Page 598: I Hope That All Is Well
I Hope That All Is Well
Summary: Nathaniel tries to cheer up two grumpy old men
Date: 13/Mar/2013
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The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove
Wed Mar 13, 290

Aside from his little trip to Kingsgrove to lose some money as he lost his challenge at the joust there, Martyn has been in the Roost for a while now, it would seem. Making his way back in from the coastline now, he looks rather thoughtful as he does, looking like he hasn't slept in a long while, or something. Muttering something to himself as he glances in the direction of the Terrick stronghold now.

Mortimer is having one of those days. So far he's managed to smack his head against a door, lose a suspected pickpocket in the crowds down at the market, cut his hand while eating his lunch, wear through the sole of one of his boots and entirely miss an opportunity to spend an hour or so with his son due to having his ear bent by a know it all merchant. As such he's currently radiating an aura of 'leave me alone' as she heads up from town towards the Green. It's generally fairly quiet at this time and he figures he can do a quick check at the archery butts and be alone with his grump.

It would seem that near the archery butts is where Martyn has placed himself. Looking around for a few moments, he shakes his head a little, muttering something before he spots Mortimer. "Master Trevelyan. You look about as bad as I feel," he remarks, with a bit of a forced grin.

Oh great, to top it off, a noble, and a noble who was last scene punching another noble. Could the day get any worse? Stupid question, of course it could but hopefully it won't and he still has a job to do. Turning towards Martyn he goes though the required motions, a bow and a quick, "good day m'Lord, do you require assistance?"

Offering a bit of a nod at the bow, Martyn shrugs a little bit. "I'm not sure. Have you seen my cousin around somewhere, by chance?" he asks, before he shrugs a little bit. "And how is your day, Master?"

"I'm sorry m'Lord, no I haven't," Mortimer replies with no real pause for thought, although his eyes do flick towards the tower for a moment as that is where he'd expect Kamron to be. Assuming it's Kamron that's being spoken of mind, but then Nedra is mostly likely there too, so it makes little difference. As for the Mallister's question, that actually gets considered for a little longer before he replies a tad abruptly, "long m'Lord."

A sunny afternoon is perfect weather for riding, and so Nathaniel has decided to quicken the pace of the afternoon run between the various inns around The Roost. His last stop is usually the Rockcliff, and from there on to the tower itself to deliver any messages that require some action. Even when there are no messages of that magnitude, he makes the trip in someone at the tower has something for him to deliver. On this occasion, he is on a fair trot down the lane, heading away from the town until the green comes into view, and he sees people by the archery range. Knowing the ways of errant arrows from his now practice, he slows Molly to a slow walk, and approaches. When he is floes enough to recognize the pair, he slowed further, far enough so that he won't be intruding and won't need to bow yet. Then he calls, "Good day, lord and Master! I hope that all is well."

"I know that feeling quite well," Martyn replies with a bit of a grimace as he hears Mortimers words, offering him a bit of a nod. He looks about to say something more, before he looks to Nathaniel as the man arrives, offering a bit of a smile. "Master Corbitt. How are you today?" A brief pause, before he adds, "And is there ever a day when all is well?"

Mortimer watches Martyn in silence as he replies and catches the aborted words before turning to greet Nathaniel as well. The courier gets a nod and a brief, "afternoon," along with a shallow nod in acknowledgement, not offering a reply beyond Martyn's final question. Instead he takes a moment to glance around the green once more, as if to content himself that there is no mischief in the making up here, so close to the tower.

Nathaniel brings Molly to a full stop near a low bush. He drops to the ground and tethers her so that she can graze, if only for a few minutes. Now, close enough for the formalities, he bows to Mortimer, and answers, "Whole days like that are rare indeed, lord," he admits. He turns to Mortimer and inclines his head. "Master, I have a note for you from the inn. Someone knows that little scoundrel who slipped past you. I'll be glad to talk to you about him later."

Martyn chuckles as he listens now, "True. And some days are better than others, at least." A brief pause, as he glances between the others. "The little scoundrel who slipped past you?" Sounding a bit curious now.

