House Frey
House Frey
The arms of House Frey
Head of House: Walder Frey
Title: Lord of the Crossing
Predecessor: Revman Frey
Heir: Stevron Frey
Seat: The Twins
Fortification: {$keep}
Motto: {$motto}
Colors: Blue and grey
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Tully
Vassals: House Ashwood; House Erenford; House Haigh; House Nayland


One of the two greatest vassals of the Tullys, the Freys have risen tremendously in prestige since Lord Walder Frey became Lord of the Crossing over fifty years ago. Advantageous weddings have been the favored political tool of this line, diplomacy being esteemed over the uncertainty of open battle, despite the Freys commanding the largest host in the region.

Recent History

Sers Ryman and Hosteen Frey attended the Tournament at Stonebridge in 288. Both were overthrown by Lord Jason Mallister, with Ser Hosteen taking a particularly violent fall, suffering a broken leg in the lists.

In response to the Ironborn Invasion, Lord Walder Frey sent a small number of knights and Men-at-Arms of his own household to Stonebridge under his son Ser Stevron, instructing his banner lords to do the same. As a result, no levies were called or raised from Frey lands (apart from those of the Naylands) until Hoster Tully's own forces could arrive, sparing Frey resources from enduring the worst of the invasion alone., and leaving Jason Mallister stranded another fortnight under siege in Seagard.

Current Members

Portrait Name Relation
Lady Valda Tordane nee Frey Castellan of Stonebridge, and ruler in all but name, this granddaughter of Lord Walder continued to represent Frey interests, in concert with the Naylands. But in September 289 she was deprived of her post and summoned to the Twins with her daughter Isolde, there to await her lord grandfather's pleasure.
Lady Bryliesa Frey Ward of House Erenford, daughter to Walder Frey. Perhaps a great deal more compassionate than most of her family members, she seems to have inherited a great deal of understanding of diplomacy and politics, yet favors negotiation over the violence of wars. Lady Bryliesa has been promised to the latest Erenford Young Lord, Ser Brennart.
Ser Maldred Rivers A bastard son either of Lord Walder, or the Lord of the Crossing's eldest bastard, Walder Rivers. Sent to Stonebridge as protector of another of Lord Walder's daughters, Lady Jaimera. Has since pursued an independent and chequered road.
Lady Lyanna Frey One of the many granddaughters of Lord Walder Frey, this lady comes from the line of Lord Walder's second wife Cyrenna Swann. She stays currently at Tanglewood Manor as ambassador of House Frey.
Lady Firth Frey Daughter of the third Lady Frey, Amarei of House Crakehall, and annulled wife of Lord Fallon Grell, Lady Firth has finally found a place that suits her, complementing Lyanna's mission by serving as ambassador to House Nayland of Stonebridge.
Lady Aralima Frey Lord Walder's great-grand-daughter, full niece to Lyanna and full grand-niece to Jaimera, this young Frey maiden is touring the Cape of Eagles while her family works out a match for her.
Jaimera, Lady Trant (nee Frey) Third and eldest of the Swann-descended Freys travelling in the region, as if to complete some maiden-damsel-crone triptych. Lady Jaimera, the widow of Lord Trant of Gallowsgrey, is often employed by Lord Walder on legal matters, and so keeps to the Twins unless absolutely necessary.

Political Relations

House Relationship

House Tully

The overlords of the Riverlands, Tullys have a reputation at the Crossing for reacting with too much emotion to the great events of the Realm. It is not forgotten at the Frey court that Hoster Tully only joined Robert's Rebellion when both of his daughters were taken as brides by the Lords of the North and Vale. In Frey eyes, Tully indignance at Frey opportunism is pure hypocrisy.

House Nayland

The least of the Frey vassals, but the most aggressive. A less flattering depiction of the relationship is that the Naylands are Walder Frey's pet hawks, set to harry the prestige of the Mallisters.

House Terrick

Painted with the same brush as the Mallisters.

House Camden

They stood alone and fell alone, weith none at the Twins to mourn their passing.

House Mallister

The lords of a single castle, but three hereditary titles. The Mallisters demand prestige based on faded grandeur and past accomplishments. Their great rivals as the most powerful of the Tully bannermen.

House Valentin


House Banefort

Loyal bannermen to the Lannisters, they are seen as too tied to the West to be a major player in Riverland politics.

House Charlton

Wealthiest and most powerful of the Frey banner houses, the Charltons were once reputed as the shield of the Twins. Having shown no dissent with the Freys for three generations, they shocked everyone at the Crossing by recently electing to break their oaths and acknowledge Lord Tully as immediate liege instead.

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