. "True, I do not but that is slowly changing at the present. The wolf who safeguards the roads." Both predator and protector however the wagging tongues about this particular Ashwood waved in ill favor. As he spoke she watched his demeanor grow distant. Offering silence until the topic rolled onward. "The one's responsible have not been found?" Not to her knowledge. "When my cousin was discovered, his life stolen, it was a trying time. I know that pain very well my lord. But I do not wish to salt healing wounds." The subject changed into a somewhat lighter topic. "Oh? Another marriage proposal." Her tone was less than enthusiastic. "How wonderful for him and the lady." She knew but just as he the subject was less than savory. "There must be something in the water for so many betrothals to spring up in so short of time." She smirked then, "I should change my drinking habits."

"If only we could sustain ourselves on bread alone." Daryl replies with a small chuckle. Despite how the topics at hand clearly should upset him, both the deaths of his kin and Aemy Erenford, his countenance is like a rock. Chilled, perhaps but not truly 'cold.' There's a faint smile even as she speaks about her own trials, "It is not easy, is it? Truly, though it was only a little time ago, I can speak plainly about such things. I will not fall weeping into your arms, I assure you." But was he really able to dismiss such things so easily? Or was this a show or defense mechanism? "Lord Robben is a good man, and the Lady deserves as such." His gaze averts, and the Ashwood then takes to drinking a longggg slurp of that wine, held absently in one hand. "Those responsible are being given time to say farewell to their own loved ones…Before they meet the Stranger's embrace themselves." Okay, that was a little cold. But fondness shines into his voice as he speaks, "My Miranda was something special. We were close since childhood, and she was innocent of all these…" He gesticulates in a dismissive manner, "Rivalries and long held grudges. She was my best friend." A small shrug, almost indifferent. "But such is the way of life, as you say you know." There's a flicker of amusement, nonchalant as he spurs onwards from the topic with her lead, "Are you sure you even -want- to get to know me better, Lady Faline?" A small laugh, and as his horse makes another attempt at being friendly, its meeted with a boot nudging him back in place.

She knew Jacsen the child, not the man. What he had become was a stranger to her. An unchained link of family bonds given the reputation he held within smaller circles. But this knowledge she casually left out of the conversation. "Nor would I Lord Daryl." Not falling over to weep over the loss of her cousin, not since it put her brother in the position to inherit and now the mystery of what to do with that widow. "Besides, if we know our kin as much as we know ourselves, I doubt they would approve of any of us dramatically mourning their passing. They'd wish for our bearings to remain sturdy as the tallest oaks. Ever more now with friendships tried." She eyed the fallen tree, just briefly. Certainly not like that.

"I did not know either of them I am afraid. Though I have met your cousin, Ser Bastien, on a brief occasion. I believe he wished to learn more of the trade agreement between our houses." Did that still exist? She knew very little of it. "We are land neighbors are we not?" She returned lightly. "Besides, I prefer to form my own opinions of names being circled on wagging tongues. Yours is spoken of often." Faline soon reached for the wineskin hooked on her saddle to wet pallet and drink heartily from it. Her mare was spooked once again, shifting sidelong and causing the lady to sputter against her wineskin. The unfortunate coloring of wine to spill along her chin and the front of her cloak.

Almost immediately she dropped it onto the ground and crimson liquid spilled from the mouth piece. One of the chaperons dismounted, "Oh m'lady," and quickly hurried forward to assist in the removal of her cloak then a silk handkerchief. Faline exhaled slowly while shaking off her hands. "It is alright Mistress Varyn. Just here… take my cloak." There should be another in the trunk. The Terrick clasp is unhooked and the concealing riding attire is soon removed then passed into the awaiting hands of the servant standing near by. Beneath was a pale sea green garment, sheer silk sleeves along the arms that stylishly left the shoulders bare and exposed. Just the shoulders as the remainder of her form was concealed in a lady like fashion. The handkerchief offered was dabbed along the chin to cleanse the droplets of wine along her skin.

