House Nayland
House Nayland
The arms of House Nayland
Head of House: Rickart Nayland
Title: Lord of Hag's Mire
Predecessor: Darron Nayland
Heir: Rutger Nayland
Seat: Hag's Mire
Fortification: Fortress of the Sevens
Motto: Reach Beyond Thy Grasp
Colors: Green and orange
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Frey
Vassals: House Nayland of Stonebridge


Their castle, the Fortress of the Sevens (named for the Sevenstreams area to the south), commands all landward passage around the Blue Fork of the Trident. As Lords of the unfortunately named Hag's Mire, the Naylands are the poorest of the Frey bannermen. As a result, they have become perhaps the most aggressive. Naylands hold their pride close, and suffer no slights. They have also sought to aggressively expand their holdings, in part to get access to richer lands. Ten knights are sworn to the Nayland banner.

During the Rebellion, the Naylands largely followed the lead of their liege lords the Freys, although a few knights are known to have fought for the Targaryens, before the Freys moved.

In addition to a severe reputation in enforcing law within the domain, (described as 'draconian' in what detractors intend as insult, but the Nayland hear as a compliment) the smallfolk of Hag's Mire are drilled intensively as a levy, able bodied men being mustered are drilled at pike handling for two hours, every Sunday. The only smallfolk pardoned this service are those tradesmen whose craft supports the war footing: smiths, chiurgeons, and such. Peasant men from the Mire are highly likely to have some skill at handling spears.


Young Lord Ser Rutger Nayland is the heir to The Mire. Raymond Nayland, son of Lord Rickart Nayland, is squired to a knight in Highgarden (far to the south and not present for the game). Lord Rickart's youngest son Rowan ran off, and his daughter Rowenna counterfeited Rowan as a squire at The Roost before marrying Jerold Terrick's bastard son Jarod. Lord Rickart's nephew Rygar is Sheriff of Stonebridge and charged with drilling the levies.

The House words are Reach Beyond Thy Grasp, and Nayland children are taught that striving for what is beyond reach is what defines greatness. High ambition is a common side effect.

The House Guard of Nayland at the Fortress of the Sevens number 20, and are equipped with crossbow, broadsword, pavise tower shields and partial maille armour.
There are 9 knights sworn to the Harpy banner in the Mire (including PCs), with twice their number in squires and pages.

Crest Meaning

  • Orange - Worthy Ambition
  • Green - Hope, joy, and loyalty in love
  • Harpy - Ferocity under provocation


— Ser Rathe Nayland (Rickart's son - age 23)
— Ser Rhyse Nayland (Rickart's son - age 21)
— Nayland of Stonebridge Knights
— Nayland of Stonebridge Retainers
— Innkeeper for Crane's Crossing Inn

Current Members

Portrait Name Relation
Lord Ser Rickart Nayland Head of House. Lord of Hag's Mire.
Lady Rebekkah Nayland Dowager Lady of Hag's Mire. Lord Rickart's mother. Called in secret 'the Hag of the Mire'.
Lord Rutger Nayland Lord Rickart's second eldest son. Once widowed. Heir to Hag's Mire.
Ser Tyroan Nayland Lord Rickart's youngest brother, new Steward of Stonebridge.
Lady Roslyn Nayland Lord Rickart's second eldest daughter.
Lord Rafferdy Nayland Seventh child of Lord Rickart and Lady Rhiannon.
Lady Jocelyn Nayland Niece of Lord Rickart. Third child of Ser Stevron and Lady Janyce.

Political Relations

House Relationship

House Tully

While the Naylands are not out of favor with Hoster Tully, the Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, they have managed little to endear themselves to him. The Freys and Naylands did not commit their troops to support Robert Baratheon until after the crucial battle, and when Lord Hoster was wounded at the Battle of the Bells, the only Naylands present were on the other side.

House Frey

Overlords. While the least of the Frey bannermen, the Naylands are the front line in the Frey rivalry with the Mallisters, and this has endeared the Lords of Hag's Mire to the ruling house of the Twins, reflected by an increasing presence of Frey nobility at Nayland courts.

House Terrick

These two houses have been rivals for generations, with the present Lords Jerold and Rickart counting each other bitter foes, for reasons neither are keen to discuss.

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