House Groves
House Groves
The arms of House Groves
Head of House: Campbell Groves
Title: Lord of Kingsgrove
Predecessor: Hartford Groves
Heir: Stafford Groves
Seat: Kingsgrove
Fortification: Braeburn House
Motto: Old Roots Run Deep
Colors: Purple and Green
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Mallister
Vassals: None of note


No longer the poorer of House Mallister's vassals, the lands of House Groves are located southwest of Terrick's Roost along the inland Cape.


The story goes that House Groves and its seat at Kingsgrove were founded during the Age of Heroes when a king of the Riverlands took shelter in a grove of trees. Supposedly this grove is the same one that still stands near Braeburn House.

House Groves was not always a poor house, but a series of unfortunate decisions have led to a gradual decline. They made the mistake of siding with the pretender during the Blackfyre rebellion, and had their keep torn down and their treasury depleted in punishment.

Perhaps seeking to avoid making the same mistake twice, they refused to join the Riverlands host in support of Robert Baratheon's rebellion. Fighting for the incumbent Targaryens, they were again on the losing side. Like many loyalist families, they bent knee to new king Robert and received a pardon, but had several parcels of land stripped by Jason Mallister in consequence for their actions.


— Lady Adelina Groves (Staford/Kerrigan's Sister - age 19)
— Lady Hallianne Groves (Nikolus' Sister - age 15/16)
— Innkeeper at Peaceful Rest Inn
— House Retainers
— Knights
— Couriers

Current Members

  • Lord Nikolus Groves - Kolton's son, Campbell's nephew.
  • Ser Danyel Groves- Kolton's son, Campbell's nephew.
  • Lady Dyonne Groves - Kolton's daughter, Campbell's niece.
  • Ser Hartigan Groves - Kolton's son, Campbell's nephew.
  • Lady Sylvainne Groves - Campbell's sister, former wife of Lord Ser Rickart Nayland, their marriage was annulled in 257 after she failed to give birth to a son. (NPC)
  • Lady Rebecca Nayland - A Groves in all but name, the daughter of Lord Ser Rickart and Lady Sylvainne.

Political Relations

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