House Tordane
House Tordane
The arms of House Tordane
Head of House: Isolde Nayland
Title: Lady of Stonebridge
Predecessor: Geoffrey Tordane
Heir: Isolde Tordane
Seat: Stonebridge
Fortification: Tordane Tower
Motto: While We Live
Colors: Green and yellow
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Nayland
Vassals: None


Tordane held the lands between Terrick's Roost and Hag's Mire at the end of the riverways coming down from Seagard. The name of Tordane Tower, and the presence of the crane quartered with the Nayland Harpy on the Stonebridge banner are the last traces of the family. The town is a center of trade and commerce. Most of the traffic of merchants stems through Stonebridge and often the outlying areas bring in their wares to take advantage of the goods coming down river.


House Tordane has been joined with House Nayland by the marriage of the Lady of Stonebridge, Isolde Tordane and the Lord of Stonebridge, Ser Ryker Nayland. Before the union, Stonebridge and Tordane were bannersworn to House Terrick. The land is now in allegiance with Nayland. Ser Tyroan Nayland has been appointed Steward of Stonebridge, while Ser Rygar Nayland serves as Sheriff.


For generations the blood of Tordane has overseen the care and management of Stonebridge. The last Lord to rule over the town was Geoffrey Tordane and his heir to be was Geonis Tordane. Both men perished Robert's War during the Battle of the Trident in the year 283 AL. This left his only trueborn child the Lady Isolde to oversee the rule with her mother Lady Valda as first regent, then later castellan.

With the marriage of Lady Isolde to the Young Lord Ser Ryker Nayland, the rule of Stonebridge has fallen to House Nayland, the rival to House Terrick. Upon the wedding, Nayland troops marched across the famous stone bridge the town is so named for. Ser Ryker's death made the Nayland hold on Stonebridge tenuous, despite the fact that Isolde was pregnant with his child. Ser Riordan Nayland was placed as Lord Regent over Stonebridge.

With Ser Gedeon Rivers being legitimized as Ser Gedeon Tordane by King Robert, it seemed that the Naylands would lose their hold on Stonebridge, but Ser Rygar challenged Ser Gedeon to judicial combat and killed the newly-legitimized bastard. Immediately after Ser Gedeon's death, Lady Danae Westerling stepped forward to claim marriage to Ser Gedeon the night before, and that she was certain she was pregnant with the Tordane heir.

Lady Danae Tordane has proven to be pregnant, although the paternity of the child has been called into question. With the support of Houses Charlton and Haigh, she attempted to seize control of Stonebridge by military force. After the Charlton and Haigh forces were fought to a standstill in a bloody draw of a battle, Lord Walder Frey stepped in to call a halt to the conflict. He took Lady Isolde and Lady Valda back to The Twins, and placed Ser Tyroan Nayland, Rickart's youngest brother, as Steward of Stonebridge until such time as he deems otherwise.

The House Guard of Stonebridge number 10, and are equipped with broadsword, crossbow, pavise shields, and partial maile.
There are 5 knights sworn to Stonebridge (including PCs), with twice their number in squires and pages.

Crest Meaning

  • Green - Hope, joy, and loyalty in love
  • Gold - Generosity and elevation of the mind
  • Red - Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity
  • Crane - Close parental bond; Vigilance if holding a rock

Current Members

Portrait Name Relation
Lady Isolde Nayland Head of House. Lady of Stonebridge. Widow of Ryker Nayland.
Lady Valda Tordane Widow of Geoffrey Tordane. Lady Isolde's mother.
Lady Igara Frey Aunt to Valda. Great-Aunt to Isolde. Isolde's Lady in Waiting

Political Relations

House Relationship

House Tully

Tordane, though a small house amongst many was honored with the Tullys. Lord Geoffrey and Ser Geonis both fought on the side of the Rebels during the war and their loss was noted by the head House of the Riverlands.

House Mallister

Tordane followed Terrick who followed Mallister into battle. This House was once a great pride and source of respect for the Tordanes. Now with the changing of hands, things are not the same.

House Frey

Frey has close ties to Tordane. Valda, a granddaughter of Walder Frey and widow of Lord Geoffrey Tordane, continues to keep ties to the Twins, bringing several Frey courtiers and retainers to serve at Stonebridge.

House Terrick

House Terrick was a long standing friend and overlord to the Tordanes until the fall of Geoffrey and his son, and the subsequent shift of Tordane allegiances.

House Nayland

Once a rival of House Tordane, Nayland has absorbed what was once Tordane lands into their own wealth, with the wedding of Ryker Nayland to Isolde Tordane.

Family Tree


Wanted PCs

The Late Lord Ser Geoffrey Warning: no actual RP to be had. He is dead, after all.
House Retainers (Adviser, Diplomat, Food Tasters, etc.)