House Valentin
House Valentin
The arms of House Valentin
Head of House: Anton Valentin
Title: Knight of Oldstones
Predecessor: Cyric Valentin
Heir: TBD
Seat: Oldstones
Fortification: {$keep}
Motto: TBD
Colors: Dark red, grey, white
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: TBD
Vassals: None at present


House Valentin is perhaps the newest house in the Riverlands, founded at the end of Robert's Rebellion when Lord Tully awarded land and title to a Ser Cyric, who took the name Valentin for his new house. Little is known of the family or their plans, and they have yet to establish any real reputation in the area. Until recently, their very existence was more often forgotten than not.

House Valentin is not currently accepting applications for new PCs.

Recent Happenings

Lord Ser Anton Valentin inherited the title and the house in late 287, and made his first appearance in Riverlands society at the Stonebridge tournament in July, 288. On the first day of jousting he challenged and was unseated by Ser Harras Harlaw in an unlucky pass. On the second, he advanced to the final round of tilts where he broke seven lances against Ser Andrey Charlton before being defeated. In the grand melee he took the prize after fending off Sers Revyn and Jarod Terrick together, and afterwards became a guest at the Terrick home.

Miss Anneke Steward, Lord Anton's castellan, was noted at the tournament for having a crate full of frogs delivered to a sellsword, and Ser Gedeon Rivers, a sworn sword, reportedly survived an attempted murder-by-poison the day after the tourney. Most recently, it is said that Rowan Nayland has joined the service of House Valentin as Ser Gedeon's squire.


Oldstones is currently the name given also to their seat, the partially-rebuilt fortress of the ancient Mudd kings, set on a supposedly-impregnable hill. Much of the old curtain wall remains, and efforts over the last 5 years have focused on shoring up and rebuilding this wall, so that it is now once again suitable to serve as defense. A wooden hall has been built within, but the stone keep is still much time and coin away, little more than foundations.

A small village sits at its foot, their primary industry hunting and tanning. There is a modest but growing trade in hides and leather products. The income from this, though hardly substantial, allows the Valentins to employ a couple knights, said to be personal friends of the lord, and to continue with the gradual rebuilding of the ancient castle.


Having existed only since 283, House Valentin has no real history, though there are stories told of Lord Cyric and Lord Anton's efforts during the rebellion, the ones that earned them nobility.

Beyond that, the history of Oldstones is of the seat itself, once the home to House Mudd, an ancient dynasty and the last of the First Men to rule the Trident. The Kings of the Rivers and the Hills, the Mudds ruled for over a thousand years until the Andal invasion. King Tristifer IV Mudd, called The Hammer of Justice, legendarily fought one hundred battles against the Andals, and won ninety-nine of them. In the last he fell and his son Tristifer V soon lost his castle, his title, and his life, and House Mudd became extinct.

For the many centuries since, their great stronghold has sat upon its hill, torn slowly apart by time and nature. Its true name has been forgotten, but the locals still revere the place itself, and while its keep and towers have tumbled down, the area has not been scavenged for stone as most ruins are. The tomb of King Tristifer IV still lies within, and local legend whispers that some day, in time of trouble, he will return again to defend the Riverlands once more.

Current Members

Portrait Name Relation
Lord Ser Anton Valentin Head of House. Knight of Oldstones.

Political Relations

House Relationship

House Tully

Lord Cyric was born at Riverrun, and his father and grandfather served as knights of that house before him. For the long and faithful service of his family as well as his own accomplishments and those of his son fighting in the Riverlands host that backed King Robert's ascension, Lord Hoster Tully awarded the title Knight of Oldstones. The least of the houses of the Riverlands they might be, but there are still ties to the greatest.

House Mallister

At the time of Robert's Rebellion, Lord Cyric was a knight in the service of House Mallister and had been for twenty years or more. It was in the Mallister host that he and his son Lord Anton fought at the Trident, in particular. Lord Cyric's sister Larissa is the fourth wife of Lord Jason Mallister's brother Calvan. Lord Anton was formerly squire to Ser Jesper Mallister, a first cousin of Lord Jason.

House Frey


House Terrick

Presently the guests of House Terrick, it is said that Lord Valentin has demonstrated some interest in Lord Jerold's daughter Lucienne, but anything more remains to be determined.

House Nayland


House Camden


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