House Tully
House Tully
The arms of House Tully
Head of House: Hoster Tully
Title: Lord of Riverrun, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands
Predecessor: Edwyn Tully
Heir: Edmure Tully
Seat: Riverrun
Fortification: {$keep}
Motto: Family, Duty, Honor
Colors: Red and blue
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Baratheon
Vassals: House Blackwood, House Bracken, House Darry, House Frey, House Mallister, House Mooton, House Piper, House Rygar, House Smallwood, House Vance, House Whent


The Lords Paramount of the Riverlands, House Tully is widely held to be the least powerful of the Great Houses of Westeros (a statement akin to being the least wealthy billionaire in the room). The Tullys were hesitant to embrace Robert's Rebellion, until both of Lord Hoster's daughters were betrothed to the Lords Paramount of the Vale and North. Tully daughters are the wives of the Starks and Arryns, two of the foremost Houses in Westeros, granting the Tullys powerful allies.


First there were the River Kings, who ruled for long centuries over the Riverlands from their great seat at Oldstones, now reduced to a ruin. The River Kings were finally overthrown by the expansive power of the Ironmen, whose conquests reached from their isles in the west to Saltpans in the east. But the last Iron King of the Isles and Rivers, Harren the Black, was roasted alive in his castle of Harrenhal by the dragons of the Targaryen Kings. Those conquering Targaryens selected a loyal vassal of theirs to rule the Riverlands in their name. That vassal was named Tully. The Tullys are the only Great House of Westeros who cannot claim Royalty in the ancient past of their heritage.

Current Members

Portrait Name Relation
Lord Hoster Tully Head of House, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands: a respectable warrior in his youth, he has aged hard, having been wounded at the Battle of the Bells during Robert's Rebellion. Lord Hoster has gained weight while nursing the troublesome injury, and has never fully recovered.
Lord Edmure Tully Hoster's son and heir: a youth of 15, he attended the Tournament at Stonebridge in 288, presiding over the second day of jousts as well as the Grand Melee. The Young Lord Edmure was loud about his intentions to triumph in the Squire's Melee, but suffered a swift and rather embarrassing defeat.

Political Relations

House Relationship

House Mallister

The most famous warriors of the Riverlands, the Mallisters are accounted a place of prestige at Riverrun even above that of the Freys, Blackwoods and Brackens, all of whom are wealthier than the Lords of Seagard. Lord Jason Mallister is a personal friend of Lord Hoster.

House Frey

The tardiness of the Freys in answering Lord Hoster's call in the Rebellion has never been forgotten, who continues who deride Lord Walder as 'The Late Lord Frey' for his arrival after the Battle of the Trident was ended. Despite that dissent, the Freys are by far the most powerful of the Tully bannermen, forcing the Tullys to keep a fine balance.

House Terrick

Political hatchlings on the Cape of Eagles, the Terricks benefit from much of the goodwill accorded their Mallister Lords, but the rivalry between Terrick and Nayland is a source of irritation to Riverrun.

House Nayland

Seen as little more than a lackey of the Freys, the Naylands are treated with the same wariness accorded their overlords.

House Camden

Their refusal to answer either side in Robert's Rebellion was a source of bitterness to Lord Hoster. Unlike the Freys whose opportunism was tolerated due to the great power of that House, the Camdens are a minor holding at most, on the far frontier of the Riverlands. Lord Hoster has been heard to say, 'Let them keep to their trees, and let their trees keep them'.

House Valentin

Elevated by Lord Hoster's personal recommendation, the old Lord Cyric was elevated to nobility for his steadfast service to the Tullys. Oldstones was not seen as much of a gift, being an unpopulated ruin, but the Valentins seem grateful enough. The present Lord Anton is an unknown at court.

House Charlton

Edmure Tully in particular is said to admire House Charlton, largely due to the feats at arms of one Ser Andrey Charlton on the second day of jousts at the Stonebridge tourney, in 288.

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