House Fenster
House Fenster
The arms of House Fenster
Head of House: Jek Fenster
Title: Knight of Tavin's Rest
Predecessor: Wil Fenster
Heir: Alric Fenster
Seat: Tavin's Rest
Fortification: Tavin's Court
Motto: Knowledge and loyalty
Colors: Light blue, light green, white
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Haigh
Vassals: None


A small house, vassals to House Charlton, the Fensters are known primarily as scholars and diplomats rather than warriors. Their seat, known as Tavin's Rest for the house's founder, is located between Broadmoor and Hollyholt



  • Light blue: Intelligence and understanding
  • Light green: safety and growth
  • White: Innocence and purity


  • Path: Ambition and journey
  • Swan feather: Beauty, transformation and grace


House Fenster was founded by Tavin Fenster centuries ago, said to have originally been a retainer of House Charlton who was ennobled. They have been loyal to their lieges at Hollyholt ever since.

Wanted(On Hold)

— Lial Fenster (age 19(b.270) - Alric's brother. Younger of the twins)
— Lilyann Erenford nee Fenster. Married to unnamed Erenford - (age 19(b.270) - Alric's eldest sister. Elder of the twins)
— Unnamed Erenford. Lilyann's husband.
— Talbot (Alric's senior guard)
— Corrin (Alric's guard)
— Household

Current Members

Lord Ser Jek Fenster The head of house Fenster, and Knight of Tavin's Rest.
Lady Moira Fenster Lady of house Fenster, wife of Jek.
Young Lord Alric Zedarious Fenster Lord Ser Jek's firstborn son and the heir to Tavin's Rest.
Young Lady Ilaria Aeda Fenster Young Lord Alric's wife
Lady Arabella Trienne Fenster Lord Ser Jek's youngest daugther.
Ser Trajan Antabolis Fenster Knight and torturer. Nephew to Jek.

Political Relations

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Family Gallery

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Family Tree