House Westerling
House Westerling
The arms of House Westerling
Head of House: Gawen Westerling
Title: Lord of The Crag
Predecessor: Greynalt Westerling
Heir: Raynald Westerling
Seat: The Crag
Fortification: The Crag
Motto: Honor, not honors
Colors: White, pale yellow
Region: the Westerlands
Liege: House Lannister
Vassals: None
The Crag
Population: 2,000
Wealth: Poor
Men at Arms: 15
Knights: 8
Primary Revenue: Trade

Honor, not Honors


One of the oldest houses in the region, the Westerlings claim descent from the First Men. They have occupied their seat at The Crag for many years, but have recently fallen on difficult times economically.

The house's lands and incomes have dwindled over the years, with several of the mines being sold off or for sale to those with interest. Their seat of the Crag is a shadow of the stronghold that it once was, in present times portions of the family have receded to smaller holds, although it is still occupied by the Lord of the Crag.


A somewhat rocky region, the Westerlands are home to a prosperous mining industry, in particular a large number of gold mines. The hills provide a natural defense to the east, but the area is vulnerable from the sea, and often prey to Ironborn raids. The Westerling lands are peppered with mines in the high hills, leading a large portion of their trade in precious stones, smithed items and fine metals.

The customary surname of bastards in the Westerlands is Hill, taken from the abundance of hills in that dot the landscape.

Crest Meaning

  • Gold — Generosity and elevation of the mind
  • Scallop Shell — Traveller to far places or victorious naval commander

Current Members

Portrait Name Relation
Lady Danae Westerling Cousin to the Lord the Crag. Trade Envoy.
Ser Garett Westerling Cousin to the Lord the Crag. Knight.
Lady Briallyn Westerling Wife to Garett Westerling. Formerly of House Haigh.
Lady Cherise Charlton nee Westerling Cousin to Lord of the Crag.
Lord Desmond Westerling Cousin to Lord of the Crag. Garett's Squire.
Lord Roric Westerling Brother to Lord of the Crag. Trader.
Sela Hill Bastard daughter to Ser Garett Westerling.

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