House Haigh
House Haigh
The arms of House Haigh
Head of House: Leslyn Haigh
Title: Lord of Broadmoor
Predecessor: Laryn Haigh
Heir: Harys Haigh
Seat: Broadmoor
Fortification: Broadmoor Keep
Motto: 'Consider the end'
Colors: Russet and gold
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Frey
Vassals: none


From their seat at Broadmoor, House Haigh looks also to House Frey for leadership. They are somewhat in competition with Houses Erenford, Ashwood and Nayland for Lord Walder's favor, jockeying for favor and always looking for a chance to gain in fortune and standing.

Crest Meaning

Gold: Generosity and elevation of the mind
Russet: Patient in battle, and yet victorious
Black: Constancy or grief

History & Household

Despite the widely-accepted impression of the Haighs as ambitious, ruthless deviants, Lord Ser Leslyn is in fact a contemplative and solemn patriarch, ruling over his family with a firm hand of guidance in some areas and a benevolent blind eye in others. He and his sons all rode with their fellow vassals (eventually) under the banner of their liege during Robert's Rebellion.

The eldest daughter of Lord Walder Frey, Perriane is the driving force behind her family's loyalty to their lieges and, of course, their desire to raise themselves. After all, she ought to have been a much sought-after bride. Instead, she intends to improve the standing of the House she is wed unto.

Heir to Broadmoor is Leslyn's favorite and eldest son, Harys. Taking strongly after his father, the loyal knight leans toward the reserved and thoughtful side, often erring on the side of caution where his siblings may act rashly. He remains thus far unwed. The young lord marshals the forces of his family's holding.

Next in line is Perrin, another young knight, about whom not much is known, except that he was recently betrothed to Lady Alys Charlton. The arrangement was broken off following the Charlton shift of alliegance to House Tully. His brother Aron is a well-known tourney knight, noted for his entertaining and flamboyant style, with a scathing wit and a scandalous mean streak. Harlyn, is said to be more inclined toward politics and diplomacy, he is nevertheless equally dangerous, when it comes down to it. Just…not with a sword.

Ceinlys is the lord's only daughter, infamous in certain circles for that gossip about her supposed involvement in the death of her late husband, Diarmud Erenford and her questionable relationship with the late Lord Aleister Ashwood of Highfield. Regardless, the young lady now serves as Steward of Broadmoor, overseeing all matters of state and handling many of the more delicate matters of politics they are often involved in. Arrangements are underway for her betrothal to Aleister's surviving brother and heir, Bastien.

Donnel, newly knighted, is now twenty. Cheerful and stoic, he doesn't seem particularly similar to either of his brothers, though he often shares Ceinlys' role as peacekeeper, especially in disagreements between the elder lords. Alyn is still just a very young child.

Current Members


Lady Ceinlys Steward of Broadmoor and Lord Leslyn's only daughter. One of the more prolific political players in the family, who oversees many of the decisions affecting the family as a whole. Ceinlys is now betrothed to Young Lord Bastien of Highfield.
Ser Eryk Cousin. Ser Raldon's eldest son and brother to Laryssa and Sabriel. A noble knight, he has spent the past seven years in king's Landing, looking to his family's interests.
Lady Ilaria Cousin. Recently wed to Young Lord Alric. Ilaria is considered likely the most approachable of the Haigh daughters.
Lady Katrin Cousin. Ilaria's sister. Rumors abound over her reputed romantic history with not only Rafferdy Nayland, but Martyn Mallister too. She is not currently betrothed.
Lady Laryssa Cousin. Sister to Sabriel and Eryk. The 'proper' one of Ser Raldon's two daughters, Laryssa seems to harbour ambition beyond her current status.
Ser Perrin Second son of Lord Leslyn. Noble Knight.
Lady Sabriel Cousin. Currently dispatched to House Nayland of Stonebridge.


Young Lord Alric Heir to House Fenster.
Freya Caul A formerly indentured thief, now serving the House.


— Ser Ian Haigh - brother of Katrin and Ilaria
— Ser Leland Haigh - brother of Sabriel
— House Servants
— Knights/Squires
— Maester
— Innkeeper

Political Relations

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