House Flint of Flint's Finger
House Flint of Flint's Finger
The arms of House Flint of Flint's Finger
Head of House: Lord Asmund Flint
Title: Lord of Flint's Finger
Predecessor: Lord Halldor Flint
Heir: Anders Flint
Seat: Flint's Finger
Fortification: Cliff Watch Keep
Motto: What is Tested is True
Colors: Black and Grey
Region: The North
Liege: House Stark
Vassals: None


The North is home to several branches of House Flint, with nobles seated at Widow's Watch and Flint's Finger, and the original clan still living in the mountains north of the Wolfswood, usually called the 'First Flints'. Of the noble Flints, House Flint of Flint's Finger is the less wealthy and powerful. They are at the southwestern edge of the North, between the Flint Cliffs and Blazewater Bay on the somewhat isolated peninsula west of The Neck.


The House has a rather colourful history in its own right. A martial household, it is bound to have its share of good and bad. Among the bad, sadly, is they hold the record for the worst commander ever of the Night's Watch. Lord Commander Rodrick Flint tried (and failed) at the attempt to become King-beyond-the-wall, and as a result almost destroyed the Night's Watch. (We don't talk about him.)

Banners of House Flint of Flint's Finger were seen during the Rebellion, flying for Robert Baratheon. They were in attendance at the Battle of the Bells and at the Battle of the Trident, at the least. Two decisive victories, the main reason for the former given to House Stark for their contribution.

In more recent events, the martial forces of Flint's Finger, led by the Young Lord Anders Flint, answered the call of House Stark during the uprising of the Ironborn, and marched south to the Riverlands to support the kingdom's fight against the rebellion of Balon Greyjoy. The Flint forces joined the Frey Army at the Battle of Alderbrook, and later, lent their strength to the forces fighting to lift the Ironborn siege of Seagard. When the combines forces of the kingdoms sailed to the iron Islands, the Flints joined the Army of the Cape in their campaign to conquer the fortress of Grey Gardens, one of the strongholds of House Harlaw.

Family Tree


Current Members


Portrait Name Relation
Young Lord Ser Anders Flint Son of Asmund. Heir to Flint's Finger
Young Lady Cordelya Flint Born of House Reed. Wife of Anders.
Lord Einar Flint Son of Lord Tulketh. Lord Anders' squire.
Lady Nerys Flint Daughter of Lord Asmund. Anders' second sister.
Lady Anathema Nayland Daughter of Trentin and Shada. Married to Tyroan Nayland.
Lord Emrys Flint Cousin to Lord Asmund. Anathema's younger brother.
Lady Tiaryn Ashwood Born of House Camden. Widow of Connell Flint, goodsister of Einar. Recently wed to Saethwyr Ashwood.


Portrait Name Position
Pariston Vis Man-at-Arms in Lord Anders' service. Usually tasked as one of Lady Tiaryn's guards.
Kaelea Steele Lady Tiaryn's Maid-in-Waiting (in training).

Political Relations

Fiercely loyal to both their overlord, House Stark, and to King Robert, they will take up arms gladly in defense of both when called, regardless of distance to be traveled. As isolated as the Flint Cliffs are from both The North and the Riverlands, the House often has very little contact with the others houses, other than through the Great Houses, like Tully, but that isolation did not and would not stop them from heeding the call of their overlord and sending their forces to see to the aid of the Riverlands houses to their south. In the wake of their campaigns in the Riverlands and on the Iron Isles, the House now looks to building better relations and closer ties with its southern neighbours, particularly House Charlton of Highfield.


Currently, the most viable trade goods the Flints have to offer the Riverlands are rock and stone, materials imminently useful for building and rebuilding after the recent ravages of the Ironborn Invasion.

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