House Mallister
House Mallister
The arms of House Mallister
Head of House: Patrek Mallister
Title: Lord of Seagard, Defender of the Western Shore, First Guardian of the Riverlands
Predecessor: Jason Mallister
Heir: Calvan Mallister
Seat: Seagard
Fortification: Seagard Castle
Motto: Above the Rest
Colors: Indigo and Silver
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Tully
Vassals: House Terrick House Groves


While Tywin Lannister may be named the Warden of the West, it is the Mallisters who have traditionally been the first line of defense against the region's most persistent threat: the raiders of the Iron Islands. While the last 100 years have seen a steady decline in the severity of that threat, the Mallisters always remember that their great castle at Seagard and the chain of watchtowers which line the Cape of Eagles are pointed west. Other Houses may stoop to squabble over lesser concerns, the Mallisters - as their motto reminds - will remain Above the Rest, keeping to the duty that truly matters.

During Robert's Rebellion, the Mallisters were among the houses that declared for Robert, the Mallister army fighting at the decisive Battle of the Trident, where Lord Jason Mallister cut down three of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen's bodyguard in winning Robert Baratheon his path to face the Prince himself.

The Lord of Seagard is Patrek Mallister, a young squire, son of the late Lord Ser Jason. In much of the Riverlands, and even the Seven Kingdoms as a whole, it is considered a minor tragedy that such a hero of the Trident was slain in single combat before the walls of Seagard by Rodrik Greyjoy during the Ironborn Invasion on January 28, 289.

House Terrick and House Groves are both bannerhouses of the Mallisters.

To their rivals: The Mallisters are arrogant and self gratifying. They demand more honor and precedent than any other Riverland House, despite their diminished influence.

Recent Happenings


The ancient foes of the Iron Islanders, the castle of Seagard was built in the mist of ages to defend against Ironborn reavers. A great tower in Seagard was added five hundred years ago, which can sound a bell so great that it can be heard for ten miles. Until recently, the "Booming Tower" had not been sounded in three centuries, reflecting the diminished threat of the Ironmen. Still, antagonism toward the Ironborn is a hallmark of the Mallisters who take their titles as Defender of the Western Shore, and First Guardian of the Riverlands very, very seriously. Since Balon Greyjoy's rebellion, and the devastation that war wrought upon the lands of the Mallisters and their bannerhouses, this antagonism has risen to a fever pitch.

Current Members

Portrait Name Relation
Lord Ser Jason Mallister Head of House. Deceased Lord of Seagard, Defender of the Western Shores, First Protector of the Riverlands. He was slain January 28, 289, by Rodrik Greyjoy, in single combat before the walls of Seagard during the Ironborn Invasion.
Lord Patrek Mallister Head of House. Defender of the Western Shores, First Protector of the Riverlands, the late Lord Jason's eldest son. Currently a squire to Lord Ser Jerold Terrick. Betrothed to Syrah Redwyne.
Ser Denys Mallister Uncle of Lord Jason, member of the Night's Watch. Commander of the Shadow Tower.
Ser Calvan Mallister Brother of the late Lord Jason. Currently heir to House Mallister until Lord Patrek marries and produces an heir of his own.
Ser Aeric Mallister Cousin of Lord Jason, ship captain, sent to the Terrick as an aide.
Ser Hale Mallister and Lady Aduilana Ser Hale is the brother of the late Lord Jason and Lord Calvan. Ser Hale married his cousin the Lady Aduilana when they were in their late teens. Their children are Ser Martyn and Lady Muirenn Mallister.
Ser Martyn Mallister Also known as 'The Rock of Seagard,' Ser Martyn is the nephew of the late Lord Jason and Lady Muirenn's elder brother. His single combat against Lord Rogr Harlaw on the Iron Isles was an event that will ever be remembered by the family.
Lady Muirenn Erenford nee` Mallister Niece of the late Lord Jason and younger sister of Ser Martyn, Lady Muirenn Jillain Rose Mallister currently resides at Heronhurst as the wife of Lord Elrick Otto Erenford.
Ser Kamron Mallister Son of the holder of the watchtower Talon Point. Brother to Nedra. Distant cousin to Lord Patrek. A veteran knight of Robert's Rebellion and the Greyjoy Rebellion. Said by some to have lost honor on Harlaw for interrupting a single combat, and to have gained honor on Pyke for fighting Rodrik Greyjoy. Champion of the melee at Lord Patrek's betrothal tournament.
Lady Nedra Mallister Distant cousin to Lord Patrek Mallister and younger sister to Ser Kamron.

Political Relations

House Relationship

House Tully

Overlords. The Mallisters were the most powerful vassals of the Tullys to actively support Robert Baratheon in the Rebellion, and expect certain honors for their loyalty, which- thus far- Hoster Tully has granted.

House Frey

The two foremost banner houses of the Riverlands, these families clash at every opportunity. The spite between Terricks and Naylands is a reflection of this rivalry. Only the Ironborn receive more Mallister vitriol than the Freys.

House Terrick

Vassals. The primary bannerhouse of Seagard, the Terricks are well regarded, yet Mallister arrogance and obsession with legal precedent tends to leave the Terricks facing minor difficulties alone.

House Groves

Vassals. This House's refusal to answer the Mallister summons during Robert's Rebellion remains a raw nerve with the Lords of Seagard. While forgiven, that choice has not been forgotten.

House Nayland

In addition to the plain dislike for the 'Frey instigators', Mallister opinions are further soured toward the Naylands by the recent 'theft' of Stonebridge, as well as the marked personal dislike of Lord Jason for certain suspected Royalist sympathizers.

House Camden

While regrettable, this house's fate was unsurprising to the Mallisters. Those who live without swords are doomed to die upon them.

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