House Darant
House Darant
The arms of House Darant
Head of House: Triston Darant
Title: Knight of
Predecessor: Lord Cley Darant
Heir: Meical Darant
Seat: Darant Hall
Fortification: Darant Hall
Motto: {$motto}
Colors: maroon, blue and silver
Region: Riverlands
Liege: House Terrick
Vassals: none


House Darant is fairly small with no bannermen to call upon of their own: they have several villages and a small manor within their auspices, and little more. They are well known for two matters: first and foremost, the possession of fine vineyards. These cannot compare to the Arbor's fine wines, but for local offerings and the occasional unsurpassable vintage, they manage well enough. The second thing about House Darant is their location: once fully within the lands held by House Terrick, they are now almost on the border of the Terrick and Nayland lands.


The founder of House Darant is unknown - like as not kin to one of the greater Houses who struck out on their own many generations ago. Time and prosperity swelled or shrunk the lands, and now they are possessed of a few mountains and land near one of the eponymous rivers. They are prosperous enough, particularly with the knowledge that has come to them on viniculture, for the Darants host vineyards on their lands, and for several hundred years (records refer to the wines before the Aegon the Conqueror) they have been producing wines both red and white on the terraced hills, influenced by wind and the river that meanders through them. Every young lord has staved his share of barrels, and the harvest festivals and balls are of note, for there are often competitions on who can crush grapes the longest, or clear a row of vines the quickest.

In more recent years, the Lord Ser Triston's son Steffon wed a young maiden named Isemay, and sired three children on her before he was killed in battle by bandits. The Lord himself, a widower, has engaged himself in fighting, and is said to have been present during some of the combats with the ironborn invaders. The Lord Ser Triston sent his good-daughter, his grandson-heir and his granddaughter to Stonebridge for safety, a merely temporary displacement from their home, while the results of this ironborn struggle were resolved.

The lady and her children returned from Stonebridge after the siege and battles at Seagard to Darant Hall.

Current Members

Lord Ser Triston Darant, knight and Lord of House Darant
Lady Isemay Darant, good-daughter to Lord Triston
Meical Darant, heir to House Darant; son of the late heir Ser Steffon Darant and the lady Isemay
Cerene Darant, daughter of the late heir Ser Steffon Darant and the lady Isemay

Political Relations

The Darants hew to their alliance with the Terricks of Terrick's Roost - however it is yet possible that their allegiance could be shifted, with sufficient persuasion.

Family Tree

Lord Triston Darant m. Lady Meredyth Darant (deceased)

  • Steffon Darant (deceased) m. Isemay ?
    • Meical Darant
    • Anguy Darant (deceased)
    • Cerene Darant
  • Halianne Darant (deceased) m? , died in childbed
  • Elennei Darant m. ?

Other Notes

*If someone is interested in playing a member of the House or working on background information with them, please +mail Isemay. Hedge knights, a house maester, etc. would be welcome.