I'll Take the Fat One
I'll Take the Fat One
Summary: Observing the fighters from the castle wall Cherise and Quellyan have a small chat.
Date: 28/2/2012
Related Logs: Probably Cher's and Aleister's wedding.
Cherise Quellyan 
Curtain Wall, Hollyholt Castle
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Between the rituals of embroidery and the practice of song within the Lady's circle of Hollyholt, at times the women were permitted some morsel of freedom to enjoy their own. Often times, Cherise, accompanied by two maid servants, would venture to the high curtain wall of the Charlton castle that separated the south western tower from the portcullis. An array of windows granted the ability to observe the lands from a reasonably safe distance. Particularly to the practice fields where her husband, Aleister, was current engaged in training. Boring for her servants however the sight had always been throughly entertaining. On occasion, those who wished to cross from one end of the castle to another had this particular route as an option.

The walkway is simply a splendid affair. The rich house sparing no expense on the wonderful windows that give one a view of the lands below. Indeed, some have called this the sun's walk, given how light on the right day and conditions one can see forever and be bathed in light. Currently the walkway is occupied, though perhaps not by giggling maids watching the squires or men at arms availing themselves in practice and in drill, but by one solitary man.

His dress is martial, which would mean he is one of the many knights employed in Hollyholt-though he lacks the armor and arms for the time being. In fact the only thing he seems to be armed with is a fine cup of wine, that he is currently sipping, before a grimace comes upon his face. "Oh come now you butter arsed fat boy. Bloody hit the man.." murmured into his drink, before Quellyan is shaking his head. "Pitiful.." A private sparring party? Well perhaps, though it seems Quellyan is judging afar the combatants on the field as if he was looking to pick out a horse…or a puppy.

Deeply immersed in her observance, it was only the voice of another that had pulled her eyes away. Initially she took a swift glance in Quellyan's direction before her eyes resumed their interest to the green beyond. From Quellyan's standing position he would be able to witness an upturned corner of her painted lips. "In time. I believe they are attempting a new fighting tactic. Their stance is different. Only slightly." She offers, while herself unable to truly appreciate the details and workings of practice, the lady learned what she could from her distance. "Are you not to join them Ser Charlton?" She asked, knowing only the surface details of the man.

"Oh I know, but ever since my squire of previous years has been squirreled from me, I am to pick a new one.." he mutters before turning his head slightly, Ser Quellyan notes his good cousin's wife there with him. A faint half smile is given before he bows his head in a polite acknowledgement, but there is no apology for his own damned words. Instead he slurps softly from his wine cup before a finger is extended to point at the one he was chiding. "I think I;ll take him. He may be fat and useless, but I can whip it out of him." A snort, and then he finally turns to regard Lady Cherise. "My Lady, I normally would be-but I get to go play Sheriff in a little bit for our smallfolk. Some disagreements need to be seen to and laws justiced.." a shrug. "Tedious work, so I will undoubtedly come and find Aleister later and see if he can find time to pick up a waster with me. That, or I'll do a melee training with the later commers.." a shake of his head for a moment. "I will say this- for all our bumbling squires we have- we do produce some of the finest knights."

A nod is given in the direction of the good lady's husband. 'Such as our Master At Arms.." and there is a brief pause. "How do you find your life amongst us, Cherise?"

Men are to be men, as the women must maintain their propriety at all times. Especially within these walls for the hawk eyes of Lady Charlton was everywhere. With Quellyan in hindsight Cherise diverted her bearings to completely face him. As a bow was awarded, the lady's framed dipped in kind, shadowed by those of her maidservants maintaining their dutiful silence. "Reborn from the Charlton fields." She starts off as both hands clasped before her, palm upon palm. "The portly one, for the challenge I take it." True they were all whelps however some held more promise than the others while the fat ones, well… good fun to watch them struggle. "He may not last more than a day, two if you are kind."

"Would rumors have me as being kind?" he asks, before there's a wave of a hand, as if to dismiss any answer that might be lurking to that particular question. Still he is content to drink while hiding here, as opposed to being down there barking out orders for the masses. There's a rub of his nose, as he turns to look back down for but a brief second-before eyes are back onto the newly made lady. "I will say this, in my time of watching he may get beaten handily, but he does get back up, and he tries. Which is something. I had almost thought he'd turn craven and start weeping. I believe, his fatness has given him a shield- or at least an anger-and I'll take that." Quellyan allows his lips to curl up in a smile, as he seems to relax a little. Still the Blackrood waits his answer as to the woman's life. He won't press. Specially with little birds who may sing back to the Lady should Cherise say something unkind.

