Page 437: How to Make an Honest Girl
How to Make an Honest Girl
Summary: Nathaniel and Mortimer discuss the goings on in the Roost, namely Freya Caul
Date: 02/10/2012
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Nathaniel Mortimer 
Stables and Kennels, Four Eagles Tower
The Tower's Main Stables are nestled into the corner of the courtyard near the portcullis to facilitate quick, easy exits when required. The rear of the structure is backed right against the interior wall of the castle with the heavy wooden roofing gently sloped down towards the slate out front, the floor of the stables kept to dirt. Thick wooden beams are plunged into the ground and serve as a base for the walls between each stall. Hay serves as most of the flooring in the area with a large stack of it off to the side. Each stall has a thick layer on the ground to serve as bedding, with most of the space dedicated to horses though a few have pens of dogs and hounds. An enclosed structure at the end serves as dry storage for riding equipment and saddles.
Tue Oct 02, 289

The influx of visitors and new Terricks has meant more work for everyone, and that certainly includes the hands who care for the stables. Strange horses occupy some of the stalls, and because most of the visitors outrank lowly retainers, Nathaniel has arrived to gather his tack and personal belongings in order to vacate the stall that has doubled as what little home he has. In the stall next to his, a stable-boy is struggling with a strange Destry who doesn't seem willing to cooperate. Nathaniel calls to the boy, "Leave him, lad! I'll see to Ser Bastien's mount before I leave."

Mortimer is on the lookout for Ser Justin to check on the plans for whatever it is the Lord Sheriff is planing later. HAving failed to find him in town he figures his best bet will be in the keep and the first building through the portcullis? THe stables. Stepping through the door he takes a moment to adjust to the change in light levels before scanning around to see is the young knight is present. While he does not seem to be present, he does spot Nathaniel and so walks over towards the man. "Master Corbitt, I don't suppose you've seen the Lord Sheriff have you?"

Nathaniel is outside the stalls and preparing to enter the adjacent stall to deal with the Destry when he hears Mortimer's call from the front of the row. He turns and inclines his head to the deputy. "I have not, Master. However, I have been here preparing to move my mare to make room for others. If you wish, when I see him I will tell him that you seek him." Then he frowns and adds, "I should visit the leatherworker's shop as well, and check on Miss Caul by mid-day."

Mortimer nods as the information is imparted, then steals a glance to check and see if Justin's own horse is present. Turns out it is so he turns back to Nathaniel, "I'm on my way to check the kep, but if he stops by here in the next twenty minutes or so then I would be most greatful if you could mention that I'm looking for him. It's about his gathering later." He also nods about visiting the leatherworker's and adds, more for something to say then anything else, "Ah, Miss Caul, I haven't seen her yet today either."

While the stable-boy heads to his next task, Nathaniel nods once more to the deputy. "I will, master," he confirms. Then he eases the gate open while murmuring to the destrier and patting the heavy horse's neck and shoulders. "I can't stay long, boy," he advises the horse. "But I'll talk to the stable-master himself about the boy. He's not good for a horse of your standing." The horse wickers softly, and seems more calm than he was when the excitable boy was present. Emerging from the stall again and closing the gate, Nathaniel speculates, "The leatherworker sent a lad to find me when she was last missing, so I'm sure that he'll do so again if she's not there. He asked me to talk to her about her … progress. I'll want to speak with Ser Justin about that, too. He should know where she stands."

Mortimer waits quietly as the horse is dealt with, ensuring that he makes no sudden moves, just in case. "Last missing," he then asks, eyebrow raised faintly, it seems he had no been aware that she had been missing at all. It is good to hear that the leatherwork seems to be on top of it. "In that case then, should I find him fist, I'll let him know that you are also seeking him then." Do and do alike after all.

Nathaniel nods and explains, lowering his voice, "She wasn't in her room. I searched nearby and found her sleeping in a stable. She had spent the night there … enjoying herself, and the company of someone else, apparently." He shakes his head.

Mortimer ahhs and nods at the explaination, he can live with that as opposed to her actually running away or some such. "I would make some comment about today's youth," he says with a smile, "but I fear I might be maligning a whole generation over the high spirits of a few."

