Page 327: Hunting Lemon Cakes
Hunting Lemon Cakes
Summary: Alys wants Lemon Cakes, she finds them and also finds Wayland having some dinner.
Date: 11/Jun/289
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Alys Wayland 
Stonebridge Kitchen
Kitchen Stuff!
Mon Jun 11, 289

Late at night is one of those particular moments in which Stonebridge, thankfully, is rather quiet. For the ones with sleep problems this comes in handy because it allows to wander around with not a lot of people interrupting someway or another. For others, night time is a good moment to get something to eat and Wayland Fray falls into this category. Only a few candles are providing light to the Kitchen and there's not a lot of people around, among them, the Frey Knight can be found. The man is sitting on a long wooden bench, and is currently having what seems to be a few slices of cheese, bread and a jar of mead. There's no people immediately around him, so it seems that he is eating by himself.

Alys is one of those such sleepless peoples, at least this day she is. Sunny-yellow silk is the gown she wears, and her fiery red hair is tied with a leather strap at the nape of her neck and pulled over her shoulder falling nearly to her waist. She is search of a sweet treat, perhaps some lemoncakes the cook may have left out. Her maid walks in beside her chittering about the days events.
Alys stops in the doorway of the kitchens and peers into the low light to a man who sits eating some bread and cheese. She walks towards him, bringing herself fully into the light. Ice-blue eyes stare at him a moment and she smiles. "Out for a late night meal?" She curtsies, "I am Alys Charlton, daughter of Lord Keegan Charlton." she introduces herself politely.

Wayland is pretty much used to the Kitchen's crowd so he isn't necessarily paying attention; however, when a new figure steps into the light, he looks up and straight into Alys' eyes. The man offers a gentle smile and stands up "My Lady…" offers Wayland, moving his right fist right below his left collarbone. He bows his head and adds "My name is Wayland Frey, it is an honor to meet you" Now, he looks at Alys' maid and nods politely to her as well. His attention returns to Alys and then looks down at the bread and cheese, another smile forms on his lips and he explains "Well, it is one of the moments I can sit down and wind down." He tilts his head now, his smile, gentle "Would you like to join me perhaps? Or is my Lady looking for another kind of snack?"

"Well met, my lord." Alys smiles brightly. "What is a Frey doing in Stonebridge, might I ask?" She takes a seat next to Wayland as her maid wanders about looking for lemoncakes. "We were looking for more of a sweet treat, my lord. Though, my thanks for the offer." She turns to face the Frey after finding her seat. "I am glad one of us can find a bit of respite in this place."

The Knight takes an extra jar and pours some mead, just in case Alys feels thirsty at some point. He takes a seat once again and smiles as he looks at her "You may ask, yes. I've been living in Stonebridge since my seventh name-day. I was once page and squire for the late Lord Geoffrey Tordane" When she mentions the lemoncakes, he looks over his shoulder and tells the maid "Right against the corner, big wooden box with gold locks" Now, he looks at Alys again and then tilts his head "How so?" this of course, said after Alys' last comments.

"That is quite some time." Alys looks to her maid who listening to the Frey. The maid nods and makes way for the box and smiles when opening it. "Ah, my thanks my lord." Alys says looking back to Wayland. "You must have been quiet sad when Lord Tordane was taken by the Stranger." She gives him a sympathetic glance. "What keeps you here now?" At his question she looks to the guards that wander about. "Had you not known? I am a hostage here. Along with other members of my family and household."

"Quite some time?" asks Wayland now showing an amused smile "I beg your pardon, my lady…but are you calling me old?" After saying this, he chuckles amusedly and takes a deep breath "You are most welcome, Lady Alys" His smile however, fades a little bit when she mentions the passing of Lord Tordane "Yes, Lord Tordane was not only my mentor but a good friend" With that, he nods his head and then explains "I am Lady Isolde's guard" The man takes a sip from his mead and wipes his lips with a small piece of ragged cloth that lays on the table. Now that she clarifies, he nods his head and says "I beg your forgiveness my lady, I didn't take your meaning. Yes, I know you are here in Stonebridge along with other members of your household" He leaves the word 'hostage' to a side. "It is my hope that everyone is being treated well?"

