House Greyjoy
House Greyjoy
The arms of House Greyjoy
Head of House: Balon Greyjoy
Title: Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, Lord Reaper of Pyke, and Captain of the Great Kraken
Predecessor: Quellon Greyjoy
Heir: Rodrik Greyjoy
Seat: Pyke
Fortification: Pyke
Motto: We Do Not Sow
Colors: Black and gold
Region: the Iron Islands
Liege: House Baratheon
Vassals: House Blacktyde, House Botley, House Codd, House Drumm, House Farwynd, House Goodbrother, House Harlaw, House Humble, House Merlyn, House Orkwood, House Saltcliffe, House Sparr, House Stonehouse, House Stonetree, House Sunderly, House Wynch


One of the great houses of Westeros, House Greyjoy rules over the Iron Islands and their people, known to themselves as the Iron born. They do so from their massive sea-side castle, called Pyke (located on the isle also called Pyke).

In December 288, House Greyjoy and the Iron born rebelled against the rule of King Robert Baratheon. With the combined might of the Iron Islands, they attacked the Riverlands and the Westerlands by both land and sea, seeking to recapture a hold on the mainland and force as much of the Seven Kingdoms as possible to bow to King Balon Greyjoy.


Descended from a Grey King from the Age of Heroes, House Greyjoy relinquished their kingship after the Targaryen conquest, and became Lords Paramount of the Iron Isles.

Current Members

  • Balon Greyjoy - Self-proclaimed King of the Iron Isles, officially Lord Paramount.
  • Alannys Harlaw - Wife of Balon.
  • Rodrik Greyjoy - Self-proclaimed Prince of Pyke, Balon's oldest son and heir.
  • Maron Greyjoy - Second son of Balon Greyjoy, trusted lieutenant.
  • Theon Greyjoy - Balon's youngest son, still a child.
  • Asha Greyjoy - Balon's daughter and youngest child.
  • Euron "Crow's Eye" Greyjoy - Balon's brother.
  • Victarion Greyjoy - Balon's brother, admiral of the Iron Fleet.
  • Aeron Greyjoy - Balon's youngest brother, a ribald youth.

Political Relations

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