House Harlaw
House Harlaw
The arms of House Harlaw
Head of House: Rodrik Harlaw
Title: Lord of Harlaw, Lord of the Ten Towers
Predecessor: Theofrid Harlaw
Heir: Esben Harlaw
Seat: Ten Towers
Fortification: {$keep}
Motto: {$motto}
Colors: Black and silver
Region: the Iron Islands
Liege: House Greyjoy
Vassals: House Volmark, House Kenning, House Myre, House Stonetree


One of the most powerful houses of the Iron Islands, House Harlaw rules over the island of Harlaw and its people from their seat at Ten Towers.


Current Members

  • Lord Rodrik Harlaw, called 'the Reader': Lord of the Ten Towers, Lord of Harlaw, Captain of the Sea Song. (NPC)
  • Lord Esben Harlaw, Lord Rodrik's son and heir. Captain of the Serpent. NPC
  • Lady Alannys Harlaw: younger sister of Lord Rodrik, wife of Lord Balon Greyjoy. (NPC)
  • Ser Harras Harlaw, called 'the Knight': Lord Rodrik's cousin and one of the Iron Isles' only anointed knights. He bears the Valyrian steel sword 'Nightfall'. (NPC)
  • Lady Kathryna Harlaw: another cousin, "diplomatic envoy" to the Riverlands. After assisting in preparing the way for the invasion of the Riverlands by Ironborn forces in December 288, Kathryna was killed during the razing of Tall Oaks.

Political Relations

House Harlaw has more ties to mainland Westeros than most houses of the Iron Isles, having intermarried with House Serrett of the Westerlands, in particular.

Ser Harras Harlaw (born of a Harlaw and a Serrett) is one of a tiny handful of Ironborn to pursue knighthood, and is known to compete at the occasional tournament. He made a surprise appearance at the tourney at Stonebridge in July 288, which caused something of a stir. He unseated Ser Anton Valentin in two passes, and was then himself unseated by Ser Kevan Tierney in three.

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