Alys chuckles, "No, my lord. But I should think you are no longer seven." she grins. "Unless you are a very tall seven year old." She chuckles again, then takes somber air. "I am very sorry for your loss, Lady Valda as well." She nods, "A guard to Lady Isolde. My guard is in the Dungeons and I so wish him to be freed to come to me. He does not do well cooped up." Alys sighs for her old friend. "No worries, my lord. I misunderstood you that is all. And apart from Ser Jac in the dungeons, I should think the rest of my household is well." She smiles, "I doubt Lord Riordan would allow such ill treatment, I have been wrong before, but certainly not his best friend's little sister." Alys takes a lemmoncake her maid brings her and nibbles on it accepting the mead with a bit of a nod.

Wayland smiles a little bit and nods his head "Thank you for your kind words, my lady." He takes another sip from his drink and nibbles a little on a piece of bread. He cleans his lips again and then says "I see, your own personal guard. Well, my Lady must know that I have little control over Nayland decisions but, I will make sure to tell the Lord Reagent that you wish your personal guard to be released." He offers a small reassuring smile and then asks "How is the lemon cake? I do know that they were made during the late afternoon, so they should be quite fresh" Now he tilts his head and asks "Tell me, my Lady…why is it a surprise to see a Frey in Stonebridge?"

"Of course, my lord." Alys smiles softly, "Yes, I think I will ask him about it too when I see him next. Ser Jac has such a sweet song, when I stayed at the Inn his rooms were next to mine, of course, and I always liked to hear him sing. If he would sing during the night hours I would oft fall asleep to his sweet music. He is like family to me now, he protects my life and would take an arrow for me if the need had risen." She nods at that, sure of her words. Though his last question has her raising brow, "Oh, that. Well it is that I do not see too many of your family about. Well not in these parts anyhow." Alys smiles politely and takes another bite of lemmoncake, "It is simply divine." she takes a sip of mead.

Wayland listens to Alys' words as she speaks about her guard, he nods his head and says "It is a very good thing that you have someone to protect you…" now, he tilts his head and narrows his eyes just a little, showing a small smile "However, something tells me that you could, if you want…be able to defend yourself. You know the saying, Beautiful but Deadly?" His smile grows just a little more and then he takes another sip from his drink "There are some, here and there…" he looks down at his Brigandine armor and it holds de Frey colors, however, there's the Nayland coat of arms on his left shoulder "I am a Frey, yes…but when my Lady Isolde married, I became part of the Nayland Household, in order to continue carrying my duties as her Guardian"

Alys giggles a girly little giggle. "I can defend myself with words, and I fight very well with them." She winks, "I get that from my father, unlike my looks that I get from my mother." She smiles, "It could be quite the deadly combination, yes. But I tend to let my actions and words speak for the rest." she nods and slides a look to the colors he wears. "Well, sometimes you have to do what is needed for a house you love and respect. Though I suspect that Nayland will not be colors you will see my family wearing anytime soon. They have made a name for themselves as of late I should think. And Lord Riordan seems to have enough troubles of the Charlton sort at the moment." Alys regards the members of her household that are, at present, captives here as well. "My family seeks my release, but of course. I doubt that I shall go anywhere for quite some time." A smile graces her face, "At the very least, I am blessed to have a friend in Lord Riordan, thanks to my brother Ser Andrey."

"Words can be even deadlier really" offers the man as he considers her words "But remembers, our words carry a big weight, be mindful of them" Now that she is looking at his colors, he takes a look at the logo on his shoulder and when she speaks about doing what it's needed, he looks at her and nods his head "I did love the Tordane Household very much" While he doesn't mention feelings regarding the Nayland household, he doesn't really give something away that could lead other peoples thoughts and opinions. "Yes, I must admit that it doesn't surprise me, that your family doesn't feel overly friendly towards the Naylands" When Alys mentions her friendship with Riordan, the man half smiles and nods his head "It is a good thing that you've found a friend, my Lady." But always remember, trust no one. But of course he doesn't say this. "I understand Hollyholt is a beautiful place, is this so?"