"I agree," Daryl replies then about the grieving and dramatics of such things. As the subject changes to trade and commerce between their two houses, Daryl confirms her statement, "We are. And i'm sure he is interested in such things." There's something about his tone that doesn't show interest or conviction in those words. His smile warms some, and there's an appreciative look her way, one that is beyond simple lusting or eyeing of her frame. "That is admirable, Lady Faline. I believe everyone should form their own thoughts and judgement rather than stand blindly stand beside another's claims or opinions. It is how I choose to judge others character." And perhaps he too is finding the Lady a bit different than he had expected. There's a small laugh, "Sometimes the rumors I hear of myself are downright funny to me. Perhaps i'll share some with you one day. Or simply keep your ears open."

As her horse spooks once more, Daryl pulls his reins closer, an arm extending to ensure that the animal wouldn't fret to the point of throwing her off. Can't be having that. His hand meets her arm (while its still covered) and withdraws as he realizes she'll be alright. "Mine may be stubborn and nosy but yours frightens at a twig snap. The two together make quite a pair." Well, well. Guess the Seven do show small blessings. While Daryl is much more careful with his looks, he can't help it as that damned smirk rises once more as the cloak is removed. Another long slurp of wine, "Take your time cleaning up," he encourages, "We're well ahead on our patrol schedule." One Ashwood man peers back only to be met with a glare from Daryl that has the man's head spinning right back around.

It may be the horse knew something Faline herself was unaware of. Wind Chaser hooves at the ground impatiently as its owner dabbed along the chin and neck in case any had found its way down behind the barrier of her cloak. "Are you certain?" She queried upon returning the handkerchief to the chaperon. "I've stolen so much of your time already with the fallen tree, our conversation and now this." A small misfortune but unfortunate none the less. Faline lowered her gaze to make certain not a single drop stained the front of her gown. Success. Barely. Still the woman smiled a little, "They are aren't they?" Leaning forward she brushed the mane of her mare once more. "She normally isn't so spooked but it has been some time since I've taken her abroad. Restless perhaps. It cannot be too satisfying to remain in one place for such a long time. I was told by one of the stable boys she is ready to breed." Faline returns her gaze to Daryl, "I am very particular with the stud I choose. I do not desire a weak foal. Only the strongest to match her temperament."

"We have time to spare yes, it's more a matter of if you're in a rush or not." Daryl replies at that, looking her way once more as she searches for any wine splattering. Eyes avert again, this time to her chaperons. It's not like he's -gawking- at her. He just doesn't have the most self control with his eyes. They always seemed to get him in trouble. Best set them on duty, and that's exactly as he does, eyeing the trees. "Or animal instinct. Can never be too careful." There's a nod then, "She is in heat? That may be it too. I better keep Rascal away." Ahh, so that's the name of his horse. He nods approvingly, steering the horse away as it again tries to pull towards the nervous horse. "Indeed, as it should be. Why would they breed for any other purpose? Strength is desirable, both for fathering and protecting and traits passed to the young." Still watching around carefully, he smiles lightly, "I can admit, Lady Faline…That i'm glad you took me on this little detour. That we had this chance to meet."

Rascal had sensed it so no use trying to keep the pair seperated when nature was making its debut. Faline held onto Wind Chaser's reins, the mare padded again at the ground after dramatically shaking out her mane. "It must be. She's been out of sorts for the last few days, I thought a ride would do her well until I learned of her temperment." Faline laughed then, watching as Daryl retrained his eyes on something other than herself. "As am I my lord. Shall we press on? The sun is warm and I do not know how much longer we may restrain nature from steering into its course." She clicked her tongue twice, urging her mare to move. There was a look given over her shoulder. To clarify. "The horses." There was plenty of daylight still ahead as the party resettled into movement as the Lady Terrick deemed so. The driver snapped his reins, those chaperones gave the Ashwood a very well deserved stink eye. Faline, a little ahead spoke aloud, "Have you known the Riverlands all your life Lord Daryl? It was Hollyholt, if I am not mistaken, the Ashwoods hailed from. Some ways north?"