Nathaniel shrugs. "I cannot speak for all of 'today's youth,' master. I can speak only for myself. She hasn't attempted to win my favor, and I'm quite content with that. I befriend her, as I do all people in whatever distress, because I believe that some act of kindness might inspire them to climb out of the mud." Then he adds, "You have a respectable family. That protects you more than many, I fear."

"Nor mine," he admits freely enough, "and so am I, although I might suggest that the fact the whole town knows I'm married may play a part." Or maybe it's due to him being double her age, who knows? As for Nathaniel's final comments he tilts his head slightly, coming up with two possible interpretations. He's not sure which, if either the younger man was meaning, but since he'd take either he then just nods. "Not a bad way to look at it," he offers, "just take an old man's advice and becareful while you do so. SOmeone at somepoint will take advantage of that."

Nathaniel checks that the gate is locked, and then he inclines his head to the older man. "Aye," he agrees. "There is always danger, and watching her keeps me on guard. She has a cunning way about her. She seems to recognize you, too. I suppose that you've run into her or her family in the past?"

Mortimer nods slowly, almost approvingly as it seems that Nathaniel has his eyes and ears open in all this. "Aye," he admits to his suposititon, "I've known her family all my life and they've been causing grief for others that whole time. I know it sounds harsh to say it but it's no great secret that the only reason they were still alive for the Ironborn to kill is becuase previous Sheriff's couldn't get enough proof, even though it's long been known that they were guilty." He sighs slightly, almost regretting that children were brought up in a family such as that, "it's sad that the first time we've seen her in years is when she was arrested with the bandits. I had hoped that she had escaped out of the life."

"In her case, that is the cause for my kindness," Nathaniel admits. "The Roost doesn't need more criminals, but it does need more honest, hard-working citizens. I've hoped that in some small way I might encourage her to consider that, even to the point of urging her to perform her mummer's craft at the inn not long ago. She was quite good, too. To me, that proves that she could make something more of herself. Whether she sees it, I don't know." He shakes his head. "In some cases, parents teach by giving a bad example that repels the child. We'll see what happens with her. Once those chains fall, she'll need to do something."

"I believe that she has requested to be allowed to work in the Inn," Mortimer replies, "I think that unless she slips up somehow, Lord Justin is likely to ensure that there is a position available once her term with the leather worker is done." He lets that sit for a moment then adds, "give her something she can make an honest living through and so on, make sure she has a chance to put th epast behind her and move on." Not that they won;t be watching closely mind.

Nathaniel breathes a sigh of relief. "THen that fits well with my own task from the leatherworker. He told me that she really isn't suited for his work. She's good at small things. I even saw examples of her work. It's fine, but there's hardly enough call for refitting leather grips to knife handles or nibs to the ends of bows for her to make a living at either. The one danger that I see at the inn is that she might be tempted into taking customers to the back." He frowns at that thought, even though such practices are a common underground at most inns, even the most respectable ones.

Mortimer eyes Nathaniel for a moment the smiles, looking mildly amused. Leaning forwards to rest his forarms on one of the nearby stalls he shakes his head slightly. "Sorry to break it to you Nathaniel, if I can call you that, but there are lasses that'll do that for you anyway at the Rockcliff if you ask them nice enough and they reckon you've the coin. While I'll agree with you that I hope she does not go into that life, I think I'm more concerned about her giving into temptation and dipping into the till. That could get her neck stretched."

The mention of whores at their own finest inn elicits only a shrug from Nathaniel. "I know that they're there, and although I hope that she'll resist that lure, it would be better than something that leads her to the noose that she escaped once already." He frowns. "If Lady Anais had her way, we wouldn't be worried about the girl's pretty little neck."

"Lady Anais is a strong Lady who knowns her own mind. Nor is she afraid to say what she believes," Mortimer states as he stands up properly again. "It is the standard punishment for her crimes, and there are certainly arguements about showing any others who might think we're still a soft target that they'll be delt with to the full extent of the law. We've taken down two groups of bandits so far and hung none of them. There are some might say thats why there are yet more to deal with." He's not though seemingly wanting to express his own opinion on the topic. "I suppose though I should be off to try and find the Lord Sheriff."

Nathaniel inclines his head and adds, "Bandits still haunt the road to Stonebridge, too. I can assure you of that. It's a common problem, but I agree that they need to hear the message that such things won't stand here. I heard outside that the Sheriff is looking for men to help. I'm no man at arms, but I intend to do what I can."