Alys smiles. "Aye, that they can be. And I know the meaning of the words I say. It is a fool who uses them improperly. I am a lady of my house, everything I say and do is watched. Thought I should say you sound about like my Septa, well if I still had one that is." she looks to her maid and pops the rest of the lemoncake in her mouth. Turning back for a sip of mead and to look to Wayland. "Did love them, my lord? Has there been a change in circumstance?" She waves her hand dismissively. "Never you mind that, I can be quite intrusive at times, my apologies." Alys smiles brightly, "Yes, it is nice, though do not count me for naive, I am ever wary, I almost have to be. The word guest is what he would like to use as a word to describe my current situation. I had to tell him that you may call a lemon an orange, paint it orange and everything, but when you peel it and bite into it, it is till a lemon, bitter straight through." She nods to Wayland. "It is quite lovely, the open fields are my favorite, I would ride for what seems like days, my lord. It is most pleasant."

Wayland smiles and offers "Oh don't get me wrong, my lady. I do love Stonebridge still, as you know, I grew up here after all." He finally finishes his jar of mead and leaves it on the table. "I do not count you for naive, my lady, I do apologize if you thought that." He clears his throat just a little and smiles "I am sure the Lord Reagent must have an interesting reaction to your words" The man nods his head and then adds "And, I would most definitely see Holyholt one day, perhaps when I am not so busy" Now he actually remembers something "Oh, I understand there is a Lady with a babe…" he stops for a moment to think of the name "Lady…Cherise? Yes?" He shakes his head and asks what he was going to ask "Do you know if she has everything she needs to take good care of the babe? I trust she does but an infant should always have everything needed"

"It is just not what it used to be, hmm?" Alys smiles and finishes her cup of mead setting it down as well. "Everything changes, if anything that is always certain. Sometimes for the better, but oft times, not." A singsongy laugh escapes the girl sending her red curls bouncing on her shoulder. "Lord Riordan's reactions to my words are usually of the confused sort." Alys calms her laugh to a soft giggle. "Yes, yes you should. It is something to behold, that is for certain." Pondering his questions about Cherise, Alys nods. "Yes, Lady Cherise, ser Aleister's wife. The only thing the babe may need is his father out of confinement. I intend on seeing to his release, at least to the tower so he can be with his wife and boy. Other than that though, I believe they are fine. The lady seems to be having a tough time with it all. Can one blame her? She was just rescued from being a captive of bandits, and now she is captive here." A sigh comes from the girl as her maid pokes at her hair a bit.

"Everything changes, my Lady, that is the order of things" says Wayland to her, taking a small piece of cheese. For better or worse? He doesn't really say that much, he leaves that to assumptions. The man smiles when Alys laughs and then tilts his head when she speaks of Riordan's reactions "I see" is the only thing he says about this particular matter. "I can't blame her, no. Every person that is, in a way, is not going to feel at their best, this is something known" He now looks at Alys' maid for one or two seconds and then back at Alys "Am I keeping you up, my Lady? I can escort you to your Chambers if you wish to get some rest of course"

"That is the way yes." Alys smiles. "Yes, well. Lord Riordan admits openly that politics is not his strongest of qualities. Where as I, well, I suppose that remains to be seen." She grins looking to her maid as well who nods to Wayland. Alys rises as the maid picks up the two remaining pieces of lemoncake, "Yes, I think I will take these to my rooms and perhaps read a bit before I try to take to bed. It is a bit windy and at times it keeps me awake. My thanks for the escort." She gestures to the door. "Shall we?"

Wayland stands up as well and nods to Alys "Of course, my Lady, you are most welcome…" He moves both hands to his belt, making sure that his sword and dagger are well secured. "I often find that wind helps me sleep, actually" says the Knight. He moves to stand next to Alys and adds "Of course, lead the way, my Lady. I am unsure of what chambers are you currently using" However, he'll stay with there, like any other guardian would do.

Alys straightens her skirts and looks up at Wayland. "I hope that I can find the wind a comfort with time such as yourself. Though right now, it seems to be a hinderance." Her maid starts off towards the entrance of the Kitchens and Alys starts after her. "It is not far from your lady's I assure you, but a few doors down." She smiles and leaves the kitchen.