House Wyncliff
The arms of House Wyncliff
Head of House: Lord Sebystan Wyncliff
Title: Lord of the Port
Predecessor: Lord Dmitry Wyncliff
Heir: Young Lord Andal Wyncliff
Seat: Wyncliff Port
Fortification: N/A
Motto: "Calm Before The Storm"
Colors: Azure, White, Yellow
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Mallister
Vassals: House de Mabrey


Unlike House Terrick and House Groves, House Wyncliff is virtually an unknown bannerman of the Mallisters. Located south and just a touch west of Seagard, House Wyncliff finds it's home amongst the cliffs of Ironman's Bay. This has served to both hinder and help their township, Wyncliff Port, for the cliff's that surround them protect them from invasion or attack by land, but by the same token, it prevents travellers and traders from coming in along the same path. As such, the only viable route to reach Wyncliff Port is by sea.

In past, with the constant threat of Ironborn Invasion, it's no surprise that the Wyncliff's are known as a seafaring bunch; sailors and swordsman and all but lacking in true knights. During Robert's Rebellion, the majority of House Wyncliff's able-bodied men were sent aboard their boats, to bolster the Mallister fleets and help secure the lines against Targaryen retallation. Only a handful of heir men fought upon dry land, with Andal Wyncliff, Heir to House Wyncliff, having been one of them. He was amongst the Mallister contigent that formed at the Battle of the Trident, where Lord Ser Jason slew three of Prince Rhaegar's bodyguards to secure a path for Robert Baratheon.

During times of peace, House Wyncliff sustains itself by mining the ore from the cliffs that surround the township, only to then courier it to Seagard, where it is then sold and shipped off to various other parts of the Riverlands. Between this and the ample supply of fish in the Bay, the township has become self-sustaining, for the most part, though with a limited selection of fertile land available amongst the cliffs, the majority of their grain must be purchased from the markets of Seagard.

When the Ironborn began a daring assault upon the Cape of Eagles, burning the Fleets at Seagard, House Wyncliff was not left untouched. Several of their vessels were scuttled in the process and the Ironmen, unable to make landfall at Wyncliff Port, simply blockaded the township, forcing them to begin to ration their food and limit their supplies. Thankfully, this would not go on for too long and when the seige of Segard was broken and the Riverlands prepared to sail for the Iron Isles, House Wyncliff was amongst them. Or rather, their ships were amongst them. Young Lord Andal Wyncliff, at the behest of his father, Lord Sebystan Wyncliff, gathered what ships that remained and set sail to Seagard. To offer their services to courier the armies to the Iron Isles and to run supplies back and forth.

Now, with peace once again settling upon the lands … or a semblance of peace, Lord Sebystan Wyncliff has decided that he must further secure his families holding and has bid his son, Young Lord Andal Wyncliff, to further cemet their friendly relations with the Mallisters and their vassals and to further expand upon their trade opportunities.


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The de Mabreys


Into every life, a little rain must fall. Alas, for the de Mabreys of Seagard, it has been more of a downpour for the last few years. The patriarch of the family, Ser Bromley, has withdrawn from the courts of the Riverlands entirely, leaving the fate of his house and title in the hands of his three surviving sons, Oliver, Drystan and Conrad.

The de Mabreys were once one of the most well-known and respected sea traders, with the finest and fastest vessels ferrying goods between Seagard, the Banefort and the Crag. But with a loss of favor comes a loss of fortune swiftly behind. The Ironborn Invasion saw their fleet reduced to only two ships; the Tempest and the Stormstrider. Both were pledged to the service of Lord Banefort.

House de Mabrey has a long standing history with the Mallisters and Wyncliff; unfortunately, that history has been in a rapid decline for the past decade or so. Much like the Wyncliff's, the de Mabrey's are a seafaring bunch and are the primary couriers of the Wyncliff's Ore and supplies to the mainland, as well as to outlying cities such as the Banefort or The Crag. Unfortunately, they have seemingly fallen from favor during the past several years. Many of their ships have seen their banners switched from the de Mabrey colors to that of House Wyncliff or even House Mallister and the handful that remained under de Mabrey control was further reduced during the recent Ironborn Invasion.

With only two ships in their control, the Tempest and the Stormstrider, there was little that they could do to further their station .. or their favor, at this time. As such, the majority of their able-bodied men, along with the two ships, were given leave to travel to the Banefort. To pledge service to their House; an action that served a purpose that was two-fold. The first, it allowed the de Mabrey's to try and reclaim their former glory through the service of another House; Second, it allowed the Mallisters and Wyncliff's to be viewed favorably upon by the Banefort, for supplying men and ships at no cost to their House.

Family Members Open for Application

Oliver de Mabrey
PB: Hugh Dancy
Position: Heir
Age: 34
From: Seagard
natural courtier, disgraced vassal house, well-educated, burden of responsibility
Conrad de Mabrey
PB: Jeremy Renner
Position: Guard
Age: 29
From: Seagard
dry sense of humor, rough around the edges, disgraced vassal house, impulsive
Drystan de Mabrey
PB: David Boreanaz
Position: Guard
Age: 32
From: Seagard
honorable, rough around the edges, disgraced vassal house
Dorian de Mabrey
PB: Richard Armitage
Position: Guard
Age: 27
From: Seagard
honorable, rough around the edges, disgraced vassal house