"Yeah…Let's press on." Daryl lets them give a little lead, the males of both species following the female with their eyes. Daryl mutters down to Rascal then, "Keep it up and i'll turn you into a jerkin." His horse flares out nostrils in frustration, stomping the ground in an aggressive alpha male sort of display. "Yeah yeah," Daryl mutters, and he kicks the horse into motion to take to their side oncemore, which Rascal is more than willing to do. As Faline peeks back, brows raise upwards, "Of course, Lady Faline…What else would you be referring to?" The ghost of a smirk on his handsome visage as they clop along side by side. The Ashwood drains the rest of that wine in an easy, strong yet not improper gulp, passing it towards one of her handmaidens as he receives that glare with a charming smile. "Thank you for the wine. Always find it refreshing." A look to Faline again, "I have…Hollyholt the majority of my life. It is beautiful country, and I take to it. I'm a bit of an outdoorsman, I must admit." Then he looks curiously at her, "And how about yourself? The Roost?…Are you a lover of nature?" There's some grumbling from the Ashwood men ahead.

Faline's form sways as her mare is in movement, the light bob of loosely curled dark brown hair waves subtly against the winds. But she rides, proud, more comfortable now that the heavy layer had been removed and she could feel the sun completely. "I do not know what you mean." She returns in an innocent tone, the smile worn goes unknown as the others are given her back. But it fades before any may notice. The chaperon nods, tightly lipped from his spoken gratitude but those eyes promised that he was watched. "I am." Faline replies about her interest in the outdoors. "I can very well appreciate the uniqueness the Riverlands has to offer. The cool mornings and running streams. A stark contrast from being surrounded by mountains and heavily wooded lands." The Terrick female spied to the nobleman over her bare shoulder, "A tracker.." Her eyes suddenly grew wide, "That was you. That foul concauction to track the bandits." Recalling who had delivered the vial into the Jast knight's hand. Suddenly she laughed, "Oh how could I forget. Not even a rose garden to cleanse my senses."
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Daryl chances a peek towards her after that innocent quip, using his own back as cover but he decides to behave himself for the most part. Best not to push it. The discussion of nature takes his interest, and he nods his head in fervent agreement, "To the coast line, up to the swamps of the neck…The variety of it all is astonishing." The Ashwood recalls, "As a youth I would try to sneak out to the forests and rivers any chance I got. Stupid in retrospect…But it is the way I am. The thrill of it is exciting. Had a little search party of my own once upon a time." He grasps the reins tight as Rascal makes another attempt to close the gap, and he grins broadly as she feeds his ego, "Indeed. That was me. While I wasn't a tracker in the traditional sense, I just used my head that once. The herbs in the concoction were from across the land, not native to each others environments. So that, plus the strong scents they each emitted…Well. Lead the bloodhounds right to the outskirts of where we found and rescued Hafwen." He seems proud of that fact. "But …Getting it on the man, the Ironborn…Who was the absolute -ugliest- thing I've ever seen…Well. That was a bit harder." A pause as he looks ahead and spots Stonebridge, "A story from another time." He smirks, "I'd accompany you further, M'lady…But I fear both Ashwood and Terrick colors approaching at the same time would spook the Naylands that we are invading." A light laugh, "It's been a pleasure M'lady…Perhaps i'll see you soon?" A whistle to rally the man, and a charming smile sent in her direction. Even a nod to the entourage.

"At that age we're fearless. The world is not so large but what we see before us. I bet those woods did not stand a chance." She mused on the antics of children. "He was slain and the children were safe. You contributed to that and we were all very grateful." Never mind the small details that occurred between the tracking and house bashing. "I look forward to hear it Lord Daryl."

Stonebridge was very much in the distance, not that she knew the structure of the town by sight alone but Faline leaned into his know-how. "Of course, no reason to rustle the Harpies feathers needlessly." She guides her mare to turn about, her guardsmen falling out of the traveling formation to join their lady's end as she gazed about the trade city. "Perhaps." The lady teased, clicking her tongue again to bring her mare into a brisk canter. One of the chaperons lingered a breadth longer, shaking her head at the Ashwood's smile before kicking a heel into her mount to catch up. One guard took point as another placed himself between the chaperons and the wagon, the last took up the rear, giving a nod to the men he had been acquainted with during their venture. Faline turned her head sidelong, unable to see behind her form but she smiled none the less. Maybe to her riding companions or at the party they left behind.