House Terrick
House Terrick
The arms of House Terrick
Head of House: Bolland Terrick
Title: Lord of Terrick's Roost
Predecessor: Jerold Terrick
Heir: Ozric Terrick
Seat: Terrick's Roost
Fortification: Four Eagles Tower
Motto: "Vigilant and Just"
Colors: Purple and yellow
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Mallister
Vassals: None


Bannermen to Lord Jason Mallister of Seagard, the Terrick family holdings spread across the Cape of Eagles from the sea to the west to the newly-acquired Nayland holding of Stonebridge to the east, with their seat at Terrick's Roost inbetween. Though there is no love lost between the two now neighboring Houses over recent events, the rivalry between Terrick and Nayland stretches back as far as living memory does, nobody seems clear upon that which sparked it. Currently there are twelve knights sworn to the House to help protect its people and its lands.

Lord Ser Jerold was swift to answer the summons from his overlord to fight in Robert's war, though the action brought some conflict within the household when his brother and Master-at-Arms Revyn disagreed with the rebellion.

The Young Lord Ser Jaremy Terrick, who had previously been promised the hand of Lady Isolde Tordane to continue an allegiance between Terrick's Roost and Stonebridge, has recently been disinherited. Some clever maneuvering on the part of House Nayland secured the marriage instead, forcing Stonebridge from the hands of their traditional overlords and into that of their biggest rivals. Though he was known to his people as a man of duty and honor, if a little romantic in his notions, Ser Jaremy Middleton (as he is now known) took his leave of the Roost and renounced his title, claims and contracts on the 24th September, 288.

There are several other children in the Terrick household, not least of all the trueborn Lord Jacsen Terrick and his sister Lady Lucienne. Both have previously spent time in Lord Jason Mallister's household in Seagard, the former as a squire and then courtier due to an injury in the Rebellion that left him crippled, needing a cane to walk. The latter served as a lady-in-waiting for two years there after the war, sent to comfort her brother as he learned to adjust to his new capacity. Like Jacsen, Lucienne was well-received in the Mallister household, and both retain ties there to this day. More recently Jerold's third trueborn son Justin Terrick has returned home after the Ironborn invasion. He lost his knight in the fighting but was later knighted by Ser Kamron Mallister for Justin's participation in rescuing kidnapped noblewomen. He was later appointed Sheriff of Terrick's Roost.

Also counted in the fold of the family is Lord Jerold's bastard son, Ser Jarod Rivers. He was spoken about throughout the Riverlands as 'the luckiest bastard alive', his mother having died during childbirth leading to his being acknowledged by his father and raised with the rest of the trueborn children. Jarod served as a sworn sword to Terrick's Roost for several years, until a strange series of events led him to knight a woman, marry a Nayland (the same woman he'd knighted), stripped of his knightly spurs, armor and other honors, and dismissed from service to Four Eagles in disgrace. He is presently estranged from his father.

The House Guard of Terrick number 30, and are equipped with spear, broadsword, shield, and leather jerkin.
There are 13 knights sworn to the Terrick banner (including PCs), with twice their number in squires and pages.

Crest Meaning

  • Purple - Royal majesty, sovereignty, and justice
  • Gold - Generosity and elevation of the mind
  • Eagle - Nobility, strength, bravery, and alertness; or one who is high-spirited, ingenious, quick-witted, and judicious


— Retainers
— Knights
— Innkeeper at Rockcliff Inn
— Craftsmen

Current Members

Portrait Name Relation
Lord Ser Bolland Terrick Lord Jerold's younger brother returned from the Vale. In October 289, the line of succession was passed to his own children by Ser Jerold's own hand. The appointment was confirmed by House Mallister soon after, but there are still several undercurrents of displeasure regarding the change in regime.
Lady Tressa Terrick Lord Jerold's good-sister, wife of Lord Ser Bolland. She now can add Lady Terrick's Roost to her growing list of monikers.
Ser Ozric Terrick Lord Bolland's eldest son, heir to the Roost.
Ser Jerold Terrick Former Lord of Terrick's Roost. Ser Jerold abdicated his seat and and passed the line of succession to his younger brother, Bolland, in October of 289. Many are still uncertain as to the details behind the decision, though the former Lord has since taken a position as personal advisor to Lord Patrek Mallister at Seagard.
Lady Evangeline Terrick Ser Jerold's late wife, former Lady of the Roost, passed on from complications surrounding a miscarriage in February of 289.
Lord Jacsen Terrick Second trueborn son of Lord Jerold and former heir. Lord Jacsen's body was discovered weighted down in the river in October of 289, believed to have been the victim of bandits and failed ransom negotiations.
Lady Anais Terrick Lord Jacsen's widow, formerly of House Banefort.
Lord Justin Terrick Lord Jerold's third trueborn son and Sheriff of the Roost.
Ser Brogan Terrick Lord Bolland's second son.
lady Gaelena Terrick Lord Bolland's eldest daughter.
Lord Keenan Terrick Lord Bolland's third son, merchant by trade.
Lady Faline Terrick Lord Bolland's youngest daughter.
Lord Lothar Terrick Lord Bolland's youngest son.
Ser Darion Olix Terrick Lord Jerold's nephew by his brother Jerrik.
Lady Lucienne Terrick Only daughter of Lord Jerold. Lady Lucienne was found to be burdened with child outside of wedlock and sent away to the Motherhouse in October 289.
Ser Revyn Terrick Brother of Lord Jerold. Master of Arms at Terrick's Roost, slain during the Ironborn Invasion of 289.
Ser Jarod Rivers Illegitimate son of Lord Jerold, formally recognized by his father. Ser Jarod was cast out of House Terrick by Lord Ser Jerold following his knighting of a woman who he later married from House Nayland.
Ser Jaremy Middleton Disinherited, Lord Jerold's eldest son, exiled to the Wall to take on the mantle of black.

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