House Middleton
House Middleton
The arms of House Middleton
Head of House: Extinct
Title: Knight of Middlemarch
Predecessor: Lord Alberd Middleton
Heir: None
Seat: Middlemarch
Fortification: Middlemarch House
Motto: Balance Above All
Colors: Red, blue, gold
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Terrick
Vassals: None


House Middleton was formerly a knightly house, vassals to House Terrick, but the house and its lands were absorbed into House Terrick after the last lord died without a male heir. The area is currently sparsely populated and the former seat, a lightly-fortified manor house, is generally shut though it has lately been re-opened and occasionally occupied by Lady Lucienne Terrick and her attendants.


Current Members

  • Ser Jaremy Middleton: firstborn son of Lady Evangeline and Lord Jerold, formerly Young Lord Ser Jaremy Terrick, now disowned.

Former Members

Political Relations

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