Those rumors were far from kind and the lady offered no insight as to whether she heeded them or not. Instead her lips remained pressed together before stealing another glance of the field. Once Quellyan resumed speaking pale blue eyes returned to his form. "He may not become the swiftest, however all that meat may become a powerful force if nourished properly." None to her knowledge could the fat ones become dexterous battlemen. Walls. Solid and unmoving walls. "I do find it pleasant here. These moments of reprieve from the Lady's Circle allots me some time to become better acquainted. In fact, I was thinking of taking a few hours of riding when my husband is granted some leisure. There is still much of the countryside to see." She answers a bit delayed. "I have hardly seen you since the wedding." Cherise doesn't point out the assault upon her cousin's lips. Still the woman smiles warmly. "Had you enjoyed yourself Ser Charlton?"

Some of those rumors were true a mix of them false, and others unclear, but they are what hang to your reputation like a dead rat trapped in a sinking ship. It will always be there, and only when you seek to escape it would it float up all bloated. Perhaps, that is why Quellyan doesn't push away unpleasant nicknames, nor does he claim to be anything other than what he is. "That is my hope, Lady." added back, before his own chuckle slips through. There's a step towards Cherise, closing whatever space there is.

"And your wedding was wonderful, I thank you both for allowing me to come-since then I fear I have been quite busy in my tasks." there. "And I did, thank you. I got to know your cousin." a smirk there as if some unsaid joke is kept behind his lips, before he shakes his head. "A very nice lady, she is. As for my dear aunt's circle." and then does his laugh sound. warm-dark. A mixture of some cruel thing with actual humor. "Good luck there. I am sure she will send someone to fetch you, once she thinks you have 'dawdled' enough." A tilt of his head. "If I spy her agents Lady, you can guarantee I'll point them another way. Bide you some time."

Cherise remained in her place as for now the curtain wall received no further visitors. At this hour of the day most chose to remain within the seclusion of rooms tending to signatures needed, or some other high-brow ritual. "You are most welcome. My cousin is nice. Very sweet." And they were as different as a cat and mouse. As for the lady's circle, the new Charlton woman deepened the amusement in her cheeks. "She had done so, often in the grounding foundations of my stay here. Although for now, she has been too kind in granting me even this." At least an hour or so to be off her own. On her own with maidservants naturally in attendance. With his offer made, Cherise laughs gingerly, "A kindness you offer, Ser Charlton. One I may not know how to repay in equal measure."

Indeed, either lucky they were, or perhaps it should show how busy things could become up here. A sign of the nobility and politics that would come with the lady's new station. Still Quellyan offers a grin to that. "I will agree. We had a good talk, amongst all the dancing." Quell's own smirk stays easily in place as his cheeks ruddy on their own. More wine allowed. Still the man does not slur nor stink of drink. Thus he must be a professional at this. "Ah as to how to repay that, my sweet cousin." There's a chuckle. "I'd just have you remember this kindness when others would speak ill of me. And know that I am ever this House's servant." A flash of a grin. before he is looking back to the windows. "You good husband is a dear one to my blood. And when he is not trying to break my testicles open on the field-he is a fine companion. I must say, I was happy for you both. You are truly a fine match." a beat. "I am happy you found each other." and then he allows silence to reign for a few minutes as he drinks before his voice speaks up.

"Splendid aren't they?" a glance "The windows."

Absent a cup for herself, as it was frowned upon to wander so freely with the drink Cherise paid his thirsty pallet no mind. "Then I am beyond pleased. I will say Hollyholt would be the furthest distance my kin has traveled. The event began and ended all too perfectly." Credited to the whip sharp instructions laid out and maintained by the sharp minded Lady of Hollyholt. "Such talk should not seek a welcoming within my company Ser Charlton. You are kin now, your regard is held above petty slander." The lady proclaimed quite earnest in her tone. "Thank you, truly." She returned shortly after the male had complimented her union. "I believe we are. My luck it seems, may have no boundaries." In the time he was silent, the lady regarded his composure before allowing her eyes to take in those same windows of mention. "They are." She answers knowingly. "How long have you been administering justice unto the lands?"

How does one answer that particular question. There's a swish of his cup before he drains some more of the fine red he has, down. "How long? I would say since after the tournaments following the rebellion-" a pause as one hand raises. "Wait." a beat. "Since your husband came on as master at Arms, that is how long I have been serving the peace as it were. It's a post I enjoy-though I will admit there is a certain pleasure I take about being able to go on a hunt, or ride here and there to speak for my good Lord uncle." which, given Quellyan's reputation is extremely rare. However given his aptitude in the tournaments, having him home as a sheriff doesn't hurt. And it keeps scandals from happening, generally speaking. "I'd like to think I am fair, as I've heard no complaint brokered against me." There is a faint furrow of brows. "There was rumor that the Fenster whelp would be taking that position from me, but it seems it was simply idle gossip-as I've yet to be replaced." Perhaps if only to keep an eye on Quell.