Mortimer gives Nathaniel another shallow nod as he mentions a note then holds a hand out to accept it, assuming that is that it's the written down sort as that tends to be what Nathaniel works with. He might have said something were it not for Martyn's question which distracts his attention away. "It's nothing m'Lord, just a minor incident this morning," and one he doesn't seem particularly keen on discussing so he then turns back to Nathaniel and adds in confirmation, "later."

Nathaniel smiles and pulls a scrap of parchment from the small pouch at his hip. He steps forward to deliver it to Mortimer. When he steps back, he assures, "Nothing more than boys who find mischief." He chuckles. "If you want fomenting of consequence, I'd say turn your eye to Stonebridge. I hear that some caravan of merchants is heading in that direction."

It's actually clear that there's a very pained look on Martyn's face as Stonebridge is mentioned, and he grimaces quite a bit now. "Can't they just burn down that place?" he mutters, mostly to himself, shaking his head a little bit now.

Mortimer takes the note from Nathaniel's hand and peers at it carefully. He takes his time to read it and the hints of concentration on his features would suggest that that's not because he's reading it several times to ensure that he can commit it to memory. Eventually though he does look back to the other two and he folds the parchment up and stuffs it into a pouch on his belt, tilting his head ever so slightly towards Martyn he asks bluntly, "where m'Lord?" Seems he really was concentrating on his reading.

"Stonebridge," Nathaniel repeats for Mortimer's benefit. "I've heard that a caravan of some sort is heading in that direction. That in itself would be no news, except that several people say that it's particularly large. I'm thinking that Lord Ozric will want me to check on that. It's better than soldiers, which we were expecting. Still …" He glances to Martyn, and adds, "With all due respect, lord, the people shouldn't suffer for what someone higher does. There are honest folk in Stonebridge, trying to earn honest coin just as people do here. I was one of them only a few years ago."

Martyn's expression is darkening a bit more as the conversation seems to be about Stonebridge. "Relocate them first, then burn the place? It's only been trouble, the entire town." Another grimace, before he mutters something under his breath now.

"Good," Mortimer summises succinctly then he nods to the comment about Ozric, prepared to bet a fair amount that the Young Lord will indeed want to know as much as possible about that group. Then to Martyn, "Only since Ser Rivers decided to make a play and the Lady married a Nayland." He remembers it well as a thriving Terrick vassal after all. It would appear though that he is in no mind to linger in the past either so he leaves the history lesson there and turns back to Nathaniel. "Anything on the other matter?"

Nathaniel offers a wry grin and accepts the change in topic easily enough. "The other matter is a bit trickier," he admits. "Wine can muddle memories as quickly as it loosens tongues. I heard a few tales before the night was done, but none of them was the tale that I wanted. I'm not ready to stop digging." He nods to Martyn, and notes, "The part that makes the difference is the tower, and those don't burn easily, lord." He, too, looks around the green and guesses, "If the word is true about that caravan, then we'll see fewer men practicing for war here, and more squirrels."

"Would depend on what you'd used to burn it, I suppose," Martyn replies to Nathaniel, with a bit of a shrug. "I'm sure it could be done, somehow." Looking a bit thoughtful for now.

Mortimer glances silently between Martyn and Nathaniel as there is talk of burning towers, but right now, since it's not the one he's stood in the shadow of, he just leaves them to it. Giving Nathaniel a nod to signify he's heard the answer to the question he posed then then turns slightly so he can offers the required obediences to Martyn. "If you'll excuse me m'Lord," he states a little gruffly, before inclining his head a little towards Nathaniel, "Master. I have work to do." That done he takes a half pace backwards before turning to walk away from the conversation.

Nathaniel inclines his head to Mortimer and answers, "As do I, master. If I'm right, I should see that everything is ready for a day's ride." He turns to Martyn, and bows. "By your leave, lord, I will leave you to enjoy this pleasant day."

Martyn shrugs a little, nodding to the two. "Of course," he offers, after a few moments of pause now.