House Erenford
House Erenford
The arms of House Erenford
Head of House: Miraz Erenford
Title: Lord of Erenford
Predecessor: Martis Erenford
Heir: Ser Brennart Erenford
Seat: Heronhurst
Fortification: Heron's Landing
Motto: ~With the Current~
Colors: Gold and pink
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Frey
Vassals: None of note



The lands of House Erenford are located immediately southwest of The Twins, and it is geographically the closest neighbor of both House Frey and House Nayland. Their seat at Heronhurst is located at the easterly bend of the Green Rill, northeast of Stonebridge.

Knights of Erenford

Heronhurst has 20 knights and 30 men-at-arms. The knights of Erenford have been seeing to the protection of Heronhurst for generations. Their reputation for steadfast loyalty and bravery are well noted in the annals of Erenford's history. One of the unique features of the knights and men-at-arms of Erenford is their primary choice of weapon, the spear. It is said that few men can match their skill with the weapon. It is the first weapon many of the young boys find themselves using; spear fishing on the river banks. Easy to spot on the battlefield, Erenford's knights are a sight to behold. When upon horseback they carry lances into battle, and when upon foot they specialize in infantry spears. Hanging from the base of every spear tip, upon the shaft, are two Heron feathers.


— Lady Evelin Erenford (age - 16, Brennart/Nevan's Sister)
— 1 Noble Son (age 20-24/Aemy's Brother)
— House Retainers/Servants
— Knights
— Innkeeper for Riverwalk Inn
— Guards


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Current Members

Portrait Name Relation
Lady Emylie Erenford Eldest daughter to Lord Miraz and Lady Aislynne, Emylie is well-known for her shrewdness and love for the political dance. Currently betrothed to Young Lord Ser Rutger Nayland in accordance with the Nayland's bid for Stonebridge. NPC
Lady Evelin Erenford A middle daughter. An unfortunately ordinary girl, lacking her brother's strategy, her sister's charm, and her Lady mother's beauty. Luckily, she did inherit her father's practical nature and the fortitude to persevere despite perceived mediocrity.
Lady Ceinlys Erenford The widow of the Lord and Lady's late heir, Diarmud and the mother of his sole child, Hafwen.
Ser Brennart Erenford The third son of Erenford he's still wet behind the ears as a knight and is very new to the games of politices and the dance of the courts.
Ser Nevan Murrough Erenford The fourth son of Erenford, Nevan is a cheerful lad with a few years in him as a knight. Largely uninterested in politics, he still gathers his amusement poking his nose in the business of others when he's not honing his skills as a fighter.
Lady Aemy Erenford Daughter of Chandlyr Erenford, brother of Lord Miraz. Aemy has ever had little to do with politics, her parents preferred her be silent about such matters.
Ser Elrick Otto Erenford Son of Milner Erenford, brother of Lord Miraz. Knight.
Lady Muirenn Erenford nee` Mallister Wife of Ser Otto Erenford, niece of the late Lord Jason Mallister.
Lady Roisin Erenford Daughter of Milner Erenford and younger sister to Otto. One of a set of twins.
Lady Raina Erenford Daughter of Milner Erenford and younger sister to Otto. Youngest and twin to Roisin
Ser Holden Rivers Bastard son of Jemaine Erenford, brother of Lord Miraz. Knight.

Political Relations

They're known to be very much in favor of House Nayland's new trade policies in Stonebridge, which is no surprise, as these policies tend to favor the Nayland's fellow Frey vassals. They have a long-standing rivalry with House Haigh, always jockeying for second position behind House Charlton.

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