Naturally Cherise listened. Deep pink lips parted to speak in between his paused answers. "This position grants you some admired liberties." The Lady's here did not hunt. Specifically, they may observe when an outing was orchestrated, remaining on the sidelines to watch as the men enjoyed their sport. Some vintage expectations of propriety was in desperate need of revision. "Most likely some gossip Ser Charlton. The Young Lord Fenster is, from what I gather, one not to become comfortable in a single territory." Cherise then averted her gaze, towards those lovely windows pointed out just moments ago. Back to the green. "He is a dreamer and aspires for more than what your role may offer him."

"Oh I do not doubt it, Lady. I do not." Quellyan is quick to respond. "I am sure the whelp does have his eyes on bigger things. As he should, a small house as Fenster can afford to look up and see what they can try to become. I would even argue our House does the same. We may be bannermen to the Freys, but I doubt we would wish to remain that way forever.." With a chuckle, the knight finishes his drink. Pausing to wipe his lips with the back of one of his hands. "I have my own ambitions, Lady Cherise. And I have my own goals. I think my current role here is merely to keep an eye on me, what with Tournament season done.." Well in his mind it is. "Here I can cause the least trouble, because my uncle knows-for all my faults. I am a loyal man."

"If I was to assume, the Young Lord may begin with establishing friendships with those who are not bannermen of the Freys, but of Mallister." She slides that nugget out there as if just making a simple well informed guess. "The desire to prove one's worth often times tests the reach of their hand." Cherise took a step closer to the window yet remained near its side stone frame rather than blatantly in the middle for all to see. "Naturally, given your lineage." That much was clear as she was well aware of what sort of House she was marrying into. Instead of revisiting his questionable and unruly nature, Cherise openly shares. "I have never before attended the tournaments hailed in the Riverlands." Plenty in the Westerlands. "When the season resumes, I will look forward to witnessing your aptitude for the games."

There's a slight look back over towards the Lady and he nods. "If he was, I would support it. We would find ourselves closer to a port for trade-that would be fine.." And then he's chuckling softly before he is moving to place the cup on the window sconce, and let it balance there for some poor servant to find. "Oh you are truly missing out, they're quite fun. Our Young Lord is quite good at them, better than I with a blade-that I know." a half grin as he regards Cherise quietly. "I fight in the melee's you will come to find. That is my specialty. And where as I can ride a horse in battle- I prefer the melee as opposed to riding the lists. I'm too tall in my saddle to joust properly.." a shake of his head. "I have so much exposed- it's not worth it, in my estimation."

Cherise's head cants sidelong when her eyes returned to the Charlton nobleman. "They are indeed, I have witnessed many in the Westerlands, hosted by the House Lannister, Turnberry, Brax, Plum and Farman. I do enjoy them immensely. I have heard of Young Lord Andrey's skill. There is a certain pleasure one has witnessing a man's victory who shares your house." As for the man's height, the lady blatantly allows her eyes to sweep from head to booted toe and back to his crown. "A proper advantage some may say. I am sure your height carries some grande attributes."

There's a smile there as the man's mouth opens and then closes. "Well, Lady Cherise some fair company would be able to agree with you." And he leaves the bawdy statement at that. A slight chuckle, before Quellyan luckily presses on. "I use a greatsword, which given my height and build allows me considerable reach- and good power behind the strokes-though I can batter away with sword and shield if need be." There's a grin there now in earnest. "I would like to see or even participate in a Westerland tournament. If only to see some of the fine Houses of your region.." And with that he is pursing his lips a quick look out to the window.

"I am sorry if I must bring this short-but I am going to catch my fat squire before I head into town. At least give him something to see besides his tears as he cleans up." A look over to Cherise, and there is a bow. "Good day, my Lady cousin. You are a most gracious conversationalist. I look forward to another time." and with that- the knight would start on for the South tower, and the steps to take him down to the yards.

The lady Cherise mirror's his smile with very little else hinting in her features. "I will send a courier to my brothers so they may keep me informed when the next event is held." If he wasn't going to participate he would at least get to enjoy the spectacle of Westerland steel clashing. Once mentioned of his need to depart, it was drawing near that time that she would be due to complete the Lady's Circle. "It is quite alright. Your company was pleasurable. Soon to be repeated should we wish it so." She returned a dip in her lady's frame. Cherise remained where she stood for a few moments longer, once again staring out the window narrowing on a